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  1. Re: Pre-Season one of the game worlds im in season started the Wednesday after it finished It's normaly around a whole month through and i hate that part of the game.
  2. Iv not see a thread about this so if there is one i apologize. I'm quite excited about the announcement today that some changes are to be made. message bellow Hi , Over the coming weeks and months we will be introducing the following features/improvements to Soccer Manager: *New Match Engine; *New Match Commentary; *New Score Centre; *2D Pitch; *Media Centre; *Chat System; *Cross Game World Friendlies. There will also be other smaller features introduced that are not mentioned in above list. We will also be launching an iPhone app along with other apps. We hope that all of these upcoming features/improvements will help enhance your Soccer Manager experience. Whats your thoughts folks?
  3. Re: Scottish Championship 70 NOW URGENT down to 3 managers now Some good sides available including st Johnston who's players include Carles PUYOL and ROONEY. Celtic who have TEVEZ,LAMPARD amongst others.
  4. How can i score 40 more goals and concede 22 less than my nearest rival and still lose out to a team whose manager hasn't been in for over a month and all his players are nmf
  5. Re: The Meaning of Money Money isn't meaningless in all gameworlds. Just the childish, player hogging gameworlds;)
  6. Scottish Championship 70 currently only has 5 managers so is in desperate need for a few more. No old firm domination here. a lot of great players are still at external clubs etc so come along and build a squad to compete with us big boys. Game World ID 26830 Ps, im motherwell so gis a we message if you take a club.
  7. Re: Scottish championship sign up here. iv already got 6 motherwells so one more wont hurt. Motherwell please .
  8. Two moths ago i took over one of my teams there wasnt any money available to strengthen the squad. I had no money so i had to sell a few youngsters to be able to strengthen the team. I noticed torres was available so i placed a bid wich was over 3/4 of the money i raised from selling the youngsters but i was happy to do that as he's is a quality striker. I then got a message telling me that celtic have made a bit for Gomez. Fair enough i thought untill i had a look at the celtic squad and noticed he had 5 (five) fwds or cf over 90. these include IBRAHIMOVIC, ETO'O. TORRES,PAZZINI, Giampaolo,QUAGLIARELLA, Fabio along with other am/fwds and wing/fwds. I sent the manager of celtic a polite message (i have this message saved) telling him i need torres and could he please drop his bid as he doesn't really need him. I received no reply and celtic got gomez. The same happened when i placed a bid on MASCHERANO but this time the bid was from Partick Thistle who have no less than 102 players including possibly the greatest player ever to live and many other top top players. I again sent a polite message saying i could do with him and its obvious you dont need him. And received a reply telling me to mind my own business. Since they have written newspaper articles saying all kinds of rubbish and making me out to be in the wrong. I see what they are doing. They are obviously mates who are trying to stop other managers from building a team capable of beating them. All im trying to do is build a decent squad but these two make it impossible because i cant compete with the kind of cash they obviously have. . Was i wrong to message these managers? do you think they are doing nothing wrong in buying every available decent player? It may sound pathetic to some but im starting to feel a wee bit bullied
  9. Re: Player concerns i know what your saying. I once took over a barca team after a year looking for the chance. All the top players had level 2 concerns . Thats ok i thought ill just play them every game and the concerns will drop. Half way through the season and i got that message telling me one or more of my players have concerns. I thought cool they have all played 15 games so i was expecting them all to drop one level. Not a chance, 14 players had a rise in concerns and 9 of them had been playing every game. Anyway i come to the end of the season and my best players including pique, higuan,villa,Ramos all requested a transfer even though they played over 30 games each. I contacted sm explaining in depth the problem and they went helpful one little bit. It must of been a computer i was talking to because there was no understanding at all of my problem. Half way through the following season 6 more players requested transfers. I contacted sm and got the same rubbish unhelpful reply so i just quit in the end.
  10. Re: New Interfaceneeds some fixing Honestly, some people moan about anything. Theres nothing wrong with the new look. in fact its 100% better than the old one and the vast majority of users think that to. Threatening to leave over something as trivial as the interface Just get on with it and stop being childish.
  11. Re: Soccermanager.com problem.. All mine are still down:confused:
  12. Hi all, I recently put a bid in for torres is i'm desperately in need of a decent striker. I don't have much money so i had to sell a player to make up the 22 million needed. Torres was at Chelsea who are an external club in my game world and i bid the 22 million. No more than ten minutes later the manager of celtic placed a bid. I had a quick look at the celtic squad and couldn't believe my eyes. He had plenty of cf and fwds rated from 93 to 96 of all ages. I sent the lad a message explaining i need the player and he obviously doesn't etc but had no reply even though hes been on several times. Anyway obviously the celtic bid was excepted and completed because i couldn't match his offer. Is there anything i can do about this. Surly there's got to be rules to make sure the games played fairly?
  13. Re: Skin confusion Oh, thats not very good Any idea what they are talking about on here when they make skins. Is it just for the forum like?
  14. Hi all. Im trying to set a skin for my motherwell team but its only giving me options for colours and not club skins like before. Is it just me or is that the way it is now? This is an example. i click "skin club" and instead of being able to search for motherwell skins its just giving be colours to choose from.
  15. As Some of you would have read i have just taken over a team where most of the players have concerns. Anyway two of the players that are "very concerned" tonight got injuries. Obviously i cant play them now but im worried there concern level will now increase because of that. Does anyone know what happens in these situations?
  16. Re: My players are requesting transfers I took over a week ago
  17. Re: My players are requesting transfers Thanks for your help.
  18. Re: My players are requesting transfers Yes mate I'm playing them all when i get a game but the concern level is rising faster than i get games.
  19. I took over a club just over a week ago and all the 90+ had concerns . I wasn't bothered and was happy to address this issue. The thing is we don't play enough games for me to address the issue and my players are now requesting transfers. Iv contacted sm and they are no help at all. Any suggestions.
  20. Re: When Managers Don't Respond to Transfers I always reply without fail. It doesn't take 2 mins and its good manners. Its quite disrespectful to ignore other managers. One of the best parts of this game is communicating with the other managers and having a bit of banter. It also helps to develop rivalries which make the game more interesting. You rude and ignorant bunch are missing out on a big part of this wonderful game.
  21. Re: what formation do you think would be best for these players. Dont you get a reply for being polite on this blimming forum then The cliques on here really need to stop.
  22. Hi all, i hope your all doing well. The players bellow are my best players from my motherwell squad... I was wondering if any of you could be so kind and tell me what formation you think would suit these players best. GK REINA 93 DEF MAICON, Douglas 95 PIQUE, Gerard 95 EVRA, Patrice 94 LAHM, Philipp 94 CHIELLINI, Giorgio 94 MARCELO, Vieira 92 ALBIOL, Raúl 91 LUIZ, David 90 MID RIBERY, Franck 95 SNEIJDER, Wesley 95 FABREGAS, Cesc 94 DE ROSSI, Daniele 94 SCHWEINSTEIGER, Bastian 94 SILVA, David 93 MARCELO, Vieira 92 KHEDIRA, Sami 91 MULLER, Thomas 91 NEYMAR, Silva 89 GOTZE, Mario 88 MUNIAIN, Iker 88 FWD MESSI, Lionel 99 VILLA, David 96 PATO, Alexandre 92 THANK YOU
  23. No matter what i select in the drop down menus the search comes back with goalkeepers and nothing else. For example i select any forward 90 to 99 etc and it comes back with only keepers. anyone else getting this?
  24. Re: Best Teams In SoccerManager GK REINA 93 DEF MAICON, Douglas 95 PIQUE, Gerard 95 EVRA, Patrice 94 LAHM, Philipp 94 CHIELLINI, Giorgio 94 MARCELO, Vieira 92 ALBIOL, Raúl 91 LUIZ, David 90 MID RIBERY, Franck 95 SNEIJDER, Wesley 95 FABREGAS, Cesc 94 DE ROSSI, Daniele 94 SCHWEINSTEIGER, Bastian 94 SILVA, David 93 MARCELO, Vieira 92 KHEDIRA, Sami 91 MULLER, Thomas 91 NEYMAR, Silva 89 GOTZE, Mario 88 MUNIAIN, Iker 88 FWD MESSI, Lionel 99 VILLA, David 96 PATO, Alexandre 92 These are my best players
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