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  1. Re: EPL Players Shock I agree that a lot of the decisions on certain players is confusing, however it says the rating changes for England are still in progress so maybe we should give them a chance to see if they rise them next week instead? I would be surprised if they've finished England already.
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    Re: Song Any chance at all of a + 1 ?
  3. Re: Should they rise I keep seeing on a lot of people's rating predictions that Bale will stay and Rooney will rise. I'm not comparing them but I cannot see how Bale could stay, what more could he do to deserve a + 1. And Rooney, what has he done to deserve a 96 ? Surely youd have to do something pretty special, before Wolves he hadn't scored for 8 league games yet people are talking about a rise?
  4. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Hello just wondered if someone could help? I am wanting to buy fifa 12: special edition however when i went into game the guy there told me that nowhere does it anymore. But when i check on play they still sell the special edition as seperate from the normal fifa 12 game. i asked them if it was actually the special edition and whether i'd get the 3 packs a month for 6 months deal but they said they had no more info on this product. Does anyone happen to know if itll be the actual special edition? Cheers, pleaaaase can someone help
  5. Re: Barclays Premier League Predictions Forum Thread 2011/12 Cheers. Are we definately looking at a +1 for Hoilett? I guess it would have been +2 had Blackburn been doing better.
  6. Re: Barclays Premier League Predictions Forum Thread 2011/12 Balotelli to 90/91 ? I've seen on other threads that he may not even rise, i've just had a bid accepted for him though so i really hope he does.
  7. Re: Top league's best risers I cant' see sm giving kroos and silva +2 rises but both should be plus 1s. Cant see coentrao and aguero rising either
  8. Re: Top league's best risers nicolos isimat-mirin 78 - 83 willy boly 77 - 82 matheiu peybernes 78 - 83 jerry vandam 80 - 84 (also, ratings predictions are jus me lookin thru various threads and going by what other people have put)
  9. Re: Greg Cunningham Forest fan here.... seen him a few times and he's been pretty decent for us, has put in some great tackles and can cross a ball too. Hopefully we can sort out an extension in january.
  10. Sorry if there already is a thread like this one but I thought with all the top leagues (France, England, Spain, Germany) about to be reviewed , i thought it would be a good idea to have a thread where you could find all the best risers, as in players that rise the most across europe, or 89/90 players that are set for a rise. I'll start us off with a few. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 70 - 82 Julian Draxler 80 - 84 Toni Kroos 89 - 90 Jerome Boateng 89 - 90 Mario Gotze 89 - 90 Bakary Kone 82 - 86 Bernd Leno 79 - 84 Thibaut Courtois 83 - 86 Ross Barkley 75 - 82 Elliot Bennett 75 - 82 Phi
  11. Re: 90 rated keepers to rise... Manuel Neuer? David de Gea is 89 but should go to 90... They're both pretty obvious though, others will prob be able to tell you more obscure ones.
  12. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread I do apologise if it has been mentioned but i see you have put Hulk as a riser to 92 in your other thread. I see many contrasting opinions on whether he'll get to that cos of the cap etc. I'm not sure whether to keep hold of him? Thanks
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Lamela + Bernat for Toni Kroos, I'm getting Kroos
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