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  1. Re: Ukranian/Russian Ratings I think he has only scored 3 of his 17 goals since last ratings change. I would figure he is in a fine place right now, even though I would love for him to rise. YARO, the ratings changes work for what the player has done since that last changes took place so that is why I think Oleksandr will probably stay at 88.
  2. Re: Burning Spear's Argentinian Ratings I think 6 goals in 9 games would be more deserving than an 85. I would punch him up to 86, possibly 87.
  3. Re: MLS Increases- Massive list Ya...i've sorta fallen out of really following my teams (as all good players in my leagues have been bought out) But Thorrington has been doing good with 2 goals last week v. Colorado and then a goal and an assist @ New England Saturday. He is establishing himself as our RM/W and hopefully will have more goals and assists to come in this season. I would figure the FIRE will have many risers as they have a a +8 GD right now (11-3(1)..1 being and own goal). Jon Busch is playing unbelievable in goal and is reverting to his form when he was MLS Goalie of the Year back in C-bus. Baky Soumare has been solid playing CB and other than his own goal to make a draw of the RSL game in Week 1 has made himself into probably the most promising young CB in the league. And he doesn't take guff from no one. The FIRE was a team whom went unbeaten through pre-season until the final game when they lost to the Rapids' date=' and had HUGE question marks on Defense. Through 6 weeks the only question marks on "D" are if the benched starters (Conde, CJ Brown[injury'], Dasan Robinson) are going to want a trade for playing time.
  4. Re: MLS Increases- Massive list He is not in the database yet. He was signed from a club that is not on SM and Myette I know you created that but when I searched I didn't find it. They only have items on the database section from February...nothing from before.
  5. Re: MLS Increases- Massive list just some changes: Chicago Fire First off, we have a white stripe on our home jersey, so if that would be able to change for accuraccy sometime. PICKENS, Matt is now on QPR CURTIN, Jim to Chivas USA ADD: FRANKOWSKI, Tomasz from Wolves The 2008 Fire roster sees the rookie additions of goalkeeper Dominic Cervi, midfielder Kai Kasiguran, midfielder Stephen King, midfielder Peter Lowry, forward Patrick Nyarko, defender Austin Washington, as well as Polish international forward Tomasz Frankowski. I don't know the ratings for the rookies but the best are Cervi and Nyarko. Cervi is in US U-23 camp getting ready for the Olympic qualifying. Chivas USA BURPO, Preston to San Jose Earthquakes Colorado Rapids PRIDEAUX, Brandon to Chicago Fire THORNTON, Zach to NY Redbulls Columbus Crew KAMARA, Kei to San Jose Earthquakes DC United GALLARDO, Marcelo MARTINEZ, Gonzalo NIELL, Franco from Argentinos Juniors F*C* Dallas RUIZ, Carlos to LA Galaxy Houston Dynamo Kansas City Wizards they now play at Community America Ballpark Kansas City, KS (12,000) GARCIA, Nick to San Jose Earthquakes ADD: TRUJILLO, Iván LA Galaxy CANNON, Joe to San Jose Earthquakes ALBRIGHT, Chris to NE Revolution HARMSE, Kevin to Toronto FC New England Revolution NOONAN, Pat to Aalesunds FK New York RedBulls MATHIS, Clint to LA Galaxy KOVALENKO, Dema to Real Salt Lake SCHOPP, Markus - Retired ADD: ECHEVERRY, Oscar from Atlético Nacional MÁRMOL, Líder Real Salt Lake HARRIS, Atiba to Chivas USA ESKANDARIAN, Alecko to Chivas USA ADD: JOY, Ian from FC St. Pauli BORCHERS, Nat from Odd Grenland DEUCHAR, Kenny from Gretna CORDOBA, Matías from Argentinos Juniors (LOAN) OLAVE , Jamison from Deportivo Cali (LOAN) Toronto FC O'BRIEN, Ronnie to San Jose Earthquakes STAMATOPOULOS, Kenny loan ended back to Tromsø IL San Jose Earthquakes from expansion draft COCHRANE,Ryan Houston Dynamo GOODSON,Clarence FC Dallas now with IK Start GRABAVOY,Ned Columbus Crew RILEY,James New England Revolution VIDE,Joe New York Red Bulls GUERRERO,Ivan Chicago Fire CARROLL,Brian D.C. United traded to Columbus Crew HERNANDEZ,Jason Chivas USA GLINTON,Gavin LA Galaxy POZNIAK,Chris Toronto FC I will add to this when I have more time
  6. Re: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru & Uruguay.
  7. Re: Which is the most overrated chamionship? see I don't know that anyone can say that a league is really overrated. What you can say is that each individual league is overrated through the vision of its fans. So your a big fan of the EPL and you think that league is the greatest and completely dismiss the other leagues, thats bull. I myself am an MLS fan but know our league is not near the elite, but we could someday get there. Of all leagues I love the FMF(Mexican League) the best. A) it is in my timezone but it is just great to watch. I love the EPL, but not all games are good but same goes for Seria A and La Liga and other leagues. Bundisliga I would say is a little underrated.
  8. Re: USA vs. Mexico Jozy is going to be a good one. I mean there have been those rumors that Real madrid was going to pick him up but nothing yet. I would say he will transfer in to Europe in the August transfer window. I did like ARCE from Mexico. He did mess up a couple of times but the rest of the time he kept good possession and was successful in creating some opportunities.
  9. Re: The Italian Offical Rating Changes Thread! I think that someone posted in another thread that Quagliarella had 12 assists this season as well as his 7 goals. I would figure that if it is indeed true that he has that many assists then he should go up probably even to 92 not just 91.
  10. Re: Barcelona and Real Madrid Please do as everyone else has been doing and read the forums for the players you want to know the ratings for. If you use the search tool it will be quite easy to find out the ratings projections for those players. Many have already worked hard in figuring out ratings already so they have done they due.
  11. Re: MLS Increases- Massive list Yes, I am very impressed by the ratings changes so far myself and I do wanna see what happens with the Galaxy changes. But overall very good changes for a very underrated league.
  12. Re: Tomáš Pekhart there was already a thread on him started by Ahmed... http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=11586
  13. Re: Chris Malonga im pretty sure they stated main ratings will restart on January 13th.
  14. Re: Help for Wide Middy see I have actually been thinking about Valencia for quite a while, meaning in the spring. I know he is a good young winger, premiership do you feel he will rise? because I really don't see him rising past his 87 for the time being as he has only played in 3 games since August.
  15. Re: Help for Wide Middy he is on City which is now a managed club...when it was unmanaged and still to this point it only has 18 players. So it would have had to have 19 players for me to offer the cash outright and get him. I didn't notice till 2 days ago that someone snapped up Dunne to crank the # down to 18 players.
  16. I am asking anyone if they could please give me some feedback on possible players that I might purchase for my DII team. Currently this is my midfield situation: LM - Brian Howard (my loan Barnsley hold) CM - Guti, M.Johnson(City), Speed, Jermaine Jones AM - Rakitic, Scott Brown(Celtic), Rebrov(10g,9a last season), Rui Costa, Tarasov I'm obviously looking for some one wide, even though I do know AM's do alright on the wing. I play a 3-4-1-2. I have put in a bid for SWP but think it will not go through, but would still need 2 out wide anyways. These are the few that I have thought of obtaining: W Clint DEMPSEY (86) - would cost me: Demba Ba, Danny Nardiello and 500k (seems a no-brainer to me as will rise) W LUIS GARCIA (91) - 9 million LM Charles N'ZOGBIA (87) - 7.2 million...I'm figuring he would rise next change as well. CM Mathieu FLAMINI (88) - 5.6 million...can just add him to the stack and move an AM out wide. AM/RM Leon OSMAN (88) - only 4.3 million...looks to be a good price as worth 5.7m. RM Simon DAVIES (87) - 3.6million...will he go up at all? if I can get SWP it would only cost me 9mil...I hope it happens, or should I pull that back and get these cheaper players, I'm just one that thinks SWP will be a 90 next change. Also, if anyone has some suggestions that I didn't list that cap out at about 9 mil, please feel free to post. Thanks and Take Care
  17. Re: Scott McDonald Will all due respect McDonald has just shown up on the scene at the Bhoys. In order to displace Hessellink he will have to keep this up. He is in NO WAY better than Hessellink right now.
  18. Re: The injustice of SOCCER MANAGER. the moron that I am will ask this question, I am in a custom setup and my final league game is this thursday. One player is slated for retirement (Pancaro) then he will retire for good from this custom setup after this league season or do we mean real life season?
  19. Re: Kasper SCHMEICHEL Is this going to effect his rating at all? Everyone was figuring he would rise above his 84...then Hart started and now has given up a 6 spot to Chelski. Is Issakson ever going to play for City?
  20. Re: MLS Increases- Massive list If i were in charge of SM, I would give Galindo a rise. He is rated lower than Chris Rolfe of the FIRE but has proven himself more this season. 82 for me. Eddie Gaven is a difficult one. Right now he is showing he needs a rise. While at New York he was as difficult to predict if he would have a good day or bad, usually bad so they sorta gave up on him. I would assume he will rise but might to an 80. Hopefully he continues his good fortune as he is young and does have talent.
  21. Re: MLS Increases- Massive list What is your guys take on the Designated players? Here are my thoughts REYNA: 86 down 1 ANGEL: 87 Up 1 - He and Emilio are vying for the MVP title and he is doing far more than he did for Villa BECKHAM: 91, Down 1 BLANCO: 88, stay EMILIO: 83 we already know SHOULD have a nice rise along with Fred: 78 DICHIO: 82 down 1 SCHELOTTO: 85 up 1 or 2 - turned Crew from chumps to having a shot at the playoffs. I even think CONDE CB for the FIRE already deserves a rise of 1 as he has displayed he might be the best defender in this league *myette39* has mentioned the Fred, Emilio and Schelotto ratings changes in more detail with the opening post *lil_kick* you are right, Taylor-boy should go up I also think Eddie Johnson should be an 86 or 87. We might have to wait till he goes to Europe(hopefully after the season) so he can show he is an equal on the big-boys field as well.
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