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  1. Simply who is the better option to buy? I am looking for a young AM or winger and both of these players are available in my gameworld and have been performing well for Dortmund and Mainz respectively. Have heard very good things about both players but have only seem a few highlights of both. Dont know which one to buy- or any other young AM or wing who would be better. All views welcome! -Should also add that Holtby, Canales, Teixeira, Wilshere, Munian and Salvio are all unavailable.
  2. Re: Gareth Bale..will go up in level ????? He is not a wing back. He is a LM - which I think was the Essien comment. Yes he is playing well and is a top player but ratings change graduallly over time and are given for regular' date=' consistant form. If a player has a purple patch in form they have a good chance to get a ratings increase but[i'] never[/i] such a massive jump from 88 to 91+. Agreed he is playing to that standard atm but he must maintain it consistently over several ratings changes in order to gradually get his rating nearer to the level he is capable of.
  3. Re: Lass Diarra, keep or sell? If it is just a short term buy until khedira is available I would look at an older, cheaper CM for now. The likes of van Bommel, Tymoschuk, Ambrosini or Pizarro would fit the bill. Then ensure you have the funds to buy khedira as soon as he becomes available - no doubt others in your gameworld are aware when his transfer ban ends. Just my advice anyway. If you think you can afford to buy a decent younger CM now as well as khedira then any of the other four stated would be good bets. Hope this helps
  4. Re: Pires to Villa Davids has not been playing top football in years. pires has. he was in champions league last season.
  5. Re: Pires to Villa definately not "cr@p". he is in the twilight of a very good career, but you only have to look at the best teams across europe who all use experienced players in their squads. Not saying pires is as good as giggs, scholes, carvalho etc or will even feature as much, but he had a decent season with villareal last season, he has not suddenly become a useless player and will be needed by Villa this season. Even if he only features in a dozen games between now and end of the season he will have been worth it. This shouldnt even be a debate, it's a no-brainer!
  6. Re: Lass Diarra, keep or sell? I would sell. Lass is a good player but struggling to get in madrid midfield ahead of alonso and khedira. There was talk of a move away but apparently he is wanting to stay in Madrid and fight for his place. With 25 mil you could get a very good replacement. Along with De Jong and Khedira, the other obviuos replacements are Busquets, Schweinsteiger, Fletcher, Mikel, and Martinez. The 3 underlined would be my suggestions depending which are available and how much you want to spend.
  7. Re: LYON Rating Prediction Winter 2010 I would also question Lloris rising to 93, think he's a 92 all day long. Bastos to rise as well? I think he will stay 91.
  8. Re: Rooney+arshavin=messi Yes Fabregas instead of Arshavin is a much better deal. But you need to ask yourself weather you're actually improving your starting 11? With sneijder, essien and schweinsteiger you have a very good midfield and ronaldo, messi, villa you have a great forward line. Fabregas + Rooney is a great offer and would be tough to turn down but whilst strengthening your squad you are weakening your starting 11. Much tougher decision if fabregas is involved instead of arshavin
  9. Re: marin or valencia help ! Id keep valencia. Before suffering a bad injury (which SM wont hold against him in next ratings change) he was playing well and a starter at Man Utd. Marin is a great prospect and playing well but I reckon will keep his 90 and not rise for these next changes. So Id keep my 91 valencia.
  10. Re: Rooney+arshavin=messi after seeing your team... Big No! lol:D
  11. Re: Rooney+arshavin=messi only 2 98s in the whole game. a few 96 strikers and plenty of 94s. Reckon Arshavin will drop -1 next rating as well. Definately wouldnt sell.
  12. I have Van Der Vaart and am been offered Busquets in straight swap deal. Both would not feature in my starting 11 atm but would be my best sub and used in all cup comps etc. I know Busquets is awesome, starter for both Spain and Barca and should be on for a 92 next ratings. Van Der Vaart has been back to his absolute best since signing for Spurs and is scoring for fun in Europe and Premierleague. Im pretty sure VDV wont lose his 92 and Busquets will rise to 92 soon so looks on the face of it that its a no-brainer as Busquets is only 22 but in 12 months time where will they both be? In the long term will VDV get a 93? will Busquets? At the moment I am favoring the sale of VDV for Busquets but have reservations due to VDV superb current form. Advice needed, all views welcome. Thanks in advance
  13. Re: Pires to Villa I think it will prove to be a shrewd piece of business, and am only surprised more premierleague sides didnt go in for him. Big influence having a player like Pires training with young up and coming players and his presence in the dressing room could have a realy positive effect on the whole team. In todays transfer market I think its a minimum risk signing which could have massive rewards. Sure he will settle in well and be good for Villa. -I am not a Villa fan or even particularly a Pires fan, just appreciate a decent signing when I see one.
  14. Re: VDW = Hummels + Albrighton ?? Pls help! in Bonucci and Ranocchia you already have two young up and coming CB's so do understand your uncertainty. VDW is a top RB hence his recent 90 rating but will need a move elsewhere to realistically reach his rating potential. I personally realy rate Hummels very highly and will get a 90 shortly when the bundesliga is reviewed. But hummels could continue to slowly rise whilst at Dortmund but VDW will struggle unless a move happens. Both are very talented and have bright futures but its all guess work and partly dependant on if/when either decide to move on. Albrighton will get a very healthy rise probably between 83-85 so you will have a decent young player there as a sweetner to the deal. I guess you have to ask yourself if you can get another young rising RB to replace VDW as you do not already lack CB that fit that bill (even though hummels is better than both Ranocchia and Bonucci IMO). Its all ifs and buts, but it is a decent deal and I would probably do it. hope it helps
  15. Re: Would you buy Ronaldhino? Ronaldinho has had abit of a turnaround in form this season with milan and is playing well. Obviously he is not the same player as he once was but he seems to be enjoying his football again and is back in the brazil team. I like having one or two high rated older players in my team and I think they are a must for your squad. If like you say that many of the top young players are unavailable in your setup then its a no brainer - get him. Despite his recent good form he will probably drop in his rating to 93 or even 92 next changes but he is still a highly rated and worthy fwd/AM. It depends on your gameworld but if I was faced with limited options due to other players been unavailable I would happily get ronaldinho to boost my squad. Hope this helps
  16. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? I think they are all decent young wingers. If I was going to swap one for Lennon it would be Hernandez as he's already got a 90 rating and playing well; realistically probably wont get 91 next rating but never know. Not a fan of Gervinho, would not buy him. As for the rest my order is below. I was just suggesting some other options which I would look at first. HERNANDEZ WILLIAN JURADO SUSAETA PIATTI GERVINHO
  17. Re: Steven Gerrard Gerrard will keep his rating. He doesnt deserve to rise and as said he was dropped -2 in June so not like SM to then yo-yo back up straight away. Not going to happen.
  18. Re: Fabio Coentrao I fully expect his position to change to LB/LM as said. You should be fine
  19. Re: Fabio Coentrao Yes he does seem to play the majority of his games for Benfica at LB. He can and does play LM but his primary position is definately LB. His position should change as you thought from LM/LB to LB/LM.
  20. Re: Theo WALCOTT for Javi MARTINEZ? Depends on the rest of your team and the importance of either player in their respective positions. However should it be that you are simply after the better player, I would say yes it is a decent deal and one which I would happily do. Walcott is a very good player on his day but his real issues are with consistancy. He can look a brilliant player one game then the next be very poor. This inconsistancy in his performances along with (and possibly due to) reoccuring injuries have meant he is never a guarentee to be in Arsenal's starting 11. Martinez is a very highly rated young midfielder who has attracted alot of interest from the two spanish giants and the best of the premierleague. If both leagues were to be reviewed tomorrow my opinion would be that both would remain the same with a chance of +1. Bit of a personal choice which as I said depends on which your squad requires most, however I think I would do the deal and get Martinez. Hope this helps
  21. Re: Promising young Rafael from Man United. Great prospect and has been groomed by Fergie over last couple of years for the Rb spot. Had a couple of minor injuries this season but has played well and is set to be regular RB for united. only 20, 86 rating and should get a rise in next changes depending how soon they are.
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