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  1. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis is danilo neco any good. he sounds like a donkey but if he'll rise like his top scoring exploits in russia suggest, maybe he's worth picking up?
  2. hello guys, please can someone post me a link to or let me know how the priority system works in the game? allow me to give an example so it can be explained and i can understand it and feed it back to the 40 people playing in my game world (ID 172083). two managers made a bid for a player. the person that offered the bare minimum got a player ahead of the other that made an offer over 2m greater. these were both cash offers to a player that was a free agent. so...how does this work? and is the transfer priority different for free agents than it is for cash/swaps with external clubs?
  3. Hey, I'm just about to setup a new game for some mates I work with...I was going to do a flip around of putting the best teams at the bottom and the weak ones at the top. I just had a though though - will this mean that the tv revenue is less at the top division? or does it change each season depending on the strength of the league? Or is the tv revenue static for every league, every season no matter the strength of the teams as they move divisions? I've no idea what makes up the tv revenue, I am guessing its the average ratings of the top players at the clubs...I am hoping it changes but
  4. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=44596&page=2 it says 89 > 90 it would only be "probable" if it said 89 > 89/90 or 89 > 90/89 when you see predictions made by forumers you can interpret the rises as the following: 89 > 90 = definite rise 89 > 90/89 = probable rise = greater than 50% chance 89 > 89/90 = possible rise = less than 50% chance
  5. Re: Any 89 rated wing/am that will rise to 90 Shaqiri within a year if he moves out of Switzerland.
  6. I have these guys in my team of french players and are the ones im most worried about ratings going down. what chances are their for all three to get -1's this review? anyone with a good idea about french nationals I'd appreciate some insight/opinion. i'm convinced all three could go down to 91 but second opinion reqd. thx!
  7. Re: 90 rated keepers to rise... Samir Handanovic 89 > 90. i'm hoping he will achieve it given Udinese's good form. he's been a reliable stopper the past few seasons and eserves to be 90 even if he doesnt get it. Joe Hart 91 > 92 has to be a possbility. not sure he can go higher than 92 for another year tho since the likes of Valdes is 'only' 93 for the best club side in the world. that said, Hart is an england regular - not that it means too much given the rest of the goalkeeping compeititon in the EPL - but England did just beat spain and results wise have been very consistent
  8. hi guys....dunno if someone out there has a decent idea of the portuguese NT and their players but for my team im trying to decide who to sign out of Silvio or Joao Pereira. Both are touted for rises - Silvio to 89 and Pereira to 90. but who is the more likely of the two? All i know is that Atletico Madrid have been struggling so is it a stone-wall certainty that Silvio will get an 89? Joao Pereira is the first choice RB currently for Portugal ahead of both Bosingwa and Silvio himself (i think Silvio has been keeping bosingwa out of the squad until recently, tho that may have only been co
  9. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) thx. i just wondered. tho people are taking about marchisio etc going up and Juve are not in any euro comp...so its a bit weird if Udinese players cant. maybe thats due to the club coefficient or something?
  10. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) hi fellas, what chance is their of... Armero 89 > 90 Isla 89 > 90 Asamoah 89 > 90 i think armero to 90 is surely a certainty? which must mean a few others at Udinese must have a chance too. thx.
  11. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) yes. i think most likely he will rise to 80/82. depends how generous SM are feeling for the 82. he has got 400 minutes almost for lorient and he's capped for costa rica with 2 goals from 8 caps. if he becomes a regular then he could rise further before the season finishes.
  12. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) i think mendy will either stay an 84 or drop to 83. Monaco are bottom of Ligue 2 and its most likely that most of the senior players will suffer drops. the younger ones might stay, but mendy could drop to 83, but the good news is that he has played every game almost this season. if i had a monaco player i would probably sell them unless they were a youth prospect.
  13. im thinking of creating a league to combine the far south eastern europe regions of turkey, greece, cyprus and israel. the turkish and greek leagues always seem pretty full so i think a really competitive setup can be created by combining both with multiple leagues and cups. cyprus included as its on the up and also israel - and both those standard world leagues often fill up too if there is enough interest then i shall create it. i might even include some maltese teams aswell.
  14. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread actually I had heard of alverca' date=' but only because deco had played their. i'd have no idea on their recent club history or anything like that. it is amazing the rise of some of those players you listed, most notably Nani for me. I suppose their is talent in all lower leagues and nani is a great example. maybe alex oxlade-chamberlain will be a similar example in a few seasons of a player going from level 3 football to being a regular in a top side. it really is nice to see in any league, not just portugal or
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