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  1. i just finished 4th in division 2 with ipswich and have reached the play-offs. however i really dont want to be promoted as id like another season to strengthen my squad. is there any tactics i can use to make certain i lose against preston? they are unmanaged and use 4-4-2 tackling-normal mentality-normal passing-mixed attacking-mixed tempo-normal pressing-ownhalf also it doesnt help that my squad is the best average(87)in the league please comment
  2. Re: Gael Clichy - MASSIVELY overrated agreed hes overated but he wont drop unless he leaves arsenal gibbs would be great if he stops getting injured
  3. Re: Alonso and Fabregas agree with you theres no point talking to this guy because you cant fight ignorance
  4. Re: walter samuel deal i will sell him after his TB is lifted
  5. Re: Alonso and Fabregas fabregas is 95 because he's arsenals top player, captain and scores plenty of goals and assists alonso is deserves 95 but wont get it unless real madrid start winning titles under mourinho is my opinion also i wish that when a thread is made people would stick to the question instead of whether liverpool is better than arsenal
  6. i can buy him for 9mill and then sell him on for 15 mill. i dont have a lot of funds so is this a good deal?
  7. Re: Alonso and Fabregas certainly alonso deserves 95 but real madrid haven't actually won anything with him in their squad have they ? cambiasso is 95 mainly because inter won the treble last season. fabregas is 95 because hes arsenals top player whereas alonso isn't reals top player.
  8. Re: 10k youngsters theres loads of threads about 10k risers:cool:
  9. Re: One player - 2 identical bids accepted - who gets him? im not sure but perhaps the best club gets the player. for example my PSG bidded for wellington silva for 500k and then LE MANS also bidded for him. i won the bid and my club is better than le mans
  10. Re: paris st-germain french champ 270 just opened so i have the real life PSG squad
  11. just took ove PSG in french championship 270. PSG have quite an old squad and i would value opinions on who to bring in. already ive signed afellay and javier hernandez. also wellington silva, tomasz kupisz, rodrigo romero, santos junior and maasaki higashigughi.
  12. Re: john arne riise ok thanks guys
  13. has riise any chance of a rise and what about sylain armand of PSG ? please reply as quick as possible guys. thanks
  14. Re: Ronaldinho yes it is, try to buy eden hazard as a replacement
  15. Re: Sell or not? no dont sell him. there arent many 95 rated strikers and torres is still quite young
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