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  1. Welcome to the official England thread. I already tried a Pompey thread but it was unpopular so...here we go. I just want to point out that when we played Ghana, we really should have won. At least we're sixth in the World Rankings.
  2. Re: England's 2014 World Cup Squad Pretty accurate...
  3. Re: Does anyone respect Barcelona anymore? Seriously guys, they're the greatest football team in the world...you can't change that. So drop this convo.
  4. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Just beat Millwall 5-1 on career mode.
  5. Re: Who Will Win in 2012? I chose other cos I'm cool like that. C'mon Pompey!
  6. Re: Arsene Wenger- What does he have to do to get sacked?
  7. Re: Arsene Wenger- What does he have to do to get sacked? Think about it. If they do sack him, who exactly is gonna replace him?
  8. Re: Nemanja Vidic or John Terry Yeah. Vidic has certainly shown his full potential, though Terry is still a great solid defender. I'll give Vidic an OVR of 90 and Terry an OVR of 87.
  9. Re: Official England thread Back where we belong! Eigth in the world? We're having an agreement.
  10. It's the battle between Manchester United's Nemanja Vidic and Chelsea's John Terry. Two great centre backs, but who's better. OVRs please.
  11. Melvo Pompey


    Re: Hello Welcome! You'll enjoy it here!
  12. Re: A new Forum filled EC (English Championship 7777 Coming Soon) Yeah, count me in too. It sounds good.
  13. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship - Dirty Germans
  14. Re: robin van persie Nah, mate. I doubt it. 93 is a score that's most likely gonna be his peak.
  15. Re: Kaka I look at world football quite a bit and I haven't seen much from him, though he's put on some pretty impresive performances. Yeah, I agree, it's unfair to dock him a few simply 'coz he's injured. I personally think he might drop because you said they docked him twice when he was injured. Do you already have him on SM?
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