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  1. Re: Goodbye For now... no need for that if you cant take blame leave
  2. Re: Forumers Choice - New Setup i will take arsenal and any country will be easy they have no english players:rolleyes: nah jokes Real madrid and Holland
  3. Re: Forumers Choice - New Setup Love to join the setup if it does become an international Holland for me
  4. Re: SM Predict - Season 3 Week 7 Birmingham 0 v 3 Man Utd Celtic 2 v 1 Dundee Utd Bayer Leverkusen 1 v 2 Bayern Munich Roma 2 v 1 Inter Milan ESB FC Copenhagen 4 v 1 Lyngby Torino 1 v 1 Juventus Getafe 0 v 3 Real Madrid Man City 2 v 1 Newcastle
  5. Re: Forumers Choice - New Setup Justto say if your making it i am intrested
  6. Re: **HOT NEWS*** Mourinho left Chelsea. Did he jump or was he pushed? Thinks its part time i hope so
  7. Re: chelsea http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/c/chelsea/7004083.stm Avram Grant its official mourinho is the special one
  8. Coming Soon! M Improvements & New Features All the features below will be worked upon over the next few months. Visit our forum to debate and discuss these features with other members! Any idea or feature you have to improve SM, please submit it to SM Suggestions. Coming Soon! * Match engine improvements * A better Help and FAQ system * Spanish league setups * Gold Super Cup: (SMFA Cup v SMFA Shield Winners) * Charity Shield: (League v Cup winners) * On holiday button * Head to Head (H2H) * Pre match analysis * Improved club finances *
  9. Re: Champions League Fantasy Footie 31 points and joined 3rd i am good hope Xavi Renato and Fabregas do well
  10. Re: The Dreamers Dream Setup. Just noticed something ^^^^^^^^^
  11. Re: Claudio Pizarro Defo loan him out to my bayern in that setup
  12. Re: The Dreamers Dream Setup. Sorry Havoc if they were yours u can have them on the other thread i asked Tom and he said i could have them thought they weren't in the setup i will stick to Lyon then
  13. Re: SM Predict - Season 3 Week 6 Waterford United 1-2. Cork City { New York Red Bulls 2-0 New England Revolution Red Star 1-1 Vojvodina FC Shakhtar Donetsk 3-1 FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk Sun 23rd Roma 2-1 Juventus Hibernian 0-3 Celtic Barcelona 2-2 Sevilla Sampdoria 3-1 Genoa {ESB}
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