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  1. i have the chance to get ibrahimovic for my falcao should i do it?
  2. Re: Müller or Özil? stupid question!!! özil of course!!!
  3. Re: chiellini do it!!! chiellini is juve´s defender number 1 and they lose no match in the season, so do it
  4. some guy offered me for my player di Maria: david silva and 5millions should i do it??? whats your opinion???
  5. Re: Centre Back keep hummels! he is the upcoming CB in europe!!! and then i´d say boateng he is a starter at bayern and vermaelen!!!
  6. Re: 38mil + fabregas= ronaldo??? i dont like ronaldo at all
  7. some guy offered me for my ronaldo:38million + cesc fabregas should i doit or not?!? whats your opinion???
  8. Re: rooney deal the biggest talent is mario götze!!! ;-)
  9. hey mate´s someone offered me for my player rooney: benzema+hazard+ 10 million!! should i do it what´s your opinion???
  10. hey guys i need your help!!! some guy offered me for my buffon his pepe reina!!! what should i do??? buffon is a 94 goalkeeper but he is 33 and pepe reina is a 93 goalkeeper but he is 29 what sould i do??? thanks for your help!!!
  11. hey guys!!! i have the chance to buy marek hamsik!!! he is rated now at 91!!! whst´s his potential??? what do you think about him?!? gimme your help please!
  12. Re: Yaya Toure or Sven Bender bender for me!!! bender is the future defense midfielder of germany and he play at dortmund in the championsleague!!! he will raise much in this season!!! when plays like last he will be a 91 player and this at the age of 22
  13. Re: WINGERS help. griezman and reus for me!!! in my eyes is this the last season for reus in gladbach and then he will move to a bigger club!!!
  14. Re: hummel??help yeah for sure buy him quikly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is 22 and has a rating of 91!!! he plays at dortmund the german champion!!!! and he is the number 1 CB at the german nationalteam!!! in the future he will a 94/95 CB for sure!!
  15. Re: Kroos? buy him for sure!!!! look at him when he played in leverkusen under jupp heynckes!!! he played very very good!!! under jupp heynckes he will be much more play time at bayern!!! and he will raise!!!! so buy him!!!
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