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  1. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) akBKeh9sHSg check this out its pretty amazing
  2. Re: K-League risers (S.Korea) its a shame that AHN, Jae-hoon only rose to 78 but that these making him a very useful ultility player for my div 5 darlington team
  3. revolg


    Re: Hey welcome young manager
  4. Re: Young Full Backs john flannagan jack robinson martin kelly carl jenkinson seamus coleman ( worth a little more than 5mil but great potential)
  5. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread great goal man!
  6. Re: Contracts it was just a thought
  7. Re: rising goalkeeper for a english div side
  8. Re: rising goalkeeper for a english div side thanks, do you know any 10k risers within goalkeerers? and i need one worth 2.5mil i could get trapp and the TobĂ­as Vargas was too much :/
  9. i dont have much to spend but i need to find a keeper that will rise any suggestions?
  10. Re: Contracts this may be a very stupid idea, but if you want a the game to be more realistic then why don't sm create a contract system where you can add clauses, for example a pay as you play clause? just an idea this would definatly benefit the smaller clubs and also the big ones, but a downside to this would probably make the chances of an injured player become unhappy increase.
  11. Re: YouTube Videos i like to watch fifa videos on youtube, and i came across this this commentator who makes road to glorys, i really rate him, but i dont think hes been noticed yet, here is one of vids meoXkQKcSQ0 let him know what you think of his videos, give him critism if you feel thats neccessary. even sub to him if your interested in what he does.
  12. Re: YouTube Videos worst goalkeeping error ever! vN0be_I3cB4
  13. Re: YouTube Videos thanks you
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