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  1. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) Having my twopenneth on these changes; The loan change is very sensible and appropriate. Like. The chairman automatically handling contracts (although realistic) is not good for the game. Players will not become unhappy due to wages anymore (unless a club in debt cannot offer new contracts - does this happen?). This is an irritation but no show stopper for me. The valuation of players in exchanges is now lopsided. If a player is going to have a fixed value (same in exchange and cash sale) that's fine, but the selling chairman always rates the player higher than the buyer. This needs to be addressed. It's pretty much impossible to buy players using other players in the deal these days. I think the players cash value, should be the vale both chairmen use in exchange deals. Cash is now king. This, as others have said, will have the biggest effect on smaller clubs with smaller grounds and lower attendances and lower income streams. One sensible way to address this is to increase the prizemoney income stream. More money paid for each successful round in the cups. And much more per place in the final standings; say £1.5M per place. This way a smaller club doing well in a league could build up income based on their success. The changes may well have a negative impact on player transfers. I'm likely to stick with the squads I have in most of my strong teams. I'll have to completely re-think my strategy for the lower league teams I'm trying to develop. I used to buy risers and exchange a couple of them for higher rated players; in 3 rounds of transfer bans you could get a decent team from nothing in most cases. It will take much longer now and I'm not sure most players will have the stamina. Let's see. A few tweaks could make a big difference.
  2. Re: higuain rise And as if by magic he's back to 94.....or did I dream it all?
  3. Re: How about fixing the broken issues rather than cosmetic changes?? You're talking a lot of sense here.
  4. Re: AI to choose from all 24 formations Shelbourne FC I really don't think you need to worry. From what I can see the AI selects a formation and sticks with it. In one of my game worlds we've had a world cup i.e. up to 3 matches since the new modification. I checked the AI teams who made progress and guess what? Same formation in each game. So as someone else said, this will be a good change, it will mean you will have to switch it around a bit to beat AI teams, but you should be able to work out a counter to how they line up.
  5. Re: De gea or Courtois? In SM terms De Gea is teh better bet over then next year or so. He's higher rated and will remain so as long as he is the regular starter at Man Utd. Courtois may well get to 90 in the next ratings, 89 is more likely, but I'd expect De Gea to go to 91 this time or next and will continue to rise over the next few years. Courtois needs to play CL to rise to 91+, he's a Chelsea player, Czech is doing ok currently and who knows where he will play next season. It may not be at Athletico. My opinion has nothing to do with who I think is the better keeper.
  6. Re: SPL risers Suspect there are more changes to come. Keep the faith ;-)
  7. Re: Unmanaged team minimum squad size It does mean that there's a squad players if someone wants to take over that club. It's a sensible rule really. Unmanaged teams do bid for players in the set-ups I'm in. A good strategy is to buy cheap players who are at the club in real life but not in the game squad and, after their transfer ban is up, transfer list them. The real club will come in with an offer after a few days. Sell to them and hey presto, squad size is 22....
  8. Re: Ronaldo deal!!! See, I think given the apparent depth of your squad it is a good deal for you (and probably the other guy too). I'm in the middle of a deal but from the other side, I'm about to accept David Villa + David Silva for Ronaldo. I've got a great XI but lack depth. It seems you've got depth, sure Ozil will rise, but it will be 2 years before he's a 96 (imho). Sounds like Ozil is a starter but, if you play Ronaldo on the wing then he's better in that position and will be for at least 2 seasons.
  9. Re: Rising Wingers to 90+ Lennon is like Marmite. You don't like it, I do.
  10. Re: Chiellini Depends who else you've got. I'd pay that happily in any of my set ups. Not many 94+ rated defenders, plays 2 positions, relatively young. If you can get him for that then take it.
  11. Re: Rising Wingers to 90+ Hulk (Porto), Lennon (Spurs) and Marin (Werder Bremen) all have a sniff of a 91 next time out. Quite a few 89 rated players might get there within 2 changes; Balotelli (Man City), Sanchez (udinese) and Kroos (B Munich) for example.
  12. I'd like 'free agent' to be one of the search options. Currently you can search for a club, a ratings range etc. Why not add a 'free agent option'? It could easily be added to the 'Rating', 'Position' or 'Nationality' tab.
  13. Re: Clint Dempsey to 90 Absolutely zero chance.
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