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  1. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    I am starting to think a weekday might be the best bet. Anyway' date=' I am going to send messages out to everyone involved, and see what everyone thinks and hopefully we can come up with a choice of days because I really want to get this league set up sooner rather than later![/quote']

    Weeknights may be difficult for me later in the month as I'm taking afternoon classes (over here in the US). Weekends or any weeknight before the 20th works fine. If we can't find a time that I can make I'm OK with autopick :eek: although I'd much rather be there live!

  2. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    Even though I've been off the forum for awhile I'd be interested in being involved again. Just getting back into SM after a busy school year, so hopefully this will help me get hooked again!

  3. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    Wow haven't been on for awhile, I've had a very busy last couple of weeks. Safe to say injuries have taken a huge toll on my team; just hoping my players get healthy in time for the playoffs and I can still salvage a decent seed. :rolleyes:

  4. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    It's not about having the superstar point scorers' date=' it's just about everyone chipping in with average totals. :P

    It would be nice if Mendenhall would use this weeks 142 yards and TD to spur himself on to do that every week, though.

    Anyway, after Forte had another good week I was left trailing Donnie's Bootleggers by 26 points, so I needed Keller, Marshall and the Jets D to come through for me as the Jets and Dolphins played last night. And boy, did they come through. :D

    50 yards for Keller, 100 yards for Marshall, and the Jets D, 6 points allowed, 2 Int, one returned 100 yards by Revis for a TD, 4 sacks and a fumble recovery = 23 points. Needed 26, got 39.

    Oh, and not to mention that I did that with only one RB.

    See, Donnie may have 5 of the top scorers and I may have one but at the end of the day we're both 5-1. ;)[/quote']

    Perfect season ruined :mad:. On the bright side now I can't pull a 2007-08 Patriots and go undefeated and then lose in the Ship :D

  5. Re: Robin VP or D Silva?

    Okay so I offered Rvp + 6million for david silva is this a good deal?

    Both are 93 however silva looks better in form plus Rvp is playing for one of the worst form english teams at the moment' date=' what are the possibilities of a rise for either in the future?

    Thanks in advance for opinions.[/quote']

    Yeah I'd go for it RVP has a small chance of dropping due to Arsenal's league form, and David Silva has a decent chance at rising imo.

  6. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    Decided to make a couple of moves via the waiver wire. Out goes Isaac Redman and Lee Evans' date=' in come Kendall Hunter and Dane Sanzenbacher. The Steelers' running attack isn't looking too great this season, while Hunter should see plenty of carries in San Fran. And Evans has done nothing in Baltimore bar moving further down the depth chart thanks to Torrey Smith's performance at the weekend. Sanzenbacher has been very impressive since joining Da Bears this season as an undrafted free agent and will continue to see more of the ball with Earl Bennett still out injured.

    Also noticed on the league table that I have had some bad luck running into some high-scoring opponents - I have the most points against by almost 30 points! Haven't had it easy like some...coughAdamcough...[/quote']

    Sanzenbacher looks good... I was going to wait one more week before moving on him but apparently you have more faith then me :(

  7. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    Like Andy ive used a couple waiver's this week this the exit of Roy Williams and David Gerrard' date=' who were replaced by Kerry Collins and Victor Cruz - who has been doing well at the Giants.[/quote']

    Ugh I made a claim on Cruz, unfortunately I'm last in priority due only to my exceptional start :D

  8. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    Not that it matters since Donnie's team had a stormer and he's still got Eli to play tonight! :o

    Yessir, my running attack is looking sooooo solid right now (although with an injury to anyone of my starters I'd be in trouble :() Not to mention Miles Austin being out for a couple of weeks now. I really could have drafted better for depth. Did anyone happen to see an offensive line out there during the Bears game? Poor Jay :o

  9. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    Just noticed that the Marshall for Doucet trade went through... So I basically just lost my fourth round pick for a fifteenth round pick. Awesome.

    See if you can just trade back. I'm sure whoever it is will have pity on you :)

  10. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    Erm' date=' does anyone know how to cancel an accepted trade? I just accidentally accepted a fairly ridiculous trade offer when I meant to decline it and I can't seem to see anywhere I can cancel it. :o[/quote']

    I was going to say what idiot accepted that?!? I offered you Steve Smith in a fairly decent ;) trade and you turned it down.

    I voted it down as well. :)

  11. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    Chicaritos Crazies

    QB Drew Brees' date=' Cam Newton

    [b']RB[/b] BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Daniel Thomas, Ronnie Brown, Justin Forsett

    WR Jeremy Maclin, Larry Fitzgerald, Julio Jones, Earl Bennett, Davone Bess, Early Doucet

    TE Marcedes Lewis

    K Matt Bryant

    DEF Chicago Bears

    Happy with my quarter backs and wide recievers, however definitely may need to look at trading for a running back!!!

    I'll trade you Thomas Jones for someone (either Bennett or Bears D)

  12. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    Haha' date=' just clicked exit on the draft and at that exact second, realised I forgot to get a second QB. If Matt Ryan get's injured I'm so screwed. :D[/quote']

    just pick one up from waivers, there were a few decent ones left (well starters at least :))

  13. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    Your starting team is:





    1xWR/RB (you can choose which each gameday)




    In reserve' date=' you can have whatever you wish, but you want to be getting a team that gives you options of high-points, and QB's, RB's and WR's are usually the guys to get you high points. So you want at least 2 QB's, 4 RB's and 4 WR's, really.[/quote']

    Players you draft should show up in the top right corner of the draft window when the draft starts, thats whats been happening in mock drafts

  14. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    Did a mock draft yesterday and luckily still got a loaded team with the ninth pick. It made me realize how much tougher our draft will be with 16 teams. I really hope I get a pick somewhere in the top 8, otherwise it might be a long season :(.

  15. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League

    Just been doing a little research getting a little document in notepad knocked up with a list of all the players I want to go after. :P

    There's these 'mock drafts' things on there which I'm going to try out for a bit of practice too at some stage.


    *EDIT* Just did a draft for a random league to get accustomed to things' date=' was a bit of a steep learning curve, I made a few mistakes on my first few picks, I paniced and grabbed players then realised who I SHOULD of picked. But I think it could of turned out worse...

    QB: Tom Brady, Josh Freeman

    RB: Peyton Hillis, Matt Forte, Daniel Thomas, LaDanian Tomlinson

    WR: DeSean Jackson, Brandon Lloyd, Austin Collie, Julio Jones

    TE: Kellen Winslow

    [b']K: David Akers, Josh Brown[/b]

    DEF: Steelers, Cardinals.

    I seem to of messed up on the back-ups, I got a back-up K and Def for injury/bye weeks, but literally everyone else in my league got a back-up TE and extra RB/WR. Overall I'm pretty happy with it though, if anyone felt like telling me places I might of gone wrong etc. that'd be good, as this is all a bit of a learning process for me, unless you want to leave me in my misguided ways so I screw up the draft for this league. :P

    Oh yeah, I was 9th pick out of 10 in the draft by the way, if that changes things.

    Duuuuuuuude, never draft two kickers (makes you look like a total noob) :P Spend late round picks on young players with potential, or possibly people likr Randy Moss who I believe will still come back and could have an impact for a playoff contending team. (Idk why I'm helping you btw :D)

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