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  1. Re: Footie Zealots I'm still here at Siena and surprise, surprise, I'm 2-0! I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. It's only going to get better too when some of my players start to get rating increases, like Daniel Sturridge.
  2. Re: Footie Zealots League Now Open Just entering the playoffs, a handful of teams open for next season. Check out League ID: 66077 cheers!
  3. Re: Footie Zealots Alas Siena won't be in the playoffs. The new manager at Fenerbahce assured we split the points and I now can only hope my young team picks up some much needed ratings points! Cheers to all who competed this season. I expect the upcoming one to be much more competitive, as the top teams rise and those unmanaged sink. Thanks for everyone's involvement.
  4. Re: Footie Zealots Siena lost to last place Metalist! Embarrassing. Also, seriously hurting our chances for a playoff slot.
  5. Re: Footie Zealots Managers As season 1 is drawing to a close, I am thinking of opening the league up to the public so we can help fill our remaining slots. What do you all think?
  6. Re: Footie Zealots The season is winding down, there have been a few resignations, so let's get some new blood in before the start of the new season! Available teams: Division 1 Peñarol (Uruguay) – KARL ATHERTON Cardiff City (England) – JOSHUA TIMOTHY ONG Feyenoord (Netherlands) - Hearts (Scotland) – Sparta Praha (Czech Republic) - SC Heerneveen (Netherlands) – PRINCE MICHAEL WILLIAM FC Basel (Switzerland) – Vasco De Gama (Brazil) - MATHEW MOORE AJ Auxerre (France) – VIRGO BOY Club Brugge KV (Belgium) – SIMON WHIFFLIN Division 2 West Ham United (England) – DAN INMAN Montp
  7. Re: Footie Zealots Fair enough, to each his own. My job keeps me too busy to really keep active on a forum, I tend to make my mark in the newspaper. Alas, I've barely had time to do that recently. Anyway, as with everything, it takes all of us to keep things interesting. Help me recruit more managers. I've introduced myself and invited a lot of managers. Problem is, most available teams are tapped as far as trading goes, every player is on a transfer ban for a while, so the initial appeal is gone. That'll change in a month or so when those teams can trade again. In the meantime, let
  8. Re: New User Interface [beta] I find this new aspect a bit of a travesty as it removes one of the more interesting aspects of team management. Previously, it was a challenge to gauge if you should start or rest a player, whereas now it is much less so. I play this game for the challenges, not the conveniences.
  9. Re: Footie Zealots Since you just arrived and were not sure which team, I don't see it as a problem.
  10. Re: Footie Zealots I don't see why not... ...except for the fact you knocked me out of the Cup!
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