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  1. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League Even though I've been off the forum for awhile I'd be interested in being involved again. Just getting back into SM after a busy school year, so hopefully this will help me get hooked again!
  2. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League Wow haven't been on for awhile, I've had a very busy last couple of weeks. Safe to say injuries have taken a huge toll on my team; just hoping my players get healthy in time for the playoffs and I can still salvage a decent seed.
  3. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League I had a brutal week in pick'em
  4. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League Yessir, my running attack is looking sooooo solid right now (although with an injury to anyone of my starters I'd be in trouble ) Not to mention Miles Austin being out for a couple of weeks now. I really could have drafted better for depth. Did anyone happen to see an offensive line out there during the Bears game? Poor Jay
  5. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League See if you can just trade back. I'm sure whoever it is will have pity on you
  6. Re: If players had rating judging on their looks.. Agreed, I've always thought he looks like some sort of dinosaur
  7. Re: Plane Crash Kills Top Russian Hockey Team Crazy that stuff like this still happens. Makes you appreciate life a whole lot more. R.I.P.
  8. Re: NFL Predict 2011 Interested... The points system intrigues me but I'll go along with whatever set-up
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