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  1. is this guy worth buying i dont see alot of the premiership football anymore know he has a injury problem but is he still worth it ?
  2. Re: DZSUDZSAK, Balázs replacement? i already have hazard i just need some one to take Dzsudzsaks place if i let him go i am a bit light on the wingers posistion but idealy want a 90 riser if i am to swap most of the ones your said are taken
  3. well he has just transfered to anzhi or some russian team like that so will probs drop from his 90 but who do i get as a replacement if i sell him i am a winger short and this guy is banging out 7,8,9 ratings so need a swap deal idealy any suggestions?
  4. Re: Silva Neymar Match rating? no injury got 1 yellow card but so did isla in defence and he got a 6 with no goals or assist i carnt work it out something must be wrong there
  5. Re: Transfer Help With My Team
  6. neymar in my squad played his first game for me last night here are his stats how the hell does he get a 4 when he scored 2 and assisted one i am baffled by this ------------------- Club-----Comp -----App--GS---Ast---MoM--AvP--YC--RC 12---Paris Saint-Germain-----Division 3--1 (0)-2----1-------0---4.00--1----0
  7. Well this is the team i have to work with i have 10.5million sat in the bank just rejected 25million bid for Dzsudzsak,but i dont know where to go with this team now i dont know what to add to it what to take away any help would be greatly apprecited DE GEA, David ZIELER, Ron-Robert CRISCITO, Domenico PISZCZEK, Lukasz HUMMELS, Mats LUIZ, David RANOCCHIA, Andrea MUSACCHIO, Mateo DZSUDZSAK, Balázs ISLA, Mauricio KHEDIRA, Sami BOATENG, Kevin-Prince HAMSIK, Marek GOTZE, Mario HAZARD, Eden MENEZ, Jérémy NEYMAR, Silva BENT, Darren LUKAKU, Romelu
  8. well since i took over my PSG team last season ive overhauled everyone and brought in better players as i was working with very low rated players at the time my highest was rated at 86,but need a bit of help with what tactics i should be useing i currently use 4-1-3-2 ---------------------------De Gea Isla------------Hummels--------------------Luiz---------------------Criscito ---------------------------Khedira -----------------Hazard------Hamsik-----Menez -------------------------Bent--------Neymar------------------------------- Forward arrow on hamsik Tackling style---Hard Passing St
  9. i have been offered hamsik for 23 million good deal?
  10. i have sami Khedira playing cm at the moment have Kevin-prince who can play there but is covering gotze in am who is injured at the moment but could do with a new cm i am thinking of jack wilshere would he be a good buy i know his potential is unreal at the moment i also have josh mchearen in my youths the young lad from chelsea any idea?
  11. should i be selling this guy or try trading for another player if so who? as madrid have just got altintop and sahin so the midfield is going to be cramped at madrid alonso is almost guaranteed his place as is di maria and ozil but where does that leave khedira?
  12. i have just bought him for 22 million from a managed team was shocked at first but he goes in my team of highly talented and wonderkids,but my question is since its looking likely he is staying in santos until maybe january what is the max rating he may reach in brazil ?
  13. GK De gea,David ZIELER, Ron-Robert LB CRISCITO, Domenico AURIER, Serge-Can play LB/RB LUIZ, David--Just got luiz so aint sure to play him LB or CB any help with that one? RB PISZCZEK, Lukasz ISLA, Mauricio CB HUMMELS, Mats RANOCCHIA, Andrea REINARTZ, Stefan MUSACCHIO, Mateo CM KHEDIRA, Sami BOATENG, Kevin-Prince AM/Wingers GOTZE, Mario CESAR, Bruno CANALES, Sergio HAZARD, Eden DZSUDZSAK, Balázs BLASZCZYKOWSKI, Jakub CF BENT, Darren LUKAKU, Romelu I play 4-1-3-2 any ideas where to strenghen i may also have suarez coming in a few days depending if my bid gets accep
  14. just had 15 mil bid accepted for luiz is this a good buy whats his future potential in CB i currently have Hummels,Rannochia,reinartz and MUSACCHIO who should i sell to make way also thanks
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