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  1. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| as long as i lost
  2. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| Just so we are honest here, I did as the Germans requested and placed Belhanda and Llorente as CBs...however, it seems SM gives more credit to the assistant manager than they do a human manager so I received the below message in my Club Messages: Your last fixture had too many players out of position and so your Assistant Manager attempted to pick a better side. I checked the team sheet and it seems Llorente and Belhanda were not in the CB positions. Either way, I lost the game so I guess the damage has been done (since the formation also changed according to what the assistant thought might beat Leverkusen...)
  3. Re: ||War of the World - II|| Match Report, Transfers & Banter You call it boaring, I call it con-troversial Evidence? 3rd Minute: The ball catches Ranieri SANDRO on the hand inside the penalty area. The referee awards the spot-kick to Chelsea. Yellow Card - The referee takes his time before booking SANDRO. LAMPARD places it towards the bottom corner. LLORIS dives early and keeps it out. 49th Minute: John TERRY catches Clint DEMPSEY with his elbow. Red Card - The referee takes time over the decision before showing the red card to TERRY. 59th Minute: HOLTBY receives the ball from DEFOE and plays it back into his run. DEFOE gets clear of the defence and tries to roll the ball under the keeper. GOAL!! - The ball trickles past the keeper and over the line. OFFSIDE! - The celebrations are cut short by the officials who spotted DEFOE a yard offside. (A yard? really? ) 71st Minute: The ball catches HAZARD on the hand inside the penalty area. The referee awards the penalty to Tottenham Hotspur. Yellow Card - The referee books HAZARD. DEFOE looks one way and strikes the penalty to the other corner. The keeper guesses wrong but the ball flies wide of the other post.
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Legit question
  5. Re: Performance Review | MR's, Transfers, Banter & Gossip Thread
  6. Re: Performance Review | MR's, Transfers, Banter & Gossip Thread Hey Hancock, I am managing Malaga and I am finding a bit hard to adhere to the set rules which are summarized as: Isco to start 16 games Bony to start 14 games Vela to start 15 games Harnik to start 15 games Mertens to start 15 games Baptistao to play 10 games All the above mentioned players are AM/F players, and at least 5 of them must start almost all the games for Malaga this season. This means I am obliged to play an offensive tactic. Can this be looked at again?
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Arbeloa, until someone half decent joins Madrid...he is a terrible player but has no competition for his position...I don't think he will play another game for Spain though...so perhaps long term Gustavo is your man
  8. Re: DEFENSE vs OFFENSE- {NEW GAME WORLD} I would be interested in this. Juventus if we get to choose the team. Following Leo's question about the starting budget, I noticed that some teams have more than 1 star player in the same position. Any reason for that? Why does a team have Baines, Marcelo and Alba when all 3 play as LB? Even if they can all play as LM, 1 will have to be a substitute any given game.
  9. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| What do you mean only? I worked hard for it On that note: After their result against Norwich City, Montpellier HSC are now unbeaten in 11 games setting a new club record for most games unbeaten in a row.
  10. Re: Draft and Auction [NEW GAMEWORLD] Next for the draft 23. Harmanw84 24. Zakkoo 25. Closer 26. Lyon Manager 27. Liverpool Manager 28. Porto Manager
  11. Re: Ilkay Gundogan Hamsik over Gundogan for sure.
  12. Re: Kompany deal No, you are giving too much for 2 prospects that are not yet as proven as Kompany...I say keep your player.
  13. Re: Alba and Di Maria for Ozil and Neymar That is exactly how i rate them. So I would rather have 1 and 4 instead of 2 and 3.
  14. Re: Alba and Di Maria for Ozil and Neymar You should get/keep Ozil and Neymar.
  15. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| Palermo quit...oops And, Llorente will thrive as a CB
  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... So I guess this was a good bit of business afterall :cool:
  17. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Even before the rise, I think the right side is slightly better off With the rise, there is no doubting that
  18. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Negredo + 6m Short-term: Soldado Very long-term: Barca youngsters and cash Atletico players would be my choice unless Callejon will start for you. It is best to stay away from Kaka until he moves to a different team (rumors are that he will move back to Brazil, meaning he will not be able to sustain a higher rating than what he currently is on.)
  19. Re: DnA -Drafting and Auction Thread and History)
  20. Re: DnA -Drafting and Auction Thread and History) I suggest we decide on a 24-hour time frame for people to submit in their draft if they had not had the time to share their short-list with Gozzy just yet (just like we did with the auction in a way)...that way we can solve the delay especially that there are 3 rounds and we are not half-way done with the 1st! Just a suggestion
  21. Re: DnA -Drafting and Auction Thread and History) At this pace, I do not think the auction will be completed by end of season... Any suggestions/solutions are welcome!!
  22. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Money is useless...plus I do not really lack in any position for depth but Nasri has been underperforming and Lampard + Asamoah have been solid since last season
  23. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... So I was offered 60m for my Nasri which I rejected. I countered with his Lampard + Asamoah + 15m and it was accepted. I am just surprised it was really making me doubt my counter offer. Any thoughts?
  24. Re: Riferimento: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I also recommend the Real Madrid players if you have cover for Pique
  25. Re: The Mirror 80% league now recruiting for season 2 so...forumers?
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