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  1. Re: URGENT!! Accidentally accepted job offer Na I had messi and Ronaldo at the new club, that was the only good thing. But yea like the previous poster said buy cheap and work ur way up with swaps etc. My Fulham team do have a great squad. My first team is like this : GK. Neuer. RB. Abate. CB. Badstuber. CB. Hummels. LB. Coentrao. RM. Nasri. CM. Modric. CM. Mascherano. LM. Di Maria. ST. Villa. ST.Benzema. SUBS. Courtois. J.Martinez. A.Sanchez. M.Lucas. Damiao. Gotze. Nani. And Schmelzer. Kagawa. Pastore and some others. I would have just put on a picture but I'm on my mobile. So you can imagine why I wanted my fulham team back as it took along time to build it up. My fave purchase being Gotze when he cost 400k.
  2. Re: URGENT!! Accidentally accepted job offer Got my Fulham back as whoever was offered it rejected it do all is good. Just a pity I start of at 0 games again.
  3. Re: URGENT!! Accidentally accepted job offer Not only that but I was one game away from winning the league. The only good thing about my new club is that they have both messi And Ronaldo but I'd still rather have my old club.
  4. Re: URGENT!! Accidentally accepted job offer Damn it. My little Fulham team were brought up from nothing to Having the best young players in the game. If I was offered the Job I would take it lol.
  5. As the title says I accidentally accepted a job offer from another club. I'm devastated as I was in charge of the other team for 259 games. Is there anything I can do about it before someone else takes over my previous team?
  6. Re: T.Silva or Kompany Yea thanks, i doubt he'll do the swap anyway as the other teams manager is a bit of a player hoarder but worth the try. Just asking because he made an offer for T.Silva and a straight swap was my counter-offer.
  7. Re: T.Silva or Kompany I know what i need to know. I support Liverpool not Barcelona. I wouldn't have asked the question to start with if i was 100%.
  8. Re: Pepe and 10m for Busquets I would do it, that's a great deal for you. Also Busquets can play CB too if you get stuck.
  9. Re: T.Silva or Kompany Does it matter how i got them mixed up. I just did and that's that.
  10. Re: T.Silva or Kompany Because they both play for Barca and there was talk of Pedro dropping down the pecking order and not keeping his Rating.
  11. Re: T.Silva or Kompany That's what i thought about Kompany. Busquets is safe, good. I must have been thinking about Pedro
  12. Simple question. I have Silva, thinking of offloading him since hes gone to PSG, if i can get a Good replacement. Like Kompany. Also while i'm at it, what are the chances of Busquets keeping his 94?
  13. Re: Van Persie for Falcao + S.Bender I should say i also have, Ozil, Di Maria, A.Herrera, A.Young, I.Gundogan, Thiago Alcantara to play in the middle. Yea i've tried to get rid of Merieles, i simply just don't like him (prob coz i'm a lpool fan), but no biters. I'm here for the long term, just finished my fourth season with my lpool team and i'm there only manager.
  14. In my game world iv'e been offered Van Persie for Falcao + S.Bender. Upfront i only have Falcao, Messi and A.Carroll so Falcao + Messi are usually the pair that start, on the wings i have Ozil + Di Maria so wouldn't play van persie there. In central mid i have S.Bender, Busquets, Lucas Leiva, Meireles, Hamsik and T.Silva + Hummels if i need them, i'm in 2 minds simply because it's Falcao. What would you do?
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