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  1. The new interface is so slow compared tothe old one. Is less user friendly. It requires more clicks to do the same things. It is much more difficult to manage big squads It is more difficult to replace players in the starting 11 Seriously, are you trying to lose money and lose users? i just went to Alexa to see how the traffic to SM has evolved lately and this forum doesn't allow me to post the image, but SM went from place 6000th to 14000th in a year. As you can see, there is a dramatic drop in visits starting with the implementation of the new interface. If you believe that 2+2=4, then you should consider logic to bring back the old interface
  2. How can I switch back to the old interface? -It was faster. -It was simpler. -It required less steps to do the same. -It was easier to prepare a squad for a game. -It was easier to visualize info. How can I switch back to the old interface?
  3. Respuesta: Manuel Neuer for Edinson Cavani & Luis Suarez I would go for it. It has been said that cavani or Suarez are behinh your other strikers
  4. Respuesta: Chile Primera Division risers I don't understand why U. de Chile's goalkeeper Johnny HERRERA only got a +1. He was chosen the best goalkeeper in America, set an interntional record for the team of minutes without receiving a goal and only rose +1 to 85.
  5. Respuesta: DALTON, Moreira (75) - 8D What happened with Dalton? he hasn't been playing for Internacional, but is he still a good prospect?
  6. Respuesta: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed? I guess tha SM will not necesarily pick the most overdue leagues. Probably Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, USA will come soon. However, I need to say that the following leagues need urgent reviews, since it has been a long, long, long time... Peru South Africa Croatia Serbia Slovenia Slovakia
  7. Respuesta: EDUARDO VARGAS - Universidad de Chile Eduardo Vargas just scored 2 goals on the final of the Copa Sudamericana (equivalent to UEFA Cup), which his team won undefeated, scoring 36 out of 42 points. He was the top scorer of the tournament with 11 goals (historical top scorer of the competition in a single year). He also scored 16 goals on the local Chilean torunament and is becoming a regular on the National team. He is similar to Alexis Sanchez in his style, but scores more goals. Right now it is believed that he will arrive 2nd (after Neymar) on the election of best player of America. He has a huge potential and even though his team, universidad de Chile wants to keep him untill June 2012 to play Copa Libertadores, they recognize that it will be difficult to retain him. Should definitely go to 87 in the next review and has the potential to be 89/90 at the end of 2012 and then even higher.
  8. Respuesta: Copa America 2011 Predict Group A Argentina 4-0 Bolivia Colombia 2-0 Costa Rica (ESB) (FSG: Falcao) Argentina 3-1 Colombia Bolivia 1-1 Costa Rica Colombia 2-1 Bolivia Argentina 3-0 Costa Rica Group B Brazil 3-1 Venezuela Paraguay 2-1 Ecuador (FSG: Lucas Barrios) Brazil 2-1 Paraguay Venezuela 0-1 Ecuador Paraguay 2-0 Venezuela (ESB) Brazil 3-0 Ecuador Group C Uruguay 2-0 Peru (ESB) Chile 2-1 Mexico (FSG: Alexis Sanchez) Uruguay 1-2 Chile Peru 0-2 Mexico Chile 3-0 Peru Uruguay 1-1 Mexico
  9. Respuesta: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) I believe a big change has been made to the algorythm of player concerns. Now, it is impossible for me to deal with the lack of games concerns. I do not put players in the 11 line up if they are not 100% physically, so I have players that have played more than half the season games, but they develop concerns. I agree with the need of having concerns to encourage competition, but I think SM has gone too far.
  10. Respuesta: Chile - Division 1 Risers Lucas Pratto from Universidad Catolica also was one of the top scorers of Copa Libertadores de America. he might go up to 84 and will go to Genova once the league is finished. A good buy. Felipe Gutierrez from universidad Catolica has been nominated for the national squad and is also moving to Italy.
  11. Respuesta: Kolbeinn Sigthorsson He also scored 3 goals in the groups stage of the UEFA Europe league, starting 2 games and entering as a sub on the rest. I got him for a couple of my teams. Looks like a real good investment.
  12. Respuesta: Julian Draxler Right now, he should get +1/2. It all depends on how much he plays. He can go up to 82/83 in the next change if he keeps on playing internationally and locally.
  13. Respuesta: will hulk rise from 90-92? Chance of going up to 91: 75% Chance of going up to 92: 1% Falcao is at 91 at the moment and he had some spectacular seasons.
  14. Respuesta: Re: Best risers in Romania
  15. Respuesta: Re: argentina rating I Have it in half of my teams. Looks like a really good prospect for the future.
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