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  1. Nice – thanks for more details! Could be a longer term investment then. Is that international or domestic?
  2. More bargain hunting...of the players from Brazil added to the database today, these are the ones with some game time. The players I've marked in bold are probably the best of the bunch. M. Alves (73, £220k) – 270 mins (3 starts in Vasco's last three games) Y. Catatu (73, £180k) – 130 mins (2 starts) L. Ramon (70, £120k) – 360 mins, but they were all in Jan, nothing since O. Danilo (70, £120k) – 10 mins, last week G. Silva (70, £120k) – 20 mins, one game in August N. Alex (73, £220k) – 138 mins (1 start) L. Braga (76, £320k) – 269 mins (2 starts)
  3. Roll up, roll up! It's the MLS Bargain Bucket. Who knows if the MLS will get reviewed sometime this decade, but here's a nice list of cheap players for anyone on a tiny budget: (Name, Age, Minutes played, SM rating, SM value) < £100k C. Gasper 24 1170 67 £36,000 A. Gutman 23 631 67 £36,000 N. DePuy 25 630 70 £70,000 H. Dotson 23 884 70 £80,000
  4. Looks to me like the old razzle dazzle: United going to extreme lengths to get results this year 😅
  5. Is anyone here subscribed to The Athletic? Seen they are doing an offer atm so just wondering if anyone would recommend it.
  6. Did exactly that a few years ago, chucked £50 in to see what it was all about. I don't really use it, but my portfolio is now worth £150 without really doing anything on it, so I assume that if you actually used the platform as it's meant to be used then you could probably make a bit of a return.
  7. I can confirm this still happens. Just before season 2 of a World Championship (I was relegated to division 4 as Cruzeiro, one of the lowest rated teams with around £2m in the bank) I received a £30m injection.
  8. Seems like quite a few bugs in this forum update – white heading text on a white background, pagination format breaking etc. Understand that it's best to keep this up to date to make it secure, but maybe could have done with a test before rolling it out live... I'd hope there's some settings in the forum administration which allows some level of customisation. Most prevalent for desktop users (as mentioned) is the width of the main column of content. The sidebar on the right seems pretty superfluous so being able to remove that would improve the layout in my opinion.
  9. I think the CM position has always been there. The positional colour has definitely always been green – pretty sure if his position was ever D, DM(C) it would be yellow. Reckon it must just have been a bug that he turned up the rating changes again.
  10. Last year it was MLS (March), then Russia (April), then Ukraine (May), with a few other South American league reviews in between each. Usually doesn't seem to be any semblance of an order, but would be interesting to see if the order stays the same this time around.
  11. Ah fair enough, probably for the best At least Kazu Miura will keep on playing forever.
  12. This is a great find 😅 Stumbled across some classic Bayern players with: 04568 - Mehmet Scholl 04565 - Michael Ballack Legendary Jan Koller is 04590. Wonder whether you can actually buy these?!
  13. Oh right, so the whole thing is pretty pointless really! Good spot on the last rating change thing, completely didn't put two and two together there. Cheers @Damien1990
  14. For the first time ever used the 'Analyse your squad' feature under the Scout tab. I have absolutely no idea how much bearing it has on upcoming rating increases, but I thought I'd share the results of my scouting. I'll list them below in the order they were shown for me – perhaps this order is the ones at the top are most likely and the bottom are least likely? Or perhaps will take the most time to increase? Paulo Dybala 93 +2 Becker Alisson 90 +1 Mohamed Salah 92 +1 Mauro Icardi 92 +1 Franck Kessie 89 +1 Leroy Sane 91 +1 Alvaro Odriozola 87 +5
  15. Week 21 – Back again Apologies for the break, life calls. Also I haven't really been playing much SM... Points of interest: As aforementioned, Richarlison moved to Watford and has already scored for them, good luck to the guy. Despite not posting for weeks, the top 4 of this list has barely changed. They are also the only players to have a WhoScored rating of over 7 – which doesn't really say much about the quality in this list. Talking of Paulinho, he's only played 90 mins since that ridiculous debut and his WhoScored rating has been pretty poor actually (6.59
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