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  1. hi guys i just wonded if when u play these games if players lose their fitness by playing them?? can anybody help me ?????
  2. Re: Gary Cahill up 1? yeah a deffo increase needs 2 be at a bigger club than bolton tho
  3. marco motta is a right back playing for roma. and ive bin told this guy is going to be the real deal. hes currently rated 88. is he any good????? any1 have an idea?
  4. Re: owmer of the setup kicking me out no i aint got my team back the owner still in control of arsenal just his reputation gone down 2 30 and 2 be pefectly honest i am ****** ****** off with soccermanager
  5. Re: owmer of the setup kicking me out hes kicked me out of his setup now n ive sent a message 2 support@soccermanager.com. hope sm sort it out i really liked that team
  6. i have arsenal in this league mr boombastic league and the owner of the setup is called nathan bell's black and white army he owns barcelona and he has sent me a private message saying if i dont swap my arsenal for his barcelona he will kick me out of his setup . this is not on and i want the problem sorting
  7. cant believe ashley young only went up 1 2 a 88. dont the people on sm know he got called up for england . and im a villa fan n i went 2 the villa chelsea n ashley young were mint that goal he setup for agbonlahor. needs 2 go up more
  8. any1 know a young talent likely 4 a massive increase in rating
  9. Re: Wingers £1M-£2M, max age 23, max rating 82 wot about jorge sammir 20 rated 80 went up 8 last rating
  10. Re: aston villa english championship 198 my dad were given da team back cheers sm
  11. Re: harry toft not 2night pal i got footie training
  12. Re: harry toft no m8 i sent him a pm and ive sent 4 emails tio support@soccermanager.com explaining the situation and 4 emails to stevengore@soccermanager.com with no reply off any1 from soccermanager
  13. Re: harry toft i personally give sum1 five quid if they could give me his number
  14. Re: harry toft yeh m8 tryin to find owt who it is but i think sm quit his team
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