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  1. Re: team ruination I TOTALLY AGREE with you fraser because if you remove manager points, people won't care..it just won't affect them; they can start all over!!
  2. Re: Reject all tab Tried it before guys- plenty of times and it never works. Seems to have been placed there to impress us
  3. Re: My Inter team needs a bit of help aswell lol Yeah me too lol!! Nice not having people bashing you all the time
  4. Re: Squad Sizes 100 is plenty guys...dont even know why people are complaining..very few people manage more than 42 players anyway
  5. Re: My Chelsea team needs a lot of help!! Cheers James!!
  6. Re: My Inter team needs a bit of help aswell lol I agree with James...4-4-2 is the only formation that you can have all your best players playing together. I also think if you get rid of a winger in exchange for a RM, things will work out
  7. Re: My Chelsea team needs a lot of help!! Tell you what mate, its easier managing a smaller squad because you wont have problems with tactics and you will know you plays best where etc...anyway, to answer your question, 4-2-3-1 is the best and reasonable formation to me...fellas, what say you?
  8. Re: Pazzini I think it depends on the time you qualified for the U21s...especially if its for a certain competition...like youth championships...check out david bentley and reo-cocker, they are like 22...so it must be sme fifa rule
  9. Re: Italian rating changes? who will change I think that toni, mutu, and the likes of kaka deserve increases because they have hauled their teams from minus points to within 6 points of a champions league spot!! C'mon, who's with me?
  10. Re: Luca Toni Well I reckon his rating should go up to a 92 I guess, ogether with Iaquinta (maybe) because their stike partnership is quite lethal....
  11. Italian Ratings With the Italian ratings approaching I think a few players deserve to have their ratings going up. I would think Toni deserves a 96 (at the most), Ibrahimovic- 94/95, Totti-97, pasqual- 90, mexes-92. Please feel free to add other players
  12. Re: who is the best goalie in the world
  13. Re: Barcelona DECREASES Good question mate. I have been dying to speak out on these biased ratings. Players' reputations seem to be getting the ratings instead of their perfomances. Once again, toni is top of serie 'a' even after a few matches out but his rating is still lower than that of sheva's!! Hmm, thats funny.. Different leagues? Then that means the ratings aren't based on life and OVERALL (world) perfomances. Ronaldinho must go down to 97/96 and totti should go up-98. Noone is playing good enough for a 99 at the moment- maybe kaka.
  14. Re: Chopping and Changing too much Dude, your squad isn't decent, it's GREAT!! Ok I think the best formation is a 4-2-3-1 (yes, 1 forward will do). I base it on your type of players- you can't keep those kind of players in a straight formation, like the normal 4-4-2... I use the 4-2-3-1 with my squad most of the time because I feel it's important to have possession especially in midfield. My point? Well, first check out your opponents last 5 games and make sure you out-number them in the middle of the park!! That's how I do it...maybe someone can support me or be critical about my approach Anyway dude, I just think 4-2-3-1 is the best. Have you tried it yet?
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