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  1. Re: Arshavin to Rise no chance of increasing above 93 in all honesty, he's a top player but ive got a feeling he will be a bit inconsistent for arsenal.
  2. Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez has launched a furious attack on Manchester United counterpart Sir Alex Ferguson. Benitez claims that Ferguson is "the only manager who will not be punished" for verbally attacking referees. "We had a meeting about the Respect campaign and I was very clear - forget about it, because Mr Ferguson is killing the referees," said Benitez. "How can you talk about the Respect campaign and yet criticise the referee every single week?" Ferguson, who was given a two-game touchline ban and fined £10,000 in November for remonstrating with referee Mike Dean, had his pre-match news conference before Benitez's and was unable to immediately reply. Benitez's extraordinary outburst came after a journalist asked Benitez for his response to Ferguson's comment that his title-chasing Liverpool team might get nervous in the run-in. All managers need to know is that only Mr Ferguson can talk about the fixtures, can talk about referees and nothing happens Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez "I was surprised by what has been said, but maybe they (Manchester United) are nervous because we are at the top of the table," added Benitez. The Spaniard then pulled out a sheet of paper and read out a list of accusations about Ferguson's conduct regarding referees, the respect campaign and fixture lists. "I want to talk about facts," he said. "I want to be clear, I do not want to play mind games too early, although they seem to want to start. "During the Respect campaign - and this is a fact - Mr Ferguson was charged by the FA for improper conduct after comments made about Martin Atkinson and Keith Hackett. "He was not punished. He is the only manager in the league that cannot be punished for these things. "We know what happens every time we go to Old Trafford and the United staff. They are always going man to man with the referees, especially at half-time when they walk close to the referees and they are talking and talking. "All managers need to know is that only Mr Ferguson can talk about the fixtures, can talk about referees and nothing happens. "We need to know that I am taking about facts, not my impression. There are things that everyone can see every single week. "To complain and to always have an advantage is not fair." Benitez also heavily criticised Ferguson's complaints over supposed favouritism over fixtures. "Two years ago we were playing a lot of early kick-offs away on Saturdays when United were playing on Sundays. And we didn't say anything," said the Reds boss. "Now he is complaining about everything, that everybody is against United. But the second half of the season will see them playing at home against all the teams at the top of the table, it is a fantastic advantage. "At Christmas, United played on the 29th and the rest of the teams played on the 28th. We were away against Newcastle two days after playing Bolton. They were playing about 40 hours later, but they were not complaining then. "If he wants to talk about fixtures, and have a level playing field, there are two options if we don't want more problems with fixtures. "One is the same as in Spain, the draw for the first part of the league is known, everyone knows which weekend. In the second half everyone plays the opposite, so you all know. "Sky and Setanta have the right to choose their games and it will be the same for everyone. So Mr Ferguson will not be complaining about fixtures and a campaign against United. "Or there is another option. That Mr Ferguson organises the fixtures in his office and sends it to us and everyone will know and cannot complain. That is simple."
  3. Re: Philipp Lahm he might be going to man city
  4. Re: desperate defending help !! i would purchase the england international defender glen johnson if i were you
  5. Re: whose better?? it should be 'who is the best?' , and i voted for ronaldo as he is so much better than every other player there
  6. Re: Merry christmas! i wish santa claus brings me a pair of new socks
  7. FC Basel


    Re: Sigs mine is the best
  8. Re: Barca youngster - big talent!! FABIO PAIM MANUEL CURTO Lourenço ADELINO FREITAS happy buying
  9. Re: Who are RB will hit 90+ in the next rating changes? he was class vs germany
  10. Re: Barca youngster - big talent!! Lorenzo De Silvestri (Italy, Lazio) fullback/wingback Macauley Chrisantus (Nigeria, Hamburg) striker snap em up
  11. Re: Kevin Phillips Wrong Rating? while he is playing at championship level there is a limit as to high his rating can be
  12. Re: AMAZING young talent Were no strangers to love You know the rules and so do i A full commitments what Im thinking of You wouldnt get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how Im feeling Gotta make you understand * never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you Weve know each other for so long Your hearts been aching But youre too shy to say it Inside we both know whats been going on We know the game and were gonna play it And if you ask me how Im feeling Dont tell me youre too blind to see (* repeat) Give you up. give you up Give you up' date=' give you up Never gonna give Never gonna give, give you up Never gonna give Never gonna give, five you up I just wanna tell you how Im feeling Gotta make you understand[/b']
  13. Re: AMAZING young talent didnt the name john astley sort of give it away dont get angry mate, just because you were pwned, and take it light heartedly like everyone else
  14. his name: John Astley age: 16 SM rating: 71 Club: Wrexham check out this video of him: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0 he is in line for a massive increase when he moves on to a bigger club
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    how do i change my user name?
  16. Re: has anyone heard of / used.... :D
  17. Re: has anyone heard of / used.... yea commission of 10% per bricky sold
  18. Re: has anyone heard of / used.... it looks very good admittedly the good thing about it is that you can build more than just walls but things such as BBQ's etc. it seems to be that the phrase: 'i wouldn't build a house with it but it is great for smaller projects such as garden walls and possibly a small out building' applies to this . ive seen a couple of brickys in the area i live in and i bet they charge alot more than the £35 it costs for the pack, so i think its good value
  19. Re: has anyone heard of / used....
  20. the bricky tool i saw it on the hits channel and i wanted to know if anyone has seen it!
  21. Re: Avram sacked tbh i think he would have gone even if they had won the CL. i think the general idea kenyon if gettign accross is good but not good enough.....
  22. Re: Relegation candidates for next season in the premier league Down: Stoke: an average championship team punching above their weight, and only got promoted due to long ball / set piece tactics which will get them no-where in the premiership Hull: Again, a good championship team which will like derby, give it a good go at the start, then will completely run out of steam and be in the relegation zone from then onwards Bolton: After Anelka left they now have very little footballing ability, and their one remaining attacking player of any real quality, diouf, wants to leave, and i can see them seriously struggling P/S I would like to tip middlesborough for a top half finish - i think they have some half decent players - the likes of downing and alves, and at the very least i think they wont be relegated
  23. Re: any cardiff city fans around the forum?
  24. Re: any cardiff city fans around the forum? says the person whos team is in division 3 and had 15 points docked
  25. Cardiff City vs Pompey We've done it before..... Can we do it again? The battle of the two managers.... Dave Jones vs Harry Redknapp And dont forget to see this:
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