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  1. Amazing! 😂 The youngest brother is called Over. Do you think the parents were bored of thinking up names by then?
  2. If they've said the MLS review is incoming, what will probably happen is: Six randomly chosen teams from MLS Two teams from the USL championship A full and comprehensive review of the Trinidad and Tobago Pro League 😏
  3. As a Liverpool fan, I've gotta say in the last few months I do get nervous whenever he takes more than two touches with the ball at his feet...
  4. Awesome, thanks! Should just be a case of selecting the cells, right click then 'Sort range'.
  5. Hey @jaybee, thanks for curating these lists, they're really useful! Perhaps an annoying request, but would you be able to upload the player list ordered by minutes rather than club name? That way it would be much easier to see at a glance who is underrated based on their minutes. Thanks!
  6. If they are moving on to second tier of the top 5 – what rise do you think Ivan Toney will get (if any)? I can see him just getting +1 then see if he moves on/Brentford get promoted in the summer.
  7. Agreed. Seems SM can't seem to strike a balance between speed of review and quality of review...
  8. Ah cheers Kieran. I see that Gravenberch and Schuurs got random rises at the end of December so maybe they'll get further random rises at some point in the spring...(losing track of what is going on these days...)
  9. Am I missing something or did Ajax get left out of the Eredivisie review?
  10. Their value will be normalised the next day. It is possible to buy them for the lower value on the day they are added though. Edit: @Id rather be in SW19 beat me to the punch Much better explained.
  11. That's an odd decision...the second tiers were only reviewed in September. I don't think they warrant bi-annual reviews! Those other leagues are due though, so that's positive. Thanks for the update.
  12. Hoppe was only added to the database early December and he'd only played about 90mins of football, so no surprise he was omitted from the Bundesliga review just a couple of weeks later. Nice rise now though, especially as I managed to pick him up for £24k
  13. Luuk De Jong is £6.6m, so if some of the other suggestions are too out of budget range you could try Tyler Adams (£7m) or Mazraoui (£8m). For under £6.6m you're probably better to go for James Justin if possible who's likely to get a good rise shortly, despite him being well below 87 rated right now.
  14. Just saw Colin Kazim Richards scored for Derby – hadn't heard his name for a while. Is there a better journeyman career than this?!
  15. Jubril OKEDINA (Spurs) Sekou YANSANÉ (PSG) No idea anything about them though, sorry.
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