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  1. Re: wish i could see the look on timesle's face. But Serie A had a natural advantage over the Bundesliga in the CL. They had 1 more spot. You are comparing the achievements of Serie A teams with those of Bundeliga teams but ignore that it`s easier to outperform a league if you do not have the same numbers of teams in said competition. The Bundesliga actually had 4 teams in the CL in 2000/2001 and 2001/02. In those years Bayern won the CL and Leverkusen reached the final in 2002. But we lost the 4th spot to England for the same reason Serie A is losing their 4th spot now. The other teams - ma
  2. Re: Need a Young Upcoming GK PLZ HELP! I would recommend you to sign Oliver Baumann (Freiburg, 20y.o., current rating:82). He is likely to rise to 84/85 in the next Bundesliga review. I follow German football closely and while I agree that there are some very promising young goalkeepers in the league (Zieler, Kraft), I do have the impression that Baumann is better than those prospects. His debut season reminds me of Neuer`s debut season. He is the real deal - a "modern goalkeeper" who reads the game, has good footballing skills and is a beast on the line. If you have the chance to sign him do
  3. Re: Future Talent? - Thomas Kraft He played very well yesterday. Brilliant penalty save and initiated Bayern`s first and only goal. glEyRqSbZi0 Van Gaal rates him highly. However, the Bayern board are likely to sign Neuer this summer. There already seems to be an agreement between Neuer and Bayern. He will either come this summer or - if Schalke doesn`t let him go - on a free transfer in 2012. Kraft`s contract expires this summer. And that`s where the situation gets interesting: he won`t sign a new contract if Neuer comes in. So he will probably go to another club, possibly in the Bundes
  4. Re: Help with any German talents. Höwedes, DC, Schalke, 88 (imo he has the same potential as Hummels and should be called up for Germany during the next couple of years), 22 y.o. Arslan, Fwd/AM, Aachen (on loan from Hamburg), 80 - former Turkish youth international who has decided to play for Germany recently, 20 y.o.
  5. Re: best young players to sign Roberto Firmino just signed by Hoffenheim from Figueirense. He was voted best player in Brazil`s 2nd division and Hoffenheim allegedly paid 4 million Euro for him. He is currently rated at 73. A must buy.
  6. Re: 2010/2011 Winter Transfers and Rating Hoffenheim signed Firmino (Figueirense Futebol Clube) Source He is currently rated at 73...
  7. Re: Marvin Plattenhardt - 18 y.o LB at Nuremberg In his first matches against Dortmund and Hoffenheim he played well defensively, but his crosses were rather weak. However, he is 18 years old and against Dortmund and Hoffenheim the main priority has to be defense. He showed weaknesses going forward, but he is by no means a finished product and he could very well develop attacking skills.
  8. Re: 2010/2011 Winter Transfers and Rating The thing about Dzeko: He has about 4 different agents who are working on his behalf. So this should explain all the different rumours. One agent is trying to work out a deal with Real, the others with City, Bayern and Juve.
  9. Re: Marvin Plattenhardt - 18 y.o LB at Nuremberg It`s hard for me to determine his maximum potential. I find it easier to determine the potential of upcoming attacking players and goalkeepers. He might be a player in the 80-85 in the middle term. But he might as well become a very good player in the long run. From what I have seen he looks very promising, but only time will tell how he develops.
  10. Re: Marvin Plattenhardt - 18 y.o LB at Nuremberg
  11. Name: Marvin Plattenhardt Age: 18 Current Club: 1.FC Nürnberg Nationality: German Position: LB D.O.B: 26 January 1992 -plays for the German U-19 at the moment -won the U-17 European Championship in 2009 with Germany -got promoted to Nuremberg`s first team recently and started against Bundesliga leader Borussia Dortmund last weekend He played very well against Dortmund. It is of course hard to judge a player`s potential by one single game, but he could become a very good player and should be included in the DB soon.
  12. Re: Gotze +11 to 86 Götze is playing for a higher quality team and got called up by a higher quality national team.
  13. Re: Sonny Kittel Kittel started against Bayern (1:4) yesterday and played for 60 minutes (he was replaced by Fenin). I couldn`t see the match and so I can`t say how he played. But in my opinion, the fact that he started against Bayern and is only 17 years old, says something about his potential and you should keep an eye on his development.
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