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  1. Anyone else didn't get the results yet? So far I've been getting results by 20:30 GT, but today I didn't get them and it's already 21:45 GT...
  2. Re: How can i report a cheater ?? New system !??
  3. Re: New manager question? After a few games...
  4. Re: Appeals ? Are you managing all three teams? Try making a bid again for a higher price and maybe it will be accepted.
  5. Re: How can i report a cheater ?? New system !?? Actually, if he is managing 3 teams he would have to log onto the accounts from 3 separate IPs for SMFA to accept the deal, which is highly unlikely. If you are really sure then write a ticket to SM.
  6. Re: Gold Membership Pretty much explained.
  7. Re: RAKELS, Deniss I think he won't rise to be 85+ unless he moves to a bigger club...
  8. Will he rise, drop or stay at his current 93? Thanks in advance.
  9. Ok, I took a club in this Game World and I would like you to join me so we can fill this Game World and make it more interesting. First division is full while 2nd, 3rd and 4th have only a few managed clubs in them, so hurry up until it fills up! This Game World has just opened a few days ago and I think we can make it one of the better Worlds. So if you're looking for a new challenge, come, join me and other managers in this fresh world. First matches will be played on Saturday, 27th November, so hurry up and get the players you want before the beginning of the season!
  10. Re: Return of players on loan That's 'cause they are on loan in real life, you must wait until the season (SM season) is over and then they will come back automatically, until that happens you can do nothing.
  11. Re: Random is too relevant! There's your problem... You should change your tactics frequently...
  12. Re: 14 Day Free Gold Management. You can already manage two clubs, if you take over a third club then upon expiring of your gold management the newest club will be abandoned and you'll be left with the clubs you had before getting GM.
  13. Re: Random is too relevant! Did you try changing your tactics?
  14. Re: Top Jobs never seem to get offered. They are usually the richest people and reserve the club before game world opening, after it has opened the top jobs are only offered to the best managers which don't want to leave their current club so the club becomes computer managed and everyone can take over the club.
  15. Re: Prices Need To Go Down You should write it as a ticket to SM...
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