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  1. Re: 87-89 GK needed Muslera and vivano are my two recommendations. both should get a rise and both involved in their national setups
  2. Re: Pique + Busquets = Torres Id prefer Hulk as dont think any of those you mentoned will rise. I have accepted and everyone seems to agree its worth completing the deal despite me only having a 92 to replace Torres. Thanks for the responses! Any other comments welcome...
  3. Re: Pique + Busquets = Torres I like to play 1 up top. I have 8 mil. No 92+ striker is available without having to deal with other managers.
  4. Re: Pique + Busquets = Torres Need advice ASAP. Will rep for decent advice, thanks
  5. Re: Swap KOSCIELNY for BADSTUBER Always agree that you should allow new players time to settle; both into a new team and their new league/country. However this patience comes when you can see potential, and to be honest I simply cannot with Koscielny. time will show weather he grows into the EPL or proves not to be up to the challenge. I stand by it that he is a poor CB and not nealy good enough for a top premierleague team.
  6. Im in a competitive setup and been offered Pique and Busquets for my Torres. I've accepted but have concerns as I will need to buy a CF to replace Torres. What would you do?
  7. Re: Biggest riseres in the history of SM You might not count 75-85 but many people benefitted from purchasing Arruda Mazola for 10k when he was rated just 60, before his rise of +23. He has been mentioned on quite a few threads but he would be my best riser, and especially with the added bonus of wages of just £270 a week! As far as higher rated players, I think I read that Albert Riera rose from 88-91 which is pretty unusual, but that was before my time
  8. Re: Tevez to 94? Agree Tevez should be 94 again, but Im not so sure he will get it. He did not rise last season despite being 3rd top goalscorer in the Premierleague (only Drogba and Rooney above him) and being one of the top performers in the whole league. I think he has carried on from last season; no better IMO, but equally as impressive. Hopefully SM didnt rise him last season as they were waiting to see if he consistantly maintained this form - which he now has, and therefore will get his rise. I hope they do rise him but I have a feeling as others have mentioned, city will need CL football or at least a top 4 finish for Tevez to achieve what many believe he deserves - his 94 rating.
  9. Re: Swap KOSCIELNY for BADSTUBER Football is always a game of opinions but in mine Koscielny is an absolute shocking defender. He has realy been found out in the premierleague. Not nearly strong enough or fast enough. Consistently muscled off the ball (immediately thinking against Blackburn and El Hadj Diouf), rarely wins a header, and whilst he appears decent on the ball with plenty of time, under pressure he panics and makes mistakes. As far as his positioning goes again I would question this attribute. He is regularly out of position, often been dragged unneccersarily out wide. He is a benchwarmer at best and Wenger should look to offload ASAP. Badstuber is definately the better option. Playing very well (although currently injured) and is recieving plaudits left, right and centre in Germany and across Europe. He is a talent now and looks set to be an even brighter talent in the future.
  10. Re: Santos RAMIRES rating and position change? Was thinking more like Mikel, Joe Cole, or Carrick actually. All good players but rose more due to their respective clubs' success, with trophies and CL campaigns as opposed to the quality and consistancy of their actual performances. Busquets is one of the best players in the world in his position and I think should continue to rise.
  11. Re: Rating Predictions I would fully expect all three to keep their ratings at the next change period. None have done enough to rise, all play regularly and have been solid for their respective clubs.
  12. Re: BOATENG, Jérôme what exactly are you mentioning? made available? he is currently a Def/DM, because he has played LB, RB, CB and DM in the last year. He has played at both ful-back positions in the past month for City.
  13. Re: Pires to Villa Marc Albrighton wrote on twitter today: "It's not everyday you get to train with a former player of the year, it's great having Robert Pires at Villa." If his presence at Villa can have any sort of positive influence on any of the players, in particular the younger guys, making them even more dedicated, focused, and see what it takes to get to the top and learn what they can from Pires he will prove to be a decent signing.
  14. Re: Mario Gotze - Another German Talent Not just his debut but the youngest ever german international!
  15. Re: Santos RAMIRES rating and position change? No! He has been playing on the right side of a three man midfield. Whilst he is a defensive player I think he will keep his CM/RM
  16. Re: Shinji KAGAWA or Andre SCHURRLE Thanks for the reply. Why Kagawa? What is your reasoning? What do others think?
  17. Re: RICHARDS, Micah kompany has a good chance of a +1 rise, he has been favoured at CB by Mancini along with Toure. Boateng was injured at start of season but is a good player and playing more recently. I dont think he will (or should) rise at the next changes but is still one for the future.
  18. Re: RICHARDS, Micah Think he will keep his 89 but he has not been playing well for over a year now. When Man City have their full strength side out he will not start, he is simply not good enough.
  19. Re: Strikers - which to buy Lukaku and Necid would be my two suggestions if you are only after a CF. Other fwd's could be Cavani, Remy, Hulk, and Yannick.
  20. Re: Santos RAMIRES rating and position change? He definately should not get a rise to 91. He is playing terribly, has not settled in EPL at all and it has reflected Chelsea's injury woe's (Lampard, Benayoun, Essien) that he has featured at all. No goals, no assists, only twice played a full 90 minutes, he has a poor touch and has stood out as their poorest player in every game Chelsea have not played at their best (which luckily for him has not been very often). Chelsea's good start to the season has on the whole masked the deadweight and waste of space that is Ramires. But saying that it doesnt mean he wont rise because he plays for a top team in Chelsea and SM do sometimes like to flatter average players playing for the best teams.
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