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  1. Re: Do I trade Wesley SNEIJDER for Hernández XAVI? Hi Everyone, Thanks for all your comments. Just to clarify I have Xavi in my team currently and have been offered Sneijder in return. Common consensus is keep Xavi. Cheers everyone. Keith
  2. Hi All, I have been offered Wesley SNEIJDER for Hernández XAVI. Should I give this some consideration given Xavi's age or dismiss it outright? I was thinking counter proposing Xavi and $5 mill for the swap. Thanks for your input. Keith
  3. Re: SNEIJDER for XAVI - advice please Thanks Everyone, your advice is much appreciated.
  4. Hi All, I'm looking for some advice re: a swap deal I have been offered - receiving Sneijder in trade for Xavi. The only thing which is making me think about it is Xavi's age (31) Vs Sneijder (27). Any thoughts peeps? Cheers.
  5. Re: Is it worth swapping Ronaldinho for Rossi or Farfan? Thanks All, as always your advice is much appreciated.
  6. Hi All, I am thinking of swapping Ronaldinho for Rossi or Farfan as Ronaldinho is 31 and has dropped twice recently? What are your thoughts? Ideally I would like to swap for Suarez but the manager isn't biting. I also have Eto, Robinho, and Gervinho as forwards? Thanks for your suggestions? Cheers, Keith
  7. Re: Trading Lucio + San Jose for MERTESACKER? Thanks all for your advice. I will keep them as suggested.
  8. Hi Everyone, I would love to know your thoughts about a trade of Lucio + San Jose for MERTESACKER? I am contemplating this as Lucio is 32 and I assume may drop as he ages. Another CBs I have are Pique, Ivanovic, Subotic, Kelly. Thanks in advance for any advice. Cheers, Keith
  9. Re: Continuing Injuries to Same Player - What is Going On? Thanks for the advice, I rarely play hard tackling so not sure that is a factor but I might use it a bit more in the future to win more ball. Cheers.
  10. Hi, I have had 4 different injuries to Samuel Eto'o since 22 Sept 2010 totalling 10 weeks of injuries. Is there a reason this keeps happening? I never play players with low fitness (very rarely less than 100%) and I often rotate players during matches to keep up their fitness. I understand that injuries are a part of football but 4 major injuries and missing half of the last 5 months is a bit much. It will most likely cost me the league this year. Any thoughts on why this is happening or how to avoid injuries would be most appreciated. Cheers.
  11. Re: Yossi BENAYOUN, Keep or Sell? Thanks for the assistance Adam, Liam and NariN. I know they arn't 90 but what are your thoughts on Eljero Elia and Renato Augusto. Are either better prospects than Gervinho?
  12. Re: Yossi BENAYOUN, Keep or Sell? Thanks - Hazard has already been snapped up about a year ago by another player who would be very unlikely to sell. Any other suggestions?
  13. Hi All, Is it time to sell Yossi or will he be good for a bit longer? If time to sell who should I look to replace him on the right wing? I would be looking for a younger player with great potential preferably rating already close to 90. I currently also have Turan and Holtby as wingers. Thanks, Keith
  14. Hi All, I have received an offer of ~ 12mill for Marcell Jansen. Should I keep or sell him? Is he likely to rise? I have my eye on Fábio COENTRAO but he is still transfer banned for another week. At LB I also have C.Chivu (who I was thinking of cashing in on soon for Coentrao although Chivu is rating high this season) and J.Mattock. Any thoughts on whom I should keep, sell or buy would be greatly appreciated. Is Chivu likely to drop any time soon? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Keith
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