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  1. I'm looking to raise some funds to hopefully bring in a couple of solid defenders. Namely Jerome Boateng and Nacho Monreal. I've received bids for both Samir Handanovic and Nestor Muslera (I don't really need both but am unsure who out of the two would be the wrong choice to let go).

    I've received a £9.5 million bid for Handanovic and a £12.1 million bid for Muslera. I also have Thomas Kraft in my squad.

    Any ideas?



  2. Hi guys,

    Quick question.

    For some strange reason, all the menus and option on the forum when I log in change to what appears to be Finnish. Does anyone have any idea why? Or more importantly, how to change it back to English.



  3. Re: Frank Nouble, West Ham Striker

    Being a Barnsley season ticket holder, I had the chance to see Frank play a few times, and I have to be brutally honest, I wasn't impressed.

    He's a big, imposing lad, but he fails to impose. With his frame, he gives the impression of being strong. He's not. He got pushed from pillar to post and it was blatantly obvious for all to see that he simply wasn't up to the standard of the Championship.

    He showed a decent turn of pace once or twice, but very rarely had the beating of the full-back when played out wide and very rarely did anything to impose himself on the centre halves (this was against Preston North End, so hardly the best defence in the league). He showed a few decent touches, but nothing nearly good enough for what is required at Championship Level.

    I believe this is the reason Mark Robins cut the loan spell short.

    We also signed Jacob Mellis from Chelsea at the same time, and believe me, that boy looks one hell of a player. A far better prospect that Nouble, and should things go right for him, he could easily carve out a decent career at Championship Level, or even the mid/lower end of the Premiership. Time will tell whether he develops into a future star that may land a place in his parent side Chelsea, but at 20 years old, one would've thought he might've made more appearances for the Blues.

    PS - He has just signed for Charlton Athletic, of league one on loan.



  4. Re: English Championship risers

    Adel Taarabt should rise imo; 84-85/86.

    Adam Hammill (formerly Barnsley) is rated 82 on the db. He's moved on to Wolves and had a great season for Barnsley, should rise next Prem ratings based on his Championship season to 83/84.

    Jacob Butterfield (Barnsley) - 78-81

    Jason Shackell (Barnsley) - should rise +2. Been a rock in the heart of Barnsley's often lacklustre defence.

    Will Buckley (Watford) - should rise +4/5 after a good season at Watford.

    Danny Graham (Watford) +1 maybe.

    Luciano Becchio (Leeds) +3/4


  5. Ryo Miyaichi; one to watch.

    Hi guys,

    Apologies if he's been brought up before, but I just thought I'd throw this out. Ryo Miyaichi is a pacy, strong, tall striker who signed for Arsenal in December. He's just been loaned out to Feyenoord to gain some first team experience, and BIG things are expected of him.

    He's not on the db just yet, but I can't imagine it will be too long before he is, so snap him up. Apparently, Arsene Wenger's vast scouting network alerted him to the Japanese youngsters talents and after taking time to study the young forward, snapped him up. He's only just turned 18 and really is one for the future.

    Should go on the db at 75 but if he makes a mark at Feyenoord, he will definitely be 78-83 by the end of the season. That's IF he gets the opportunity and takes it.



  6. Hi guys,

    Around three weeks ago, I signed AZPILICUETA. Obviously, he got injured last week, and I've heard he's going to be out for the rest of the season. Obviously, he's still only 21 and I think he has a good future in the game ahead of him. Do you think it would be wise to keep him? Will his rating go down? I know they've only just reviewed France so obviously it won't be yet. He was playing very well for Marseille before this set back.




  7. Re: Quick trade question. Help appreciated.

    But you've just said you cant get hummels or vermalean.

    toure will keep his 92 rating. Has been City's first choice CB and had a decent season.

    Of those on you list I would try get Hummels' date=' Subotic and Vermalean. But if it means sacrificing Toure then my advice is to wait until nearer the next German rating change where you will have a better idea about Hummels and Subotic and if they will rise again.[/quote']

    I think I'll keep him for the time being.

    Would you swap him for Thiago Silva?


  8. I personally think this is really strange.

    For me, before he joined Wigan, he was playing in a good league, but one which in my opinion is obviously inferior to the Premiership, yet, he was rated at 89. Now, after joining Wigan (which admittedly, he's done little to nothing) he's been demoted down to 88. I find this strange, as he's playing in an higher standard and surely should've just stayed at 89. He's done nothing wrong, except move to a better league. Does this mean, theoretically of course, that if he were to score 20 goals between now and the end of the season, he's boost to around 91/92.

    It's laughable when you think about it.




  9. Hi,

    I'm trying to build a good young squad, and at the minute, doing a pretty good job of it. I'm trying to build a squad of young talent, who can do a job for me now, as well as in the future.

    The oldest player I have is Kolo TOURE at 29, and he's currently valued at £22.1 million.

    The question is, should I keep him? Is he likely to rise? Is his value likely to go up? Or, should I trade for another CB who is younger, can do a job for me this season and in the future and will potentially be worth more?







    Would you class any of the above, all of whom are rated 90, save Vermaelen who is 91, worthy of a swap for a currently rated 92 Toure?



  10. Re: A.Kolarov +£10M for Jorge Rolando

    I'd actually be inclined to trade Kolarov for Badstuber, especially has Badstuber is:

    A) 4 years younger

    B) Playing for last years Champions League finalists and playing in the CL this season.

    C) Can play at left back and centre back.

    He's guaranteed a good rise, whereas Kolarov has been up and down, and in and out of the City team and isn't necessarily guaranteed a starting spot every week. I'd throw in a couple of million and trade for Badstuber.

    Just my two cents :)


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