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  1. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) KAGAWA, Shinji - stay or rise?
  2. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 HENDERSON, Jordan - rise, drop, stay?
  3. Re: Greek Championship! ask me anything what about Petar GRBIC? will he rise?
  4. Will he rise to 91???
  5. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) What about Eden Hazard????? any chance rise to 91???
  6. Re: Wingers will Menez rise?
  7. How can 8 of 11 players with 20% of their physical condition NOT loose a game? I lost my last game with a team like that. How is it possible that the physical condition of our players be left a side when we (users) loose time and effort to train it? Is it not an important factor in a game? Simply ridiculous..
  8. Re: DOWNING, Stewart vs MENEZ, Jérémy hmmmm I need a 89 winger, left or right midlfield with a very good chance to rise to 90. Any suggestions?
  9. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 what do you think about MENEZ, Jérémy (89). will he rise?
  10. Re: Rising Wingers to 90+ what about MENEZ, Jérémy (89). will he rise?
  11. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 what do you think about DOWNING, Stewart?????? will he rise to 90? or there are others wingers with more chance to rise?
  12. what's the best choice? will they rise to 90?
  13. What's the best choice? - Muslera (88) - STEKELENBURG (90) Any chance Muslera rise to 90?
  14. Re: Who to buy for my team? Any thoughts about Montolivo??? will he rise, stay, drop?
  15. what's the best choice? will they rise to 90?
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