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  1. Re: My Top 10 Most Overrated Players/Underrated Players I can't believe people are saying Walcott is over rated. Ok last season maybe. But this season he is in just another class compared to last season and many teams fear playing against him. He can change a game in an instant and score goals now. Against Newcastle scores in under a minute by pacing the defence. I think that Aguero is over rated because compare his to players like Van Persie and Nasri, he is not as good as either as them. Most over rated player for me has to be Zigic by blues fans now -.-
  2. Re: Ignasi Miquel-Compared to Pique Your welcome then I hope he gets you good profit in the future. I didn't get him because Chelsea out-bidded me on my gameworld **** teams with more cash than me! I still have Benik Afobe and Wellington Silva so I'm happy but missed out on Miyaichi. but still have Eriksen ;D
  3. Re: Ignasi Miquel-Compared to Pique Lol no I'm talking about getting into the first team with ease in a couple of years
  4. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Walcott should be 90/91 IMO. He has been great all season
  5. Arsenal's young defender will get into the first team with ease looking at their current defensive problems. He was added to the database today as he played in the cup tie against Orient. He is 18 years old with a 75 rating. Seems like a good investment and like team Fabregas he came from the Barcelona academy. Compared to the playing style of Gerard Pique. Good buy in my opinion as he most likely will rise without fail.
  6. Re: Should I sell Marko Marin? Thanks for the help mate.
  7. Re: Should I sell Marko Marin? I have a lot of prospers I could cash in on...who off the following would be wise to sell... Holtby Eriksen Szczezny Babacar Those are pretty much the only ones worth selling that don't play first team
  8. Re: Should I sell Marko Marin? Should I offload Walcott as well? But for Arsenal I've seen him play amazing football...but I'm not sure if he would rise. And I have Kagawa, should I sell him too?
  9. Re: Should I sell Marko Marin? Does he play well for Bremen, and I checked gossip column(yes gossip column) and he's being linked with Liverpool, Man Utd and Arsenal? Potential wise what would be his max rating oh and Hazard might be available soon who would be better?
  10. Re: Should I sell Marko Marin? Thanks for all the replies, it's just that I might sell him soo I could buy maybe Neymar or Gotze. Other players that will be available but I face huge competition are...Mascherano, Lucho Gonzalez, Klose, and Busquets
  11. Re: Should I sell Marko Marin? Tbh, I don't think I can improve it winger-wise because most of them have been bought by league 1 clubs. I can get 29 mill for Marin
  12. I can make big bucks from Marin because he is a regular goal scorer for me top scorer in the league and recently scored 7 for me in a match. I was gonna keep him because I thought I he would go up but in real life I checked his stats and have seen he doesn't score that many and is playing at a club who are struggling at the bottom of the bundesliga, should I sell him?
  13. Re: Young Rising Wingers Walcott should definatly rise to 90 maybe 91. Marko Marin is 90 at the moment not sure if he will go up because he is playing for a **** club who are struggling, Kagawa is injured I think but will rise in a couple months time. Nasri is a demon and should rise to 93 because the other 'top four' teams have higher rated players when Arsenal are 2nd in the league only team challenging Man UTD for the title reli and they are in all 4 competitions, Van Persie if he is in your budget? 18 mill-ish on my gameworld
  14. Re: Need a Young Upcoming GK PLZ HELP! Goal Keepers for you to buy, I heard Kraft is good for Bayern Definate one to get is Szczezny or however you spell it, he is amazing for Arsenal 2nd in Premier League, he already starts for them at the age of 20, his rating is 80 at the moment and he definatly going to get a real high rating in the future. I support Arsenal too but I'm not being bias. They had a goalie problem but he has kinda fixed it.
  15. Hello people, to get straight to the point, I have had decent results lately in the league but I'm struggling in the cup and got knocked out of the shield tonight -.- I'm not sure who to keep or sell because I need funds to buy Gotze who I have heard is a big prospect, who will rise, fall, stay the same out of the following: No. Pos Player Rat 1 Gk W. SZCZESNY (yth) 80 2 CB/RB M. PETKOVIC (yth) 75 3 CB P. INSUA (yth) 75 4 CB H. MIER (yth) 75 5 RM A. KOZLOV (yth) 75 6 LB/LM A. GADZHIBEKOV (yth) 80 7 AM/Wing C. ERIKSEN 84 8 AM/Wing S. KAGAWA 88 9 CF K. BABACAR (yth) © 80 10 Fwd G. BORJA (yth) 77 88 11 Fwd P. IGNATOVICH (yth) 77 12 Wing/Fwd K. DE BRUYNE 80 13 Fwd/Wing S. EMMANUEL (yth) 75 14 CF Á. MORATA (yth) 77 15 AM/Wing Z. LABYAD (yth) 75 16 Wing/Fwd T. WALCOTT 89 17 CF B. AFOBE (yth) 75 18 DM/CM M. SISSOKO 90 - Gk G. OCHOA 89 - LB/LM S. MAXWELL 91 - Def/DM I. YEDIEV 78 - CB J. CALONGE (yth) 75 - RB/RM A. ANYUKOV 91 - CB M. YEPES 88 - LB L. SOWAH (yth) 75 - Wing B. RABELLO (yth) 75 - AM/Wing O. ALIYEV 90 - CF K. HUNTELAAR 91 - Fwd/AM W. SILVA (yth) 75 - Wing/Fwd M. MARIN 90 - AM/Wing R. MORRISON (yth) 75 - CB/RB N. OTAMENDI 88 - DM/RB C. TRASCH 89 - CF R. JESÉ (yth) 75 - AM F. TRINKS (yth) 75 Thanks for the help
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