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  1. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread guilio migliaccio turned into DM/CM , so he is shipped back to palermo for 8M. now looking for a CB rated 88/87 for around 8-10M. also Kucka and kozak both rose by 1. also won 2-0 against MK dons courtesy a brace from grosskreutz.
  2. Re: Javier hernandez?! 92/93? with EPL being reviewed as often as it is, i think it will be fair for him to get 90 this time.
  3. Re: YouTube Videos would love to live in italy. 28-P_pc8tmM
  4. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread hi, i am new man at histon.
  5. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread my bid was totaling up to 14m+ but everyone else seems to have around 16m+. kwadwo asamoah won't be coming to colchester then.......
  6. Re: YouTube Videos http://www.sportpost.com/video/view/Manuel+Neuer+gets+slapped+in+the+face+by+Shalke+fan not a youtube vid. neuer gets slapped by a fan. not really funny instead it is kind of pathetic gesture.
  7. Re: 3 Bold Predictions for next season... 1. torres will score. (more than once) 2. arsenal will spend money. (other than french players) 3. SAF will keep mum. (atleast about refs)
  8. Re: YouTube Videos W2-SWSy0IeQ&feature=aso KP (boateng) doing a MJ.
  9. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Okay Yokuslu has joined colchester from aberdeen. he captained U17 for turkey and plays second tier of turkish league. hope he transfers to a better team and plays. also sold ammar jemal and daniel wass to external.
  10. Re: Worst Signing of the Season. bebe was never meant to be in first team in his first season, so until he sold cheaply i won't call him worst signing of the season. i mean just a few season's back nani was considered a flop. torres can't be considered worst signing as well until he gets enough chances( i mean a full season). may be he has the accolades of worst start at a new club or one of the poor performer of the season.
  11. Re: Official Red Devils thread does it signify record breaking or broken record ?
  12. xpratx

    The LOL thread

    Re: The LOL thread 72′ ANDERSON SCORES! And this one counts! 3-1 to United! Nani shakes off Metzelder and cuts off to Anderson in the centre of the box, but Uchida manages to stop him momentarily. Anderson is quick to his feet, however, and --- a low shot inside the left post. the "----" is the 4 letter f word. http://www.goal.com/en/match/59299/man-utd-vs-schalke-04/play-by-play lol i was reading the commentary on goal.com and this comes up.don't know how and why.
  13. xpratx

    The LOL thread

    Re: The LOL thread goal.com"furious cristiano ronaldo:barcelona-taught-javier-mascherano-how-to-cheat
  14. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread so a 77 rated RB/CB played at LB for colchester's win against sunderland and got a decent rating of 7. but rest was full strength team. so bradford city will have an easier game on hand. note: mauro zarate for sale.
  15. Re: Osama Bin Laden is Dead...! joke apart. (some were quite funny ) i think it won't matter much even if he is dead (which i doubt). al qaida and others won't stop.
  16. Re: How did you find out about SM? like most, boredom drove me to SM. in summer of 2006 after my high school i had a few month before college. I was looking to do something as fantasy premier league was over. so i wanted to play something for a couple of months without spending a dime so SM came on yahoo search. used to visit forum as a leecher but a year later i decided to thank a few scouters and hence joined the forums.
  17. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread anyone willing to buy mauro zarate. will do P/E for a player only less 90 rated and age less than 25. a cash offer will also be considered.
  18. Re: How to beat a 4-3-3 it depends. if you want to win than you will increase your chance of losing aswell so you need to play atleast 2 strikers upfront. if the opposition has 3 quality striker better rated than your defenders , and you want to try to win then go for a 4-4-2 with AM and DM. AM will give you extra attacking option as DM will give you defensive depth. as they have 3 man midfield you won't be out of depth at the center of the pitch. if you think you have a weaker team and could get hammered then try to play a 4-5-1 attacking or 4-4-1-1 to pack your midfield to exploit their depth in midfield. rest you can leave on SM engine.
  19. Re: Player Position Overhaul hi, i have read a few of first post and will be basing my thoughts on them. dani alves now in real life barca plays a 4-3-3 something like this. now dani alves can be considered as a starting RB or RWB but not RM. when the game progresses he runs down into RM or even a W role. true. but on SM we can use that arrow thing if you want your RB to run the flank(though i don't know if it works) but certainly he is not a RM for a 4-4-2 formation so effective not a RM. -----------gk----------- ----cb-----------cb----- rb--------dm----------lb ------cm--------cm----- -w--------------------w -----------f------------- Yaya toure agreed been playing in CM role than a DM (taken over by de jong). a possible change could be a CM but CM/AM could be a bit far fetched. that would mean he could start in the final third of the field. being on this point i think the roles of an AM and a F(which i think is a support striker on SM) have been overlapped. so i think F and AM should be redefined. Sergio busquets agreed should be a DM. starts as a DM and i don't care if he could or could not play as a CB. if he plays as a DM 30 odd games a season he should be only DM. also agreed that he is not class enough to play as 93 rated CB. carlos tevez started mostly as a forward and sometimes as a support striker/AM just behind the striker in a 4-2-3-1 formation.now again i don't know if i call is AM or F. agreed on klose and pique comments. so what i feel is that two things should be done. 1) update player positions and be strict with it. for eg robben only a W and not W/F. player who play regularly in their secondary position should have a secondary position on SM. 2) remove the ambiguity in AM/f positions and f/CF position and make them more clearer. revise the position chart. also a W starting on left or right side of midfield should always have the arrow down the flank (as winger play in real life) so the manager can not play with it.
  20. Re: Quitters Hall - Do you want these managers in your set up? a funny thread... though i don't remember being in any of the setups by this gentleman. Though, i do remember when a was new to SM i was a bit enthralled by the game and wanted a manage different kinds of teams in EC,WC, european setups. when custom setups were introduced it created a whole new experience and i wanted to have an experience of many different ideas. during my this endeavor i got hold of many teams and quited many in the middle of the season. But as my interest is mellowed down now i have a couple of teams with me. many of the new guys might be still in the phase where they want to experience everything on the site and forum so i don't blame them.
  21. Re: YouTube Videos that irish guy is hilarious but i don't know if he is faking or is he drunk but those answer are epic. fav pat's player: fellow in green and white (makes me rofl whenever i hear that)
  22. Re: YouTube Videos OMG you icelander!! _ZpR2OPAYqk&feature=player_embedded well, just watch it!! fEz5GfZUnBU&feature=player_embedded
  23. Re: Dead alien body found? heard about the alien and he is completely edible too.
  24. Re: Funny Chuck Norris jokes. http://www.nochucknorris.com/
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