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  1. Re: slovakia rating change ?
  2. Re: ColchesterUTD.com/EC5579 TRANSFERS Players IN---------------------Position----------Club----------------------------Paid CARRASCO, Bryan ------ RB/Wing-------- Audax Italiano ---------------£760k MARTINEZ, Matías --------- CB --------------Racing Club--------------------£5.9M HERNANDEZ, Vladimir---AM/Wing---------Junior----------------------------£340k ILICEVIC, Ivo------------------Wing/AM--------1. FC Kaiserslautern--------£2.2M & I.NEAGU WITSEL, Axel-------------------CM--------------Manchester United----------£6.0M & C.LEDESMA RODRIGUEZ, Diego--------DM/CM-----------Defensor Sporting-----------£300k & N.PRISO KESIMAL, Serdar------------CB/DM-----------Kayserispor-------------------£20k & M.MATKOVIĆ & F.SCIACCA
  3. Re: ColchesterUTD.com/EC5579 RESULTS ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Friendly Match------Wednesday 30 Mar 2011 Stadium: Colchester Community Stadium (10,000) Attendance: 1,178 Referee: Mohamed Benouza -----------------------------------------------------Colchester United-----------0-2----------Milton Keynes Dons A.SHEVCHENKO56 R.GONZALEZ 86 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Division 3------Saturday 2 Apr 2011 Stadium: Colchester Community Stadium (10,000) Attendance: 9,391 Referee: Michael Oliver ------------------------------------------------------Colchester United------------11-0-------------Oldham Athletic K.GROSSKREUTZ 81 ______________________________________________________________________________________ Division 3------Wednesday 6 Apr 2011 Stadium: Galpharm Stadium (24,500) Attendance: 12,353 Referee: Sergio Pezzotta -- -----------------------------------------------------Huddersfield Town------------12-0--------------Colchester United M.NOBLE 22 (pen), 35 ______________________________________________________________________________________ Division 3------Saturday 9 Apr 2011 Stadium: Gigg Lane (11,840) Attendance: 7,613 Referee: Fariz Yusifov -- -----------------------------------------------------Bury---------------------------111-1---------------Colchester United R.SHIROKOV 78 P.BARDSLEY 58 ______________________________________________________________________________________ Division 3------Wednesday 13 Apr 2011 Stadium: Colchester Community Stadium (10,000) Attendance: 9,108 Referee: Anton Genov ---------------------------------------------------------- Colchester United--------------113-2--------------- Tranmere Rovers Y.EL GHANASSY 13, 46 K.GROSSKREUTZ 41 S.SESSEGNON 31 D.JAROLIM 66
  4. Re: slovakia rating change ? So no Slovakia changes coming up. its gonna be about 18 months since last change. I think if not all SM should review smaller leagues like slovakia,slovenia ,montenegro,belarus etc together. If possible they should review atleast the top 4 teams regularly (8-9 months).
  5. Re: Official Cricket Thread
  6. Re: Official Cricket Thread
  7. Re: 5 Sexiest Girls In The World first i suggest you guys to learn some spanish. second start watching south american TV. you can also skip the first step if in hurry(like me). my top 5 (no order) carla ossa sofia veragara Natalia Paris (finally someone redeeming the beauty in the name "paris") Isabela Fontana Alessendra ambrosio excluding the likes of adriana lima,Giesele bundchen ah i wish i could live in south america hot weather, hot women and soccer *life at its best.*
  8. Re: YouTube Videos loved those.... a few more. hRypTzB3Puc&feature=related NHpAYlas7lA
  9. Re: Official Cricket Thread
  10. Re: YouTube Videos I think it was yellow for a tackle and another yellow for the celebration with that mask.
  11. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread mine was 87 (just above 87 tbh 4 player above 87 and 1 below)
  12. Re: ColchesterUTD.com/EC5579 Two IN and two OUT at Colchester Colchester have managed to sign Ivo Ilicevic from the Bundesliga club Kaiserslautern. The croatian signed for a fee of 2.2m with Ionut Neagu heading the other way. Ilicevic who is also currently playing for the national team was pleased to switch to colchester. Neagu had only managed four games during his full season stay at colchester. IVO ILICEVIC playing for 1.FCK He was quoted as Later during the week colchester signed the Belgian international Axel Witsel from the championship side Manchester United. Colchester splashed 6m and 28 year old Christian Ledesma headed to old trafford. Ledesma was a crucial part of colchester last season. WITSEL IN ACTION LAST SEASON
  13. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread
  14. Re: Official Cricket Thread bangladesh is quite good in 50 overs and ZIM used to really good before political turmoil. It is upto individual country and its cricket board to develop and popularize cricket. I mean Kenya were a decent team before 2004. it got a decent coach , a fair bit of luck and a few good performances for them to qualify from their group during 2003 WC. but since then kenya is by far the most mediocre teams to play in a big event. It is similar to why India has no football team challenging for asia cup or something like that. we do not have grass root level system for football. a few academies here and there and a few soccer crazy states. so what i feel is the government and the cricket boards collectively should try to instill cricket into their systems and not just ICC.
  15. Re: Official Cricket Thread i kinda agreed with this that top 4 or 6 (seeded teams ) should automatically qualify for the WC but the problem is the sponsorship money and other monetary benefits will not be achieved if there is a pre-event for the minnows. i mean in a WC if india plays canada or australia its almost same for us. We are still going to watch the match but if a tournament where India (other subcontinent teams) doesn't play then you won't make much money. organising the event. and to add to that ICC or the organizer are not ready to start matches at the same time. I mean if group matches could start at same time then it will consume less event time (even football WC finishes in 3-4 weeks with 32 teams). I agree that this decision is kind of lame. you can have your 10 best team play for a champion's trophy which initially was the main idea behind it.
  16. Re: YouTube Videos thats how i score from my bicycle kick.
  17. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread
  18. Re: YouTube Videos 8pyoUl65OWk don't know if you guys have seen it but the best penalty i've seen top corner
  19. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Was lucky to complete a deal with man utd's new manager. got axel witsel for christian ledesma and 6m. not exactly a bargain but a good deal for me. also beat oldham 1-0 courtesy grosskreutz
  20. Re: YouTube Videos omg this saturday song is so much better. its really funfun fun fun 4Chelwb6Ja4&feature=related
  21. xpratx

    The Quiz thread.

    Re: The Quiz thread.
  22. Re: ColchesterUTD.com/EC5579 The South American revolution - REPORT according to the reports, colchester united are looking to tap the south american stars and have send a scouting contingent to the continent for the same.The scouts were on the lookout of young and talented players who are not in the more decorated brazilian and argentinian leagues. The first name to surface was of Bryan Carrasco. Yes the wingback who became internet sensation and laughing stock as he punched himself using opponent's hand to win a foul during the clash between CHILE U20 vs ECUADOR U20. aNgNy5IbwOc According to the recent reports the Chilean wingback who was currently under contract with Audax Italiano has signed a 4 year contract with colchester. Colchester's scouts were also seen attending the copa libertadores clash between Colombian club Junior and Peruvian Club Huanuco. Though the Club claims that they were there to talk to former U's player Carlos Bacca about an interview but our sources claims they were there to scout Peru U 20 player Renato Zapata. Colchester also agreed on a transfer of Matias Martinez form Argentinian club Racing Club.Leeds also seemed interested in signing him but colchester snapped him up quickly. RENATO ZAPATA in action
  23. Re: ColchesterUTD.com/EC5579 The U's suffer 2-0 loss at the hands of MK Dons in a friendly Toivomaki in action on his debut Manager sported a new look and formation for the friendly. Youngster Henri Toivomaki made his debut for the U's. The Finnish RB was asked to play in the CB position and was visibly uncomfortable there. He was yellowcared in 22nd min for time wasting and was not able to contain the likes of martin palermo and shevchenko. Ezequiel Calvente also made his debut and showed off some skills but was not much of an impact in the game. Veteran cristian Ledesma was forced to play on the right midfield as another youngster Fabio Sciacca played in the midfield. Shevchenko and renato gonzalez were on the score sheet for MK dons as they beat the U's comfortably. LINEUP GK M GUILHERME RB S JUNG LB P BARDSLEY CB H TOIVOMAKI CB A JEMAL © CM F SCIACCA RM C LEDESMA CM I NEAGU (60) F J VOSSEN AM J KUCKA LM/W E CALVENTE Substitutes F A KARDEC (60) 7
  24. Re: Official Cricket Thread i feel INDIA has a better chance of winning 1) tougher run in WC SL beat NZ whereas IND beat PAK PAK are a better side than NZ on the subcontinent any day of the week. with all the nerves and pressure of the game against PAK i think IND are more equipped to handle the finals pressure. SL beat ENG wheras IND beat AUS ENG where beaten by 10 wickets and their middle order was not tested ( which BTW collapsed against NZ). INDIA struggled and chased a higher score of 260 (which BTW they defended against PAK) IN group stages both team did similar but IND had more tougher run.. their bowling was put to sword much more but they came back good in last couple of games. INDIA's problem weak bowling attack , to much dependant on zaheer upfront. Harbhajan not effective enough. true but again last 2 games were a good discplined bowling display. and surely nehra will be missing the finals so R ashwin would play imo. Harbhajan has not been massively amongst wickets in last couple of years but has contained well enough. sudden collapse of lower middle order Raina playing would lend stability so that won't be much of a problem now. only worry is MSD form (lets hope he changes that in finals). Sri Lanka' Problem Pace not effective enough. IND handles spinners well. the M factor and herath can be milked by india for 4.5 to 5 RPO with ease if the pitch is good enough. pacers kulasekara ,perera and mathews not amongst the wickets much in this WC. too much dependent on number 1,2,3 in batting top order of SL matches IND but after that its not strong enough and hasn't been tested much either. 2) finals in INDIA and not in SL if i am not wrong SL has played all of their games in SL itself whereas the finals is in INDIA. though both are subcontinent pitches but SL performance in INDIA is not that great. SL pitches are much slower and lower than INDIA and bowler more adept than NZ or ENG bowler to these pitches. 3) INDIA's DOMINANCE against SL in last couple of years. to finish off here are few stats since jan 2008 INDIA won 13 of 22 games played in ASIA agianst SL. last 2 series in INDIA against SL, SL won 2 out of 9 and lost 5.
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    The LOL thread

    Re: The LOL thread i kinda agree with that. i think ball should have done more than what it did there. i mean it felt like 3 pointer with bounce it got.
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