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  1. Re: Stadium Building Could stadium building be a chargeable extra?
  2. The Most Money You've Had I have just taken over FC Nurnberg in Gold Championship 2 and I have £225.9m, what is the most amount of money you've had?
  3. Hi All, I'm a new Gold Member and I have just set a MyFootballClubLeague, please feel free to join. Regards, G
  4. Dont you just wish that you had placed doubles on Derby to lose and Leeds to Win. Leeds of course have won all six games and Derby have lost four out of five. If any thing like sort of form continued for the rest of the season you would make a tidt profit.
  5. Re: Any MyFootballClub members here? Yeah but at the same time when they buy the club they will own it and will become fans themselves, in effect they will support 2 teams. One of they will have control over.
  6. Are there any members on here who are also members of MyFootballClub?
  7. Does anyone know how much money has been invested into the transfer kitty at Swindon Town?
  8. MyFootball.co.uk got a lot of press coverage in England when it launched about 2 months ago but this 5,000 people have signed up. If thay figure is of reliable customer then thats very impressive. 40,000 people had already signed up before this further 5,000. 5,000 in one week is very good for something so new I would say.
  9. Hi, I saw this in UK's Micro Mart. Its a programme which helps to monitor the activities of forums your a member of. Not totally sure how it works but it sounds like a good advancement if you use a number of forums. http://www.chemtable.com/WebForumReader.htm Its currently in beta and free at the moment.
  10. For most people Birmingham are second favorites to be relegated next season after Derby but football is full of surprises. But with the signing of Stuart Parnaby they are throwing fuel on the fire of probability. From Birmingham's point of view they have signed a half decent defender to add to there squad. But from Stuary Parnaby's point of view he had the chance to make it at a mid table Premiership team but failed to make the grade. Now he has second chance to build a premiership career, but what are the chances of making this happen? Not that great if you ask me.
  11. Hi, I am Ajax and I bought Ricardo Oliviera from AC Milan for £10m but after this I sold an extra £6m worth of season tickets. Is this a coincidence, either was its pretty handy.
  12. Hi Im new here, Im just wondering if anyone as heard of 'Power Over Wireless' the transfer of electricity to things such as cell phones without a cable. It works similar to the electric toothbrush!!! Anyone heard of it??
  13. Best XBOX 360 Games? Hi, I bought an XBox 360 game about a week ago, I got Crackdown and Gears of War which are great games but what other great games are on the Xbox 360 that I should play.
  14. Hi, I'm looking to find out if there any limitations on the maximum number of players I can loan in or out? I think officially the limit is 8 per season.
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