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  1. Discovered an interesting article today discussing youngsters to look out for in Serie A this season. __ Vieira Luan (Grêmio) - 87 (Got +1 today) A fleet-footed forward capable of playing through the middle or out wide, Luan came out of his shell when Roger Machado replaced Luiz Felipe Scolari last season and has since established himself as one of the division's most dangerous attackers. He may be just as happy setting up goals as scoring them – only four players grabbed more assists than his 7 last season – but there is a coolness to his finishing that suggests he can become a prolific marksman. His brace against Atlético Mineiro said it all: two cool finishes, one off each foot, one at the end of a passing move, the other after a swift counter. His importance to Grêmio is obvious: no Tricolor player comes close to his 3.5 shots per game, while his willingness to dribble (1.6 per game) and eye for a through ball (2.5 key passes per game) make him an all-round threat in the final third. Remember the name. __ Furtado William (Internacional) - 85 With Dani Alves entering the twilight of his career and question marks over the other Brazil right-backs at present (Danilo, Fabinho), Inter youngster William could well find himself in the conversation after a magnificent start to the campaign. He has helped the Colorado to 5 clean sheets in their opening 9 games of the season, contributing more tackles (4.2 per game) and interceptions (4.3 per game) than any of his teammates. That would be reason enough to be impressed, yet the 21-year-old has also had a big say at the other end of the field. It was William's slalom run and cross that helped Inter see off a dogged São Paulo side in the second week of the season, and he chipped in with 2 more assists in the 3-1 win over América Mineiro. If he continues in this vein, Inter could have quite the asset on their hands. __ Gabriel Jésus (Palmeiras) - 85 Already linked with a number of Europe's big clubs, the 19-year-old is fast becoming the hottest property in Brazil. Tipped for the top for some time, the striker has built on a promising campaign in 2015 to become one of the marquee attractions for Palmeiras this season. Gabriel Jésus played mainly from the left last term and started the new season in a similar role, but injuries elsewhere have forced him to take more responsibility, often in a central striking position. He has thrived so far, using his awareness and quick feet to bring others into play rather than going it alone. The stats underline his growing contribution: he attempts fewer dribbles per game than he did last season (1.3 last season, 0.8 this) but is crossing more, shooting more (2.8 per game from 1.9), passing more (7 more per game, currently) and winning more free-kicks. He can be a touch erratic at times, but he could become a Brazil regular if he continues to progress at the current rate. __ Gustavo Scarpa (Fluminense) - 85 Midfielder Gustavo Scarpa has been a bright spark in a difficult season for Fluminense. The scuttling 22-year-old, who filled in at left-back at times last term, has established himself as the Tricolor's main attacking force with a series of busy displays. No one in the division has more attempts on goal (a staggering 4.2 per game) and his gorgeous free-kick against Santa Cruz underlined his ability from dead balls. But there is also creativity to his game: he leads Série A in key passes (28 in 9 games) and accurate crosses (31). The recent sale of Fred to Atlético Mineiro means even more will be expected of Scarpa in the months ahead, but there is nothing that suggests he will not be able to rise to the occasion. __ Vitor Bueno (Santos) - 80 With Gabriel and Lucas Lima away on international duty and Ricardo Oliveira injured, Santos desperately needed someone to step up to the plate. That someone was Vitor Bueno, who has continued as he left off in the São Paulo state championship with some zippy, positive performances in attacking midfield. Vitor has played twice as many key passes (13) than any other Santos player, but perhaps the most notable aspect of is game is the willingness to shoot from all angles: he has had 22 shots on goal so far, 13 of them from outside the area. He has been rewarded for his desire with 4 goals in 9 games – a return that suggests he can be Santos' new talisman if and when Lucas and Gabriel move on.
  2. Gameweek 9 Bonus! Below is a table of Under 21 players with the most minutes so far in the league. I have excluded any player that is currently in the top 10, just to freshen things up a bit. Players in bold mean they've played every minute so far. Shoutout to Guilherme Gimenez who got a +6 to 82. Ramon, Dodô and Duarte all have recently been added to the database, so it will take a bit of time before they rise I would assume.
  3. Gameweek 9 Only four out of this week's top 10 have had a rating change so far, so there might still be time to pick up some of these players. The bold field in the SM Rating column denotes that their rating has changed already.
  4. Just an update on Gameweek 8 for you. There was only one change in the top 10 after the last two games were played, and that is Douglas Augusto moving up to #7 after another solid game. Furtado William stays as #1.
  5. Gameweek 8* I'm going away today, so won't be able to update the rankings between Gameweek 8 and Gameweek 9. Therefore I've had to omit the game (for the moment) between Internacional and Atlético Mineiro. Points of interest: Two new entrants. Gabriel Barbosa of Santos makes his first appearance, coinciding with his new rise to 87. Douglas Augusto has recently been added to the database, and makes it onto the list immediately. Wanderson Caju played for the first time this season for Santos and got a really high rating (would have been second in the rankings). However, as it's his first game I haven't included him.
  6. Lucas Fernandes has played 207/720 minutes, which considering he's only 18 isn't too bad. Statistically he's done OK too – a WhoScored rating of 6.52 is pretty average and would sit around 43rd in the rankings. That's all I've got...I'm sure JMH can give some better knowledge
  7. Thanks for clearing that up – it's good to know the reasoning behind these changes! Is he injured or something at the moment or has he just lost his place in the side?
  8. Gameweek 7 Players are getting rises and new players are getting added onto the database, so it's an interesting time for Serie A players. Here's the top 10 for week 7: Points of interest: The two ratings in bold (Giorgian De Arrascaeta and Vitor Bueno) indicate that their rating has changed. GDA got +1 and VB got +4 to 80. Only one new player this week, and that is Vitor Bueno who is getting a lot of game time for Santos. I'm quite perplexed as to some of the rating changes, like Marcos Guilherme of Atletico PR who ranking wise is all the way down in 75th (of 96 players) but got a +2 to 85. He hasn't even played a lot of minutes so unless there's something I'm missing that's an odd one. Silva Lucão is not getting a game (is he injured?), but that doesn't seem to be a reason not to give him a higher ranking. If he continues to not play however, I'll demote him from the top 10.
  9. It seems to me that the rating increases have been pretty generous, i.e ALLANO, Lima got a +2 for Cruzeiro despite Cruzeiro having had a really poor start and Allano only playing 56 minutes If that's the case now, I think there potentially could be some pretty big rises for people like JEFERSON, Carvalho and REIS, Matheus. And it will be really interesting to see what Gabirel Jesus goes up to...I've predicted a +4 to 85.
  10. Hmm, well he has a fair amount of minutes for an 18 year old (365/540) but Sport Recife aren't doing too well so far, nor is he playing particularly well (around 46th in the rankings). So, I would suppose he may get a small rise due to minutes maybe 77 or 78 but at least in my gameworld he has been valued highly at £700k for someone rated 75. If you're looking for a quick buck, I think there are better options out there.
  11. Gameweek 6 Points of interest: Gabriel Jesus returns to top! Really frustrating that Lucão keeps getting in and out of the team. He's played the least amount of minutes in the top 10 but has put in good performances. (statistically)
  12. Yep, Roger Guedes is only 19 and has played 413/540 minutes for Palmeiras. He's rated 78 on SM, so I would imagine get up to 81. Also really close to being in the top 10 (currently 13th).
  13. Haha, fair enough. Too many similarly named players for me to keep on top of
  14. Hey -JMH-, thanks for the insight! Forgot there was the Copa America coming up, so that might shake things up a bit you're right. So to provide some stats on players you've mentioned that aren't in the top 10 list: Matheus Sales has been in and out of the starting XI for Palmeiras, but did play 90 mins in his last game. Currently ranked 17th in the list. Thiago Maia has played every minute so far for Santos, but is currently only ranked 26th (so not playing too well presumably) Gerson – should I know about him? Has only played 72 minutes so far for Fluminense. Clayton has also been in and out of the team and also doesn't seem to be playing that well. Carlos Carvalho played 90 minutes last game, but again has a pretty low WhoScored rating considering SM rate him at 84. Andrigo has quite a lot of minutes, but would be ranked 27th in performance. Is Leo Duarte on the SM database!?
  15. Gameweek 5 Here are the stats for Gameweek 5. Seems the numbers are starting to settle down a bit, so that should make for a bit more of a consistent top 10 with some patterns occurring. Points of interest: Santa Cruz are still yet to field any player under 21 Victor Luiz (22 years old, so not in this list) is the highest rated player for Botafogo this season (78 rated – would be ranked No.8 in the list) Gustavo Scarpa (22 years old, also not in this list) is the highest rated player for Fluminense this season (80 rated – would be ranked No.4 in the list)
  16. Just to say that I've been putting together a thread statistically assessing U21 players in this league (with a few predictions thrown in) here: http://forum.soccermanager.com/topic/158669-brazil-serie-a-%E2%80%93-whoscored-ratings-of-u21-players/
  17. @olivier 1 – I can tell you that I've never heard of him. All I've done is look at 4 games worth of stats on a particular league, I have no in-depth knowledge of Brazilian football, sorry. Perhaps BrunoMentz will be able to give you a proper answer.
  18. Also, there are quite a few players appearing that are not yet on the database (as far as I can tell...). This isn't something I check regularly, but keep an eye out for the following players: Leo Duarte* (Flamengo) Emerson Santos (Botafogo) Lucas Fernandes (São Paulo) Matheus Jesus (Ponte Preta) Dodô (Coritiba) Xavier (América Mineiro) Ramon (Vitória) Ravanelli (Ponte Preta) *would be 8th in the top 10
  19. Gameweek 4 Grêmio move to the top of the league – here's the top 10 after this round of fixtures: Points of interest: For the first time, there is a new number 1! Furtado William has played every minute so far for Internacional and they are currently sitting in 2nd in the table and have only conceded once in four games (he's a right back) Despite Cruzeiro being in 19th place, Giorgian De Arrascaeta has scored two in two and has leapfrogged from 6th to 2nd in the rankings
  20. @riky87 – good catch. It is Vitor Bueno and not Vitor Diogo. Brazilian names do get quite confusing...
  21. @El profesor – good shout with those players. Bruno Viana played 90 mins last game. Below is a list of players with low SM ratings but are playing a lot of minutes: FERNANDES, Jonathan (Botafogo) – 77 REIS, Matheus (São Paulo) – 75 MARTINS, Thiago (Palmeiras) – 75 BUENO, Vitor (Santos) – 76 EWANDRO, Costa (CA Paranaense) – 76 BATISTA, Artur (Internacional) – 76 RIBAMAR, Lucas (Botafogo) – 75 ANDRIGO, Oliveira (Internacional) – 75 GUEDES, Róger (Palmeiras) – 75 SALES, Matheus (Palmeiras) – 75
  22. @1000dB – Sorry, no idea when this league will be reviewed. They are doing all of the big leagues at the moment but not sure whether that'll just be European. I also don't know when it was last reviewed. Regarding the cap, again no idea but there are certainly some 89 rated players, someone else could possibly advise as to whether there are any 90+ players. I'm not really au fait with SM's review system tbh...
  23. The games come thick and fast in the Brasileirão! Here's the latest table from round 3 of the fixtures: Other points of interest: Felipe Vizeu (Flamengo) scored on his first start of the season, which pushed him into the top 10. However, as he only played 61 minutes all season it's unfair on regular players at the moment to put him in. Gustavo Scarpa (Fluminense) has played loads of minutes and would be sitting in 7th place in the top 10, but he is 22 years old. He's rated 80 on SM. Only three players in the top 10 have played every minute so far (which is a good indicator that they'll rise well!) They are: Furtado William (Internacional), Silva Walace (Grêmio) and Ferreira Juninho (Coritiba). Andrigo (as aforementioned by BrunoMentz) scored in his last game and has played 240 out of a possible 270 minutes.
  24. Brazil Serie A – Week 2 Here's an update to the statistically best players Under 21 in Brazils Serie A. I've tried to make the data a bit more useful for SM players, so I've cut the list down to a top 10 which will get updated after each gameweek. I've also made some tentative predictions as to the rating changes, I've tried to base it on the rest of that particular players team.
  25. Thanks BrunoMentz for your more in-depth knowledge! To add a few stats to your recommendations: Thiago Maia has played 90 minutes in both games for Santos so far and is 25th in the U21 WhoScored ranking Gabriel Barbosa has also played 90 minutes in both games for Santos and has exactly the same WhoScored rating as Thiago Maia, so is 24th Everton Soares has only played 71 minutes across two games, but that's coming off the bench both times so has actually got a lot of minutes for a substitute. (Is also only 77 rated on SM). Currently ranked 40th in the U21 WhoScored ranking Andrigo has played 150 minutes across two games for Internacional, which would probably make him a good bet to rise on SM because he is only rated at 75 at the moment. Currently 29th in the U21 WhoScored rankings.
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