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  1. Re: new players values at 0 when i go into bid it says chairman will accept no less that £0
  2. as the title says really,players that can be signed for nothing,is this right or is it something SM need to look into and change????
  3. Re: Iranian Sensation the only guy i can find with the surname DEJAGAH is a 21 year old playing for hertha berlin
  4. Hi guys just looking for a bit of advice really,i was wondering what your opinions of david nugent are and if you think i should sell him or keep him,he doesnt look like he will do much at portsmouth or if he will even stay there,can he cut it in the premier league???? should i keep him or sell him on. What do you all think????
  5. Re: Giovanni Dos Santos how much do you think he will rise too, after making his debut for the full national team???
  6. Yoichiro Kakitani (Japanese: 柿谷曜一朗, born January 3, 1990 in Osaka, Japan) is a Japanese football player who currently plays for the J-league team Cerezo Osaka. In 2006, he signed his first professional contract with the club at 16. He is currently a member of the U-17 Japan national football team and was named Most Valuable Player in AFC U-17 Championship 2006 after he helped Japan win the tournament, scoring 4 goals,his positions are central midfielder or foward and he has made 16 apperances for his club,info from wiki could be added to the database heres a video,looks like a decent prospect http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=tGB0UZsWnQ0
  7. how much would you guys say nugent is worth or how much do you think he will be worth????
  8. His name is toni calvo,he was born on the 28/03/1987 and he played for the barca youth team,according to reports he has signed for aris salonica,he's not yet on the db but he looks like a talent for the future,one to keep an eye on for sure Heres a link for a youtube vid of him in action http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=TcIU9jiRLTI&mode=related&search=
  9. Re: gate receipts well i've got chelsea in the cup final so i'm hoping to make a bit of money
  10. just a quick question,how much do you reckon i will get for gate receipts from the english shield final???
  11. Re: Alexandre Pato alexandre pato plays for Internacional and has an sm rating of 80
  12. KenDiggity


    Re: DM cheers mate,i might give him a go and see how he does thanks for your help
  13. KenDiggity


    Hi all i wanted to ask a question,how would a dm play in a cm role??? would it effect his performances or could he play there comfortably???
  14. Re: NERI CARDOZO well in the setup i'm playing in both players are at the mexican club Monterrey
  15. Re: NERI CARDOZO i noticed he is playing for Monterrey in sm,shouldnt he be at boca juniors??
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