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  1. Re: should I keep Granero or swap for one of these? I would swap for Witsel if he's available
  2. Re: Alex WITSEL or Kwadwo ASAMOAH I'd go for Witsel. Starting to be a key player in Benfica's starting lineup. IMO I think he has the potential to get to a big European team (I see Benfica's matches everytime we play in Lisbon:D).
  3. Re: Axel Witsel Started in the 11 tonight in the CL against Trabzonspor. Jorge Jesus (Benfica's Coach) said he performed excellently and that he is tactically perfect
  4. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Danilo won't play for Benfica. Porto signed him
  5. Re: whos best arturo vidal or joah moutinho You definitely don't follow the portuguese league. All I have to say is if Barcelona needs a replacement for Xavi, Moutinho is the one. And I'm a Benfica fan
  6. Re: which a defender with less than 22 years with the potential to get 90? Raphael Varane,18 rated 85 linked with R Madrid and Man Utd
  7. mgffm21


    Re: change No. Rodriguez has won the Toulon Trophy and was considered the best player. next year he´ll be in the starting squad of Porto. He's really good. And I'm a Benfica supporter . And James is adapted to Europe. You never know what can happen to Ganso here
  8. Re: Need a young Midfielder. He's not going to Man Utd now. Porto bought him a few months ago and he will be playing there. At least this season.
  9. Re: Dilemma...Pjanic, or Hazard?? Hazard without a doubt
  10. Re: Jardel of Benfica - what's up with him? Got +5 today.
  11. These are my predictions for some players of my team. What do you think about it? LLORIS, Hugo 92 >92 PATRICIO, Rui 88>88 SCHMELZER, Marcel 89>90 PEREIRA, Maxi 90>90 PISZCZEK, Lukasz 88>89 PIQUE, Gerard 95>95 HUMMELS, Mats 91 >92/91 RANOCCHIA, Andrea 89>90 ALDERWEIRELD, Toby 88>89 SØRENSEN, Frederik 83>? BALE, Gareth 90>91/90 SAHIN, Nuri 91>91/92 RAMSEY, Aaron 86>? DIARRA, Lass 92>92/91 GUSTAVO, Luiz 88>89 GOTZE, Mario 88>89 THIAGO, Alcántara 85>86 NANI, Luís 92>92 WALCOTT, Theo 90>90 HAZARD, Eden 90>90/91 SALVIO, Eduardo 87>88 EBECILIO, Lorenzo 76>? FALCAO, Radamel 91>92/91 HERNANDEZ, Javier 89>90 LUKAKU, Romelu 88>89
  12. Re: Portuguese Primeira Liga risers
  13. Re: Milan's l Signature Request l + l Portfolio l Hi mate. Thanks for all your fantastic work in advance. Would like to know if you could make one sig with Bale, Gotze and Chicharito with a background like your VdV. Not the same but like the same mix of blue.
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