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  1. Re: do not lock it please, not show off, just discuss
  2. Re: do not lock it please, not show off, just discuss
  3. Re: juniors and training this is not fm, and far away from being able to train
  4. Re: To all concerned about WC 5000 good job u have done, just sell me xavi and david silva, i believe u smart enough to know who i am.
  5. Re: do not lock it please, not show off, just discuss u just misunderstand it, i mean no unequal transfer happen in that GW. we just sometimes use the one ip address, by this SM let us out. SM let the other 4 out, but luckily 3 of us still here:( the Inter Manager never had a same ip with us, so it simply abuse of the game administrator im sure. too many job offers, i even dont know to play which team later?
  6. Re: do not lock it please, not show off, just discuss
  7. Re: do not lock it please, not show off, just discuss now it's time to identify which is cheating, but which is corporation. not just to ban the players! if SM only knowing BAN managers, the game will not develop well.
  8. Re: do not lock it please, not show off, just discuss yes i still here, still 5 ids of our group in it. and SM could find 3 at most. cos other 2 not prove but we need to hide, but before SM promise not to let us out, i would not say who we are. in fact we ruled at least 75 clubs of 80 at once. It's another style of playing. and i believe in at least 1/2 GWs people corporations exist, i'm just the first one who tell the truth. trust it, this is the best setup. remember the id: 24316.
  9. i just want to know: should i leave? as shown, 23 manager left now, should we leave this game? if so, 17 left with no top team in it. but we would not love to be banned even cancel the golden member of some. so it's hard to decide whether to exposure us. will anyone give us some advise? thanks a lot.
  10. Re: Top 5 leagues - Post-Ratings-Analysis Nov 2010 it's unwise to write an article too long..
  11. Re: Need serious help with transfers! of course Krasic + Marchisio Ronaldinho is droping Chiellini Nesta & Pirlo both to drop. Bonucci the reason as the up two.
  12. Re: Top 5 leagues - Post-Ratings-Analysis Nov 2010 ok i want to know if the average rate is the top 18 players' rate of the team or for all player. if the later, those have too much young player would be lower rated.
  13. Re: Your best SM Decsion/Deal selling Sergio AGUERO for £73.0M + Gerard PIQUE & Krkic BOJAN. @WC5000 which is banned now. hope SM not ban my team, we are in different country with different ip address. i swear never the same ip we log in. so please not ban us cos u have no basis.
  14. Re: World Championship 5000 O_o 24 left now, i worried about they let all of we out:mad:
  15. Re: Top 5 leagues - Post-Ratings-Analysis Nov 2010 GOOD Thread!
  16. Re: World Championship 5000 O_o now the GW need all your help to make it competitive, please join! if not, the others may tired about it. so let's join together to make it the BEST setup of SM.com. http://www.soccermanager.com/select-gameworld.php?action=setup&setup=24316 any comments are welcome.
  17. Re: World Championship 5000 O_o only 25 left in the GW, 5 of them our member still not out, including 3 top clubs who still not decide to quit, but soz that i cant tell who they are to avoid SM let them out. PS: about 70 managers yesterday but 25 left now and even less tomorrow. its a disaster resultd by SM.com:mad: luckily sm will have no reason to let them out because of different IPs and we contract by MSN instead of PM in the game. and i confident to say that we win the first 4 seasons and others no opportunities for the others in season 5. after all, please trust me, it is not cheat at all!!!
  18. Re: World Championship 5000 O_o then we feel no need to stay in a league treated by SM unfairly, so decide to leave.. one even benifit from it, but the league has broken, what a pity.
  19. Re: World Championship 5000 O_o the first 7 brought out, one of them even not member of our group.
  20. Re: World Championship 5000 O_o in fact it's not cheat, just corporate with each other, and sm not allow this kind of playing. my friends who like NT plays decide to quit themselves. luckily some still in that gameworld, including 3 top teams:p so confused the way SM deal with these IDs.
  21. Re: Lisandro Lopez did not drop? no because nobody drop for injured. a healthy Lisandro Lopez would be good.
  22. France update now. Some of these Players have no chance in my squad but may rise next time so i dont know if to sell them or keep them to see what happen later? Just point out who will get a 90 or more in the future. others defo sell or defo keep not post. Just discuss those may have no big future here. PS: I may earn 150M this round of M5 update:p
  23. Re: HELP!!! How could i buy outstanding players?
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