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  1. abdi_rules

    From me to you

    for those who have been wondering were i have moved house no pc yet at the moment at inetrnet cafe not lot of time bye
  2. Re: SM Predict - Season 3 Week 9 Middlesbrough 0 v 2 Chelsea (ESB) Everton 2 v 2 Liverpool Notts Forest 0 v 1 Doncaster Lincoln 1 v 2 Peterborough Utd QPR 1 v 4 Ipswich Colchester 0v 3 West Bromwich Albion Sunday 21st October Valencia 2 v 0 Deportivo Villarreal 1 v 2 Barcelona
  3. Re: Not leaving forum I have not been on for a while making people think i have left but be assured After days of thinking i am ..................................... Staying:) however descision not final:o
  4. Re: SM Predict - Season 3 Week 9 Middlesbrough 1 vs 2 Chelsea with a hint of luck Grantham Town 2 vs 0 Kendal Town ESB QPR 0 vs 3 Ipswich Town Cheltenham 1 v 1 Notts Forest Villarreal 1 v 2 Barcelona Deportivo 1 v 0 Valencia FC Thun 1 v 1 FC Zurich MK Dons 1 v 4 Lincoln City
  5. Re: Shelbourne's "Glory Hunters" Setup Valencia been taken i know why just been busy last week doing test and stuff really sorry any chance of the bayern or chelsea which ever one keith leaves behind please back to normal now back on the forum
  6. Re: Shelbourne's "Glory Hunters" Setup Valencia:) sorry for the late reply been bussy over the last three says sorry once again
  7. Re: Chat Roomer Of the Year - Nominations set 3 I vote for myself dont even now why i am up there should be between Shels,Gaz or Miles but defo not me however yoou can vote for me
  8. Re: For anyone that is a FM fanatic Need a bit of help my Liverpool are on massive slump in the League however in the champions cup i am playing fantasticly beaten Celtic 5-1 Every origanal liverpool player apart from Sissoko signed King Modric and Nakamura if i am playing worse teams say Sunderland should i play 4-4-2-1 or 4-4-2 offensive thanks in advance
  9. Re: For anyone that is a FM fanatic How do you ask for more money
  10. Re: For anyone that is a FM fanatic
  11. Re: For anyone that is a FM fanatic Any one with some hints just downloaded the demo i never played football manager before. Started with the England national team
  12. Re: Shelbourne's "Glory Hunters" Setup Feel embarrassed asking for this 1.Manchester United 2.Manchester City 3.Valencia 4.Arsenal 5.Milan/Derby:rolleyes:
  13. Re: Rookie Of the Year Nominations Darn it:( i guess i am out the running:(
  14. Re: Rookie Of the Year Nominations I would be happy with 5th been on the forum since April and 450+ posts and a whole lot of coursework i have been doing : Dont know why my rep is 0though
  15. Re: Chatroomer of the year - set 2 nom. right one Has to Be Dan great lad
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