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  1. Oh right, so the whole thing is pretty pointless really! Good spot on the last rating change thing, completely didn't put two and two together there. Cheers @Damien1990
  2. For the first time ever used the 'Analyse your squad' feature under the Scout tab. I have absolutely no idea how much bearing it has on upcoming rating increases, but I thought I'd share the results of my scouting. I'll list them below in the order they were shown for me – perhaps this order is the ones at the top are most likely and the bottom are least likely? Or perhaps will take the most time to increase? Paulo Dybala 93 +2 Becker Alisson 90 +1 Mohamed Salah 92 +1 Mauro Icardi 92 +1 Franck Kessie 89 +1 Leroy Sane 91 +1 Alvaro Odriozola 87 +5 Niklas Sule 90 +1 Adrien Rabiot 91 +1 Joshua Kimmich 91 +1 Harry Kane 93 +1 Kevin De Bruyne 94 +1 Hirving Lozano 89 +2 Samuel Umtiti 91 +1 Elseid Hysaj 90 +1 Luis Alberto 88 +2 Lorenzo Pellegrini 88 +1 Jordi Alba 92 +2 Jesse Lingard 88 +1 Onyinye Ndidi 88 +1 Santi Mina 87 +1 Almamy Toure 86 +1 Trent Alexander-Arnold 83 +3 Joe Gomez 86 +3 Oleksandr Zinchenko 85 +2 Anyone got a history of using this feature and its relationship to actual rating increases? Interested to hear.
  3. Week 21 – Back again Apologies for the break, life calls. Also I haven't really been playing much SM... Points of interest: As aforementioned, Richarlison moved to Watford and has already scored for them, good luck to the guy. Despite not posting for weeks, the top 4 of this list has barely changed. They are also the only players to have a WhoScored rating of over 7 – which doesn't really say much about the quality in this list. Talking of Paulinho, he's only played 90 mins since that ridiculous debut and his WhoScored rating has been pretty poor actually (6.59). Less than Pikachu (lol). I didn't know that our man Vinícius Júnior was on loan at Flamengo. Well, here he is scoring two goals: here and here. Money well spent? Two new faces to the list in 9th and 10th place. I wouldn't get too excited though...
  4. Week 16 Yeh, I missed 15. It ain't easy keeping up with this division!! Points of interest: Calazans finally knocked off the top spot by Jeferson, who is in the top 10 for the first time. Time will tell whether it's a flash in the pan. Guilherme Arana still seems the pick of the bunch, playing every game for league leaders Corinthians. @Huggy – Good spot on Paulinho, I guess watch this space. Came on as a sub the game before, then on Sunday got a full 90 minutes and bagged a couple. Second goal was a good un', First player to score in Serie A that was born after 2000...I'm officially old after reading that. Currently not in the SM database (I think).
  5. Hi @d5v1L, this is little reference really to see how the U21s are getting on in the Brasileirao, I'm certainly not an expert in Brazilian football by any stretch. I hope you enjoy the thread anyway though To put things in perspective, Luan (as @-JMH- mentioned) is probably the hottest property in Serie A right now, and currently has a WhoScored rating of 7.56. This is around the sort of score that Gabriel Jesus had the season before, so obviously pretty decent. He's got 5 goals and 6 assists in 12 appearances. Richarlison has a rating of 6.99 with 4 goals and 1 assist in 12 appearances. Of players to have played more than 6 games so far, he would be ranked 75th out of the whole league, so not particularly great. (That's out of about 300 players) Sorry to not be of more help for you!
  6. Week 14 Points of interest: I'm pretty sure Thiago Maia has moved to Lille now. That's what Wikipedia says anyway and that's a reputable source, right?! Anyway, I've taken him out of this list. Still in Brazil, but I've also removed Silva Lucão from the list because he hasn't played in a month. Richarlison moves to fourth position, helped by scoring the winning goal for Fluminense against Coritiba. Nice finish. Marcus Wendel got a random rating bump recently, now rated 78 and worth £1.0m. Calazans didn't get a rating increase, but has risen in value slightly up to £500k.
  7. Week 13 Points of interest Only real change is that Jean Filho smashes his way back into the top 10 for Bahia after a clean sheet in a 3-0 win. Seriously though, the WhoScored ratings of these players really isn't that high. I thought I'd heard this week that Thiago Maia had moved to Lille, but seems like that hasn't happened (yet). I think a move to Europe won't be far away. Also in demand is Guilherme Arana. Corinthians have apparently rejected bids from both Bordeaux and CSKA. Bids around €15m have been rejected, as he is apparently valued at €20m. He also bagged a goal in Corinthians 2-0 win over Palmeiras. Never in this list because his WhoScored rating isn't high enough, Junior Tavares for Sao Paulo has played every game and got an assist this week. Tip: Never bet on Brazilian football. This gameweek has one home win, one draw and eight away wins. Mental.
  8. Week 12 Not much change... Points of interest: In terms of this list, not an interesting week. Dodo and David are back in the top 10 and Calazans stays top. Sao Paulo are having a terrible season so far, but Shaylon has started appearing for them now. I think he was touted a bit before the season started as being a decent player, and this game week he scored despite only being on the pitch for the last half hour. Watch this space. (Sao Paulo still lost 3-2)
  9. Week 11 Thanks for clarifying @-JMH-. I don't think other tournaments are covered on WhoScored, hence why I've only ever covered the league. Points of interest: Speak of the devil, Barberan Maycon makes his first appearance into the top 10, as Corinthians are still unbeaten and seven points clear at the top. 'A must buy'. Three weeks in a row for Calazans – consistent! Richarlison is a re-entry after scoring this tidy finish in a 3-3 draw with Chapecoense. Thiago Maia scored from range for Santos, but the goalkeeping wasn't great...
  10. Still a bit early I guess. Grêmio are doing well in the league, so if they carry on going well then Arthur should be a pretty good riser. No idea dude, sorry.
  11. Week 10 Points of interest: First time all the same players have been in the top 10 between game weeks, 10 games in and it's settling down. Our man Calazans is top for the second week in a row. Arana and Douglas Luiz have still played every minute so far. And if you didn't take my advice about buying 75 rated Marcus Wendel...well he scored a thirty yard screamer in this game week.
  12. Week 9 Goodbye Luiz Araujo, hello Marquinhos Calazans! Points of interest: Haven't seen Marquinhos Calazans anywhere near the top 10 before, then all of a sudden the guy is number one. Let's see if he stays there... A bit of a bargain week in the top 10, with Calazans, Arthur, Wendel and Fernandes all 75 rated or less and all under £400k. For those interested, Corinthians and Gremio are six and seven points clear in the table respectively after 9 games. Our representatives here come in the form of Guilherme Arana and Melo Arthur. If I were you, I would spend £300k on Marcus Wendel. This article refers to him as the 'Flu jewel' which in English sounds a bit like he's found a miraculous cure for the common cold, but perhaps in Portuguese it's a compliment. I've used Google to translate that article and the gist (I think) is that European clubs have enquired about him. Apparently a price of R$ 55M... If anyone here is Brazilian, please let us know more!!
  13. After a quick snoop around, seems that Barcelona transfer talk was last summer and clearly unfounded. Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs are now apparently in the running. Obviously with Coutinho, Firmino and Lucas he would have some other Brazilians to help him settle there, but you never know... Also, he's only got one year left on his contract so I'd imagine Gremio will definitely cash out.
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