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  1. did sm get food poisoning from a turkish kebab??!! this has been worse than christmas for turkey drops all over
  2. its ridiculous that de jong is listed as a barca player full stop hes not, hes an ajax player until he moves
  3. i think youve all forgot Salah's Puskas award!! a goal worthy of 95 by itself
  4. with a back 3 of VVD, stones and Maguire with gomez as back up, my defence has done well with these premier league changes and is sorted for the foreseeable future next is attackers... Pavon set for rise in argentina?
  5. i dont normally buy over 25's for one of my teams but ive made an exception for VVD as i think he will get a +2
  6. i sold lingard cos i figured he'd hit his peak- did get torreira instead though
  7. a young cb - pavard, stones, laporte or romagnoli, rugani or rudiger? dm- tousart, rodri, torreira, ndidi or kessie? i currently have pavard and tousart and was thinking of changing
  8. would anybody disagree with my top 5 young player "must buys" (not in any order) m. arthur j. gomez f. de jong m. de ligt j. sancho
  9. ah so he was hyped/over valued at 78 but then went normal value as an 83? surely he should still be hyped? just comparing him to frenkie de jong both 20/83 with recent +5 and de jong is 3m and xadas 2.4m
  10. I bought Bruno Xadas from Sporting Braga for 2m as a 78, he rises +5 to 83 but his value is only 2.4m now what? i dont understand how players are valued any more
  11. dutch league starting? lots of fc twente players reviewed what has happened to adam maher- he was supposed to be the next big thing but it all seems to have gone wrong
  12. A new manager took over both Man utd and barcelona in one of my game worlds. I reported a manager having 2 accounts and SM agreed and said they had done something about it. The manager then sold messi, ronaldo and fabregas to his other team and then quit. I have reported the 2 managed teams and SM agreed and were aware of this. Someone else reported the transfers before me so they are aware of that too. But because the transfer was reported, i can't do anything further to chase this up and generally bug SM to sort out this cheating. What else can I do?
  13. Re: Minimum Squad Sizes Soccer Manager have received Bad Changes level 4 achievement-Make 20 consecutive bad changes to the game How long until they receive the level 5 achievement....
  14. Re: Has the game even improved in like a year? I joined April 2010. I can't think of any change that has been made since then that has improved the game for me. Some changes have had no affect on me. Most changes have made the game worse- the biggest being soccerwiki/ player rating schedule. I used to log in every day and spend a long time researching players on the internet. Now i don't always select my match day team, my players have concerns as i have accidentally left them out of the team for ages. I can't remember the last time I did any player scouting or bought any risers. When my
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