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  1. Re: World Championship 838 i saw at my home that this is a bug
  2. Re: World Championship 838 hey i am kommodore_ss and i am not using 2 accounts in one setup. but i have a problem ! i changed my mail and now i cant enter .
  3. Re: Ratings so it'll be from 0 to 100:D?
  4. Re: Euro but ballack costs 30 mil EURO not 14.432423 pounds (
  5. robert_erste

    a problem.

    Re: a problem. wow i could not enter the forum with neither of my accounts.i made a new account coz i changed my yahoo!id and i wanted to change it. i made an account with kommodore_ss name but it wont work on forum.but in game it does.
  6. robert_erste

    a problem.

    i have another id and that's with @yahoo.de but when i try to login on the forum with that name it wont work .so i click the send me password.but it says @yahoo.de is invalid.how i login?
  7. Re: World Championship Setups is true .but i dont like to have a team like lazio and 20 managers in my setup in 1st division.
  8. Re: World Championship Setups at the 3rd i was thinking to.sm should delete most of the champs and make new ones but not to many .
  9. Why isn't SM adding new setups??When they will?
  10. Re: The most important improvement do what u want but u'll see that people will leave their club and this game will regres.
  11. Re: The most important improvement u sure are a big sm player.u dont know u can only have a account per id.so i robert_erste only have 1 account. ;) ;)
  12. Re: The most important improvement man i am sick of watching how 3 teams buy from 3 teams 3 players.it's starting to be boring.theres to much teams for people.40 teams per champ.and only the best.if u want a 4 div team u dont have a chance.
  13. The best improvement is to delete all championship and make for example:for 40000 members make 500 championships. this will make all the teams to be managed ,getting a team harder,best experience.
  14. Re: SM International Stadium let's call it SM Olympiastadion
  15. Re: German Goalkeeper if Stuttgart win then i think hildebrand needs an 94 if not 93 is good.
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