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  1. Moutinho = Neymar? - I'm getting Neymar? Modric = Javi Martinez + Bernd Leno + 18M? I's be selling Modric I have cover for both of them, what do you think?
  2. Should I sell Ramires because of Chelsea's season? I have a 28M bid and other players to the position.
  3. I'd like to know what's the predicted maximum for my players in Roma, so if You can help... I know my team has a great future, but it would be great if you could help. So, The players: OZIL, Mesut AGUERO, Sergio KOMPANY, Vincent MULLER, Thomas DI MARIA, Ángel MATA, Juan GOTZE, Mario SUBOTIC, Neven HAMSIK, Marek WITSEL, Axel LUIZ, David RODRIGUEZ, James KAGAWA, Shinji JONES, Phil GANSO, Paulo Henrique ERIKSEN, Christian SHAQIRI, Xherdan VARGAS, Eduardo CORTÊS, Bruno LUCAS, Rodrigues ALABA, David PAPADOPOULOS, Kyriakos VARANE, Raphaël HERRMANN, Patrick CUENCA, Isaac RODRIGO, Moreno TER STEGEN, Marc-André AYEW, Jordan AMAT, Jordi PLANAS, Carles DRAXLER, Julian JOHN, Ola CAMPBELL, Joel OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN, Alex ARAUJO, Néstor NEM, Wellington MAHER, Adam BORINI, Fabio GUIDETTI, John JENKINSON, Carl OLIVEIRA, Nélson TELLO, Cristian DEULOFEU, Gerard RAFINHA, Alcántara SNEIJDER, Rodney That's all, I have more players but I know, more or less, their potential.
  4. Re: Kyriakos Papadopoulos or Joel Matip? I have them both, I think they're both great. I rate them equaly.
  5. Re: De Rossi deal! De Jong Modric Vidal Moutinho M'Vila Ramires
  6. Re: De Rossi deal! I have replacement.
  7. De Rossi = 27M + Pastore + Chamberlain I'm selling De Rossi. Is it a good deal?
  8. Hi! What deal would you accept for Ibra (I want to sell him)? Ibra= Aguero + David Luiz Ibra = Aguero + Pastore Ibra = Aguero + Marin What would be better for my team? The other team is interested in my Daniele De Rossi, shoud I sell him?
  9. I want to know what will happen to my players in the reviews. My players are: MESSI, Lionel 99 RONALDO, Cristiano 98 XAVI, Hernández 97 INIESTA, Andrés 97 VIDIC, Nemanja 96 ROONEY, Wayne 95 ALVES, Dani 95 CASILLAS, Iker 95 RAMOS, Sergio 94 LAHM, Philipp 94 BUSQUETS, Sergio 94 HIGUAIN, Gonzalo 94 ZANETTI, Javier 93 GOMEZ, Mario 93 SANCHEZ, Alexis 91 COENTRAO, Fábio 91 SAHIN, Nuri 91 LUIZ, David 90 M'VILA, Yann 90 BADSTUBER, Holger 90 PJANIC, Miralem 90 BALE, Gareth 90 HERNANDEZ, Javier 90 NEYMAR, Silva 90 WILSHERE, Jack 89 Staying because of his injury? DE GEA, David 89 BENDER, Sven 89 MERTENS, Dries 87 LUCAS, Rodrigues 87 I'm buying: KELLY, Martin 85 RAMIRES, Santos 91 NANI, Luís 92 KROOS, Toni 89 (maybe) DZEKO, Edin 92(maybe) SCHURRLE, André 89 (maybe) So guys, what do you think? Help me out, please.
  10. With nothing to do I started looking for risers of lower leagues and I saw this ones need a review urgently: -Ireland Republic (lots of risers) -South Africa -Saudi Arabia -Egypt And more.... When is SM reviewing these??
  11. Re: Messi Deal! Thank's for the answers! Bid accepted! Now I'll try Vidic.
  12. Hey guys, please help me here, I'M TRYING TO GET MESSI!!! I'm managing Roma and Real Madrid manager is trying to sell Messi! He made me this offer: Messi = 40M + Van der Vaart + Kompany My other CB's: Subotic Sakho Phil Jones Varane Smalling If I do this deal, I'll try to buy another CB. VdV: I want to get rid of him. SHOULD I DO THE DEAL?????'
  13. I am playing with Roma and I lost the Charity Shield against Porto. Now I'm in 1st place with 5 points more than Porto and I'm playing against him tonight. He plays like thhis: _______________Akinfeev_______________ Fucile____Chygrynskiy____Rami____A.Pereira ______________Fernando________________ _________Gourcuff_____Meireles__________ Farfan__________________________Sanchez ________________Milevskiy_______________ Do you think I can beat him with this 3-5-2? _________________Neuer_________________ ______Subotic___Kompany___Coentrão______ Ramires_________De Jong____________Modric __________De Rossi______Silva____________ _______________________________________ __________Suarez_____Ibrahimovic__________ I have DiNatale with 86% and Suarez with 100%, who should I put playing?
  14. Re: **free agency tracker** Artur Moraes » New Benfica Keeper.
  15. Re: **free agency tracker** Capdevila (now in Benfica)
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