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    Re: Frank Nouble, West Ham Striker
    Being a Barnsley season ticket holder, I had the chance to see Frank play a few times, and I have to be brutally honest, I wasn't impressed.
    He's a big, imposing lad, but he fails to impose. With his frame, he gives the impression of being strong. He's not. He got pushed from pillar to post and it was blatantly obvious for all to see that he simply wasn't up to the standard of the Championship.
    He showed a decent turn of pace once or twice, but very rarely had the beating of the full-back when played out wide and very rarely did anything to impose himself on the centre halves (this was against Preston North End, so hardly the best defence in the league). He showed a few decent touches, but nothing nearly good enough for what is required at Championship Level.
    I believe this is the reason Mark Robins cut the loan spell short.
    We also signed Jacob Mellis from Chelsea at the same time, and believe me, that boy looks one hell of a player. A far better prospect that Nouble, and should things go right for him, he could easily carve out a decent career at Championship Level, or even the mid/lower end of the Premiership. Time will tell whether he develops into a future star that may land a place in his parent side Chelsea, but at 20 years old, one would've thought he might've made more appearances for the Blues.
    PS - He has just signed for Charlton Athletic, of league one on loan.
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