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  1. Re: A new and revamped Transfers System I believe there could be somewhere to go with this. I also feel it would be good if some players could actually form desire's to play for other clubs, for instance - A club that maybe keeps winning Major Trophy's.
  2. Re: Customer support I'm 100% with you on that mate, I went through a spell of getting written warnings all the time due to immature babies reporting me when something didn't go their way in my set ups.
  3. BRING BACK NEWSPAPER ARTICLES I run a few custom game worlds and the newspaper article feature used to be very popular in my game worlds for managers interacting and having a laugh. I like some of SM recent changes but Newspaper article is a feature I feel should 100% be put back into the game. What does everyone think? Karl
  4. Re: imaturity They haven't all joined him and the ones that have are still keen managers in my gameworld. At end of the day they are all gold memebers and just want to manage as many clubs as they can. I couldn't find a way to report this to who i need to and im new to this forum so cant send pm's lol. Any more help?
  5. Imature game players :mad: I have my own game world, now in season 8 - its been very sucessful and popular. Always loads of banter over newspaper articles and ive always worked hard to keep all teams managed. As we all know, from time to time you get idiots in your world that are there purely to create bad vibes are ruin your creation. I recently had 1 user removed from my game world that managed 2 tems due to cheating, sm found him out and removed him. He has now created his own game world, invited most of my managers in and called it the same name as my custom world but with the word 'REAL' infront. That i can handle seeing as he was the one in the wrong, but in creators comments he uses my name to single me out in a bad way. In use, terms and conditions of the website is this allowed? Lond winded i know but silly kids like this one drives me crazy and shouldn't be allowed to ruin this great game. Any help plz
  6. Re: Custom Game World: New Features Hi, just a question if anyone could please help?? My custom game world is already set up and at the end of season 5. At this stage at the owners request or if he pays more, are soccer manager able to edit the game world to create new cup competitions into the game world? Cheers Karlos
  7. I have my own gameworld thats 5 seasons in and was wondering if the game world can be modified by SM so they add new cup competitions into the gameworld such as divisional cups. Is this possible does anyone know? Cheers Karl
  8. Hi All, I have my own game world and have a question if anyone can help at all please?. We are at the end of season 5, there are 3 Divisions. Am i able to add new competitions to my game world such as 3 Divisional cups? Cheers Karl
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