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  1. Re: SMFA Block Can't some mod tell me who in my gameworld is doing this?
  2. Re: SMFA Block For that I'll have to wait until next season...
  3. Someone in my custom game world is reporting every single transfer(legit), and ends up being cancelled by the SMFA. What can I do about this?
  4. Re: Van Persie Deal Thanks to everyone for your answers. Based on that I try to arrange some deals. Than I´ll report back.
  5. Re: Van Persie Deal New doubt now. Should I get RVP, or should I swap Aguero for Tevez + Lloris?
  6. I´ve been offered Van Persie for Tevez + Neuer. I already have Casillas, so Neuer is at the bench. Should I do it? And also, is it a good deal for me to swap Evra+Sneijder for Busquets? Evra is also a sub for me.
  7. Re: Aguero+Sahin = Busquets What about those 2 for Sneijder?
  8. Re: Aguero+Sahin = Busquets Thanks for the replies. I´ll keep them both.
  9. Re: Aguero+Sahin = Busquets I´ve tried Aguero + Afellay but he didn´t accept. My team: http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=195922&clubid=17357431&sid=47111
  10. I would be getting Busquets. Good deal?
  11. Titulli: Re: Titulli: David Silva or Dzeko? It´s Barça, so I have Villa, Messi, Iniesta, etc I play Pedro in the 4-2-3-1 because Aguero isn´t a winger. Anyways, the guy changed his mind. He won´t sell me Silva. I´ll probably try to swap Hernanes for Balotelli.
  12. Titulli: David Silva or Dzeko? Ok, I´ll do the deal. I said Dzeko and Aguero are in my reserve squad I also have Villa and Messi
  13. I have a chance to swap Silva for Dzeko. I´m getting Silva. Currently, I only have 1 winger for my Barça reserve 4-2-3-1 squad, but I have 2 fwd (Dzeko and Aguero). Shoud I do it?
  14. Re: Dani Alves Here´s a really nice article by ZM: http://www.zonalmarking.net/2011/01/21/dani-alves/
  15. I beliave that Dani Alves deserves a 95 by now. Playing great for the best team in the world. Don´t you think?
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