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  1. I’ve been banned for warning players not to deal with a known cheat ingame after he complained it was ruining his enjoyment of the game.. he has also got 12 other managers banned for doing the same... we cannot contact anyone at SM as they have the worst customer service on the planet and we are left to send in bug tickets which are instantly closed... is there anyway to contact anyone about this or are we better off just having multiple account and reporting anyone who complains about us having multiple accounts?..... asking for a friend!
  2. Don’t bother... SM don’t give a flying fcuk about Worlds... I warned managers not to deal with a known cheat in EC30000 and I was banned from posting because the known cheat complained it was ruining his enjoyment of the game... better off just getting multiple accounts of your own
  3. Season 3 was always the season Hamilton were aiming for.... watch out for the Accies
  4. I’ll apply for my favourite country and go for West Ham
  5. I can't see any my players rising but we knocked New York RB out of the cup last night so it was cocaine and hookers all night long so our debt has probably doubled overnight
  6. Chelsea here... which thread are we using?
  7. Stoke thrashed at West Ham.. Game engine strikes again
  8. Been a while since I've been in here... Looks rotten!... What have they done to the forums? !
  9. Some cracking managers in here about to get their assssses kicked by Team Scotland
  10. Caledonia is 238674....... also gold 109 has a thriving scottish league
  11. Get yourself into Caledonia in the custom world.... Best Scottish gameworld there is
  12. Good start for Motherwell... might get back up this year
  13. Just bought Lanzini and another couple of young talented players from external and my chairman wont loan them out,...... is my chairman on crack? or is this a bug?
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