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  1. Re: Youth team, who to sell?? Cheers fot that
  2. I need to sell a few of my youth players who should i sell out of my Youth team ?? SZCZESNY, Wojciech 85 COURTOIS, Thibaut 83 SANTON, Davide 87 VRSALJKO, Šime 80 LEJEUNE, Florian 80 PULIDO, Jorge 77 MIQUEL, Ignasi 75 VARANE, Raphaël 75 GONALONS, Maxime 87 BENDER, Sven 89 MCEACHRAN, Josh 80 LEITNER, Moritz 78 CIRIGLIANO, Adrián 75 KAGAWA, Shinji 88 LAMELA, Erik 84 GOTZE, Mario 88 LUCAS, Rodrigues 83 PATRICK, Alan 80 ISCO, Alarcón 75 LANZINI, Manuel 78 ARROE, Joazinho 75 ITURBE, Juan Manuel 77 DZAGOEV, Alan 89 DEULOFEU, Gerard 75 ALCACER, Paco 75
  3. What will he rise to ???
  4. Re: Help with my ratings BEBE, Correia, man utd, - 80 81 KELLY, Martin, liverpool - 80 84/85[/b] KOSCIELNY, Laurent - arsenal 88 89/90 GARGANO, Wálter, napoli - 89 Dont know?? KHEDIRA, Sami, real madrid - 91 91/92 BOATENG, Kevin-Prince, milan - 88 88-89[/b] WILSHERE, Jack, arsenal - 87 87-89[/b] NANI, Luís, man utd - 91 91-92[/b] GERVINHO, Yao Kouassi, lille - 89 90[/b] HULK, Givanildo, porto - 90-91 HERNANDEZ, Javier, man utd - 88-89 SOW, Moussa, liile, - 87 88/89
  5. Re: Player ratings predictions cheers for the replys
  6. What are your predictions in the up coming rating for these players?? SCHMELZER, Marcel 88 ABATE, Ignazio 88 SAKHO, Mamadou 89 VIDAL, Arturo 90 GUSTAVO, Luiz 88 AURTENETXE, Jon 83 BENDER, Sven 88 GONALONS, Maxime 87 GOTZE, Mario 86 KAGAWA, Shinji 88 CASNOS, Luc 82 BABACAR, Khouma 80
  7. should i do this deal i have ibrahimovic
  8. I get bonucci and ronocchia in this deal is it worth it
  9. Should i swap Tasci for Bonucci or Ranocchia
  10. Is he worth buying will he rise to 90??
  11. should i do this deal i get thiago and azpilicueta
  12. I need a new formation that i will be winning regular with but i carnt find a consistent one. My starting 11 is as follows: Sketlanburg Sakho Rami Tasci Bosingwa Modric Nasri Swienstiger Pandev Rooney Ibrahimovic What Formation and Tactics should i use for this team???
  13. Is it worth buying him will he rise??
  14. Re: Tasci and Hernadez for Subotic???? Yer it is Javier ok i wont doit
  15. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (I) Should I invest in Sven BENDER will he rise??
  16. Will these to rise if so what to?????????
  17. Re: Brazil Player Reports and Updates Rafael TOLOI will he rise?
  18. Will he rise in the brazilan ratings??
  19. Re: Young Upcoming Lefts Backs?? I know all of them accept for Schmelzer is he any good worth buying. Will he rise?
  20. Re: Young Upcoming Lefts Backs?? Any rating any price really
  21. Anybody know any young lefts back that are cheap and will rise in the future?
  22. Any news if he will rise now hes playing for bayern?
  23. What young players like 70+ rating will rise from these countries in the rating changes
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