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  1. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) I have had loads of accepted images but nothing has changed on my 'profile' page to say that I have completed player image edits. (on SoccerWiki) Anyone got anything on their profile pages?
  2. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) And I hope they would increase reputation based on images uploaded, would seem silly to reward an inactive user for simply signing up.
  3. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) Well I noticed that they keep count of how many images you successfully upload, so whether they make something out of that remains to be seen. Interesting updates nonetheless!
  4. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) I've been updating ADO Den Haag, all of their player images were rubbish... How does this new voting system work btw? Do images get approved/buried depending on number of votes? It would be nice to be able to see the votes for and against the images.
  5. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) How far over 5kb?!
  6. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) @Froz3n - How do you manage to get high quality pics under 5kb?!
  7. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) Been updating QPR, work in progress. Saw a few of those links from that Polish forum, and I think the player profile images look quite good with a drop shadow.
  8. Re: Riferimento: Graphics Request Thread Something like this?
  9. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) I've done 30 since last night...not sure I'll get to 500 though!
  10. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) Haha awesome. It's quite addictive once you get going!
  11. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) Went a bit OTT...did quite a few Norwich updates! It's easy when the club website has decent player profiles
  12. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) Ahhh OK cool! Yeh I'll keep updating ones I see are rubbish.
  13. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) After seeing some awful pics on SM I decided that I'd have a go at updating some images too. Sent some in for Connor Wickham, John O'Shea, David N'Gog and a couple of others. They just look so much better with a white background How come loads of players we can't upload for though? Well annoying! (One's like Mertesacker where his image is shocking!) Anyway, if anyone knows of any people/teams that need doing, I can help sort them out a bit!
  14. Re: brocky64's skins Aaaaand Ranocchia.
  15. Re: brocky64's skins I'll have a go next week - I'm going on holiday for a few days now!
  16. Re: brocky64's skins Here is Bonucci in a Wolves shirt! Should be able to do Ranocchia tomorrow evening. Hope it's OK for ya!
  17. Re: brocky64's skins @Leddy All done. Tidied up the one I did last night and the completed the Mancilla one. Hope you like!
  18. Re: brocky64's skins Hernandez for Lecce! Think it looks OK but I'm quite tired so tomorrow it could look awful, we'll see... Anyway, hope it's good for ya!
  19. Re: brocky64's skins Also @Leddy, Do you mean Abel Hernandez who plays for Palermo?
  20. Re: brocky64's skins Yeh sure - didn't know what their kit was like! This any better?
  21. Re: brocky64's skins I'll try and have a look later!
  22. Re: brocky64's skins Hey mate, I've created the skins but not the PIADS yet. Should be able to them later. Anyway here are the skins, I'll upload them in a bit so they'll be available for use soon! Hope these are OK!
  23. If anyone wants a skin doing, I'll have a crack at it! Here are a few examples... etc etc! Also can do PIADS/sigs but they take a bit longer and might not have as much time to complete! For example... or
  24. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Cheers guys! Had to give Liam Lawrence a bit of a spray tan...haha!
  25. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Hey guys, what do you think of this sig? It's the first one I've done!
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