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  1. Most of the young stars in my league are taken like Bale, Luiz, Rafael, Smalling etc.... Can you give me the names of some young defenders that will raise in the future?
  2. I got Cambiasso hurt in my league and replaced him with Song and my average team rating stayed the same (95) even though I switched out a 95 for a 91. So does is matter that I have a lower rated player in? like will that hurt my chances in game in the mid-field? If not I can sell Cambiasso and buy a good 2nd team. lol
  3. When should you use offside trap? against high rated strikers or low rated strikers?
  4. Re: Brilliant Team - But Not Winning? PLEASE HELP
  5. Re: can you suggest a average 2nd squad? No I just want an average team that can maybe take me deep into the cup (usually play crappy divsion 2-4 teams in the begining) and then use my starting team when I get deeper in the cup and my chances of winning are higher. I would like young players that are gonna grow in rating over the years. I'm not just looking to **** money away on a crappy 40 year old. Young prospects. Rating doesn't matter. Thank you very much.
  6. Re: Tatic Help You should just quit soccermanager because Inter milan is gonna wipe the floor with you next year sugga! ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS! JIGGIN ****!
  7. I have an all star first team, but I had to get rid of alot of my backups to build it up. I now need an average 2nd team to play in cup games and to help incase someone gets injured or suspended. Can you suggest some cheap players to buy? I have 20.m to play with. My team- I have Ozil (93) playing in Zanetti's place and Puyol (96) in Samuels spot. Thats an older picture.
  8. Re: Is it worth swapping Ronaldinho for Rossi or Farfan? YES! Ronaldinho is gonna drop since he moved to brazil.
  9. So I have this great team with a starting 11 rating average of 96 yet I still have trouble winning. My Team- There are two player missing from that pic. I'm have Puyol (96 rating) to play in Samuels CB spot and Ozil (93 rating) to play were Zanetti is in midfeild. In my italian league there are only three teams that can even come close too competing with mine on paper and I'm still significantly better. My problem is I'm not getting the results. The season just finished yesterday and I finished in 9th. Thats ridiculous considering my team. My New Tactics- I just set up these tactics today. I haven't got a chance to test them because the new season doesn't start till April 30th. FORMATION- 3-4-2-1 TACKLING- I set hard tackling so my team can take back possession quicker. Attacking- Because I have an all star attacking team. Last year my leading scorer only had 13 goals by the end of the season (Higuain 13 goals). PASSING- Short so I could keep more possession. STYLE- Through the middle. I figure with my team and the formation I have set that would be the wise choice. TEMPO- Fast. I want to play like a barca quick short passing style game. PRESSING- All over. To keep the other team off the ball. COUNTER ATTACK- That seems like it would mix with the fast tempo style. Men behind ball and Tight marking- To help prevent goals. TARGET MAN- Drogba is the only striker so I thought that made sense. So what do you think of my new tactics? Do you think they will work for me next season? I would appreciate any suggestions you have. Regards, Spenser
  10. I want to know if theres a difference between superstars and young nobodys of the same rating. Like I can buy 2 young strikers with 90+ ratings for the same price I can buy van nistelrooy..... Is van nistelrooy more likely to score because hes well known? or will young guys with pretty much the same rating score as much? So question is pretty much- Does SM go by rating only? or do they give the superstars better skills even though there rated at same level as a young guy? I can buy a 19 year old CB rated 90 for 13,000,000 or I can buy a 40 year old carnavarro rated 90 for zillions of dollars.....
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