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  1. Really upset about the chairmen investments. I have always tried to balance my books by selling, getting loan players or signing free agents so that i do not go into the red and yet it seems that Managers are getting rewards for being in debt. I have nine teams i none of them received this cash injection.
  2. None of my teams received any cash injections yet someone in my games world got £10 million . Is it true you only get it if you are in debt?
  3. Re: An idea to rescue Gold Championships(and maybe increase SM revenue) I agree with the idea that you start from the bottom and work your way up and based on your experience. I have played non GC game worlds where I am a big club but i really love to start at the bottom and work my way up. I believe that you shouldn't be able to choose a big club to manage but wait till it is offered by chairman and I agree that SM are creating too many game worlds to quickly. I am playing in GW's where there are now only 40 players which is sad as I really enjoy playing it. Problem is how do you contact SM?
  4. Re: Cheating - thank u sm One of my mates in a league we play in has 2 teams and i cannot find anywhere to report him. He just laughs at us because he knows it's hard to report people
  5. Re: money Loan them out or just get rid.
  6. A member, who i personally know, has 2 accounts and is managing 2 different clubs, in the same league. There are others that know and we have decided to report him. I have already sent him a message, giving him the chance to do the right thing, and he believes he's not doing anything wrong. How do i report him?
  7. Does anyone know if the playoff games are still the day after the final league game? I am hoping i am prepared for it as last season it buggered me up.
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