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  1. Will Sneijder be staying at Galatasary for the foreseeable future or has he been linked to a big move this summer? TIA
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... What is the point of bug reports? They clearly didnt even bother checking as this was the reply i recieved....... Hi Daniel' date=' Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have now reviewed this ticket and believe that there is no reported bug. Please refer to the on-line Help article "Player Concerns" - "Transfer Request" with the link provided below in which it states: Basically, if you let your player develop these concerns to either one Level 5 concern or multiple highish level concerns then they will request a transfer and you loose control of the player's sale to your Chairman. You will not be able to reject deals or negotiate a transfer deal. If however you decide to sell the player before it gets to this stage then you have full control over the sale or if you manage to appease the player before this stage and bring his concerns back down you can keep the player. [url']http://www.soccermanager.com/help.php?action=loadarticle&srid=471045&aid=83[/url] Due to this we are now closing this ticket. Regards Soccer Manager :mad::mad:
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... A little inquiry guys.... Put a bid in for a 'PLAYER THAT HAD REQUESTED A TRANSFER (level 5)' and his team countered me a ridiculous offer for 2 of my best players (didnt know you could even counter when a player asks for a transfer). I went to reject with insulted, but I cant....instead, I get a message saying "Your Chairman is dealing with this transfer as the player has requested a transfer". I cannot cancel or anything now, its just in my chairmans hands!! Is this a bug? Or have others found this problem? TIA
  4. Re: Riferimento: Re: best 70-80 in the world
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... RVP or HAMSIK, D.COSTA & JANUZAJ RVP starts for me, Costa would take his place. Hamsik would interchange with J.Alba on LW and Januzaj would just be a talent in youth setup.
  6. Re: Pogba Now he's just won the 'Golden Boy' award, do you think he'll get 90/91 within the next week or so?
  7. Is there any other reason why Helton has dropped apart from being 35? He is still #1 for Porto who are champions and top of the table again. Havent seen any of Portos games this season.
  8. Re: Riferimento: Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... 2 deals... Pogba + 30m or Xavi Fabregas/Schweinstieger, RVP + Isco or Messi (thats Fab or Schweiny, not both) TIA
  10. Re: Put back the last online feature Woo Hoo. IT IS BACK!!! Maybe they do listen from time to time!
  11. Re: Another new design... The new design is of little or no significance to me, but others have raised valid issues with it. I just think their time and money could be spent better on other areas that affect the game more, rather than always concentrating on the look of the game. Priorities upside down IMO.
  12. Re: samuel umtiti Never seen Umtiti play, but heard really good reports on him here. As you say, Caulker moving to Cardiff has probably stunted is SM rating (stunted in SM, not RL). Lyon are a lot bigger club than Cardiff and Umtiti can reach 90 there with more considerable ease than caulker at cardiff, so yeah I'd do that.
  13. Re: andros townsend Only AVB will know what to do when Lennon returns. But, for me Townsend is a better player than what Lennon was at the same age and Townsend has a better end product (cross, shot, pass) than Lennon after a mazey dribble. Obviously, Lennon as more experience and I can see them being rotated for a while until its clear that Townsend is the better player. Potential wise, if Lennon can hit 90, then there is no reason why Townsend cant, so for 5m it is worth it, even though you are short on cash.
  14. Re: Can anyone name a few young players that will get a really good rating increase? Jonathan TAH & Kyle EBECILIO spring to mind. Both getting minutes.
  15. Re: top flight defenders set to rise Even though he's just risen, Nastasic will raise again within 3-6 months.
  16. Re: Forum activity representing SM's decline? Thank you. I didnt really know where to submit it:)
  17. Re: Forum activity representing SM's decline? All good and valid points. But... 712,567 managers would include all the accounts of people that dont play SM anymore and haven't deactivated their account, I cant imagine many people who have left doing so. Also, we all know there are many cheats out there in SM land, so how many of these accounts are accredited to them (cheat accounts). Granted, not everyone uses the forum or even know it exists, but the lack of new posts/threads in the busiest part concerning the game itself compared to say a year ago, makes me wonder if people are turning away from the game in droves. I would suggest that the percentage of new players that find/use the forum would be equal to the people that found/used the forum of yesteryear, keeping the forum very active and stable with a similar level of activity, but this is not the case, so that is why I made this thread.
  18. I have noticed a trend over the last 6 months to a year that forum posts are declining all the time and a lot of 'big names' do not post at all anymore. This has become even more apparent over the last couple of weeks, where even the 'Help With Deal(s) Thread' is becoming deserted. Is this a reflection of people leaving the game in general do you think or something else? PS, this is something that I have only noticed in the 'SOCCER MANAGER HELP and PLAYER DISCUSSION' hierarchies since I do not use other forums much.
  19. Re: Player Honours? On the 'Average Performances' tab' date=' whoever finishes top of that wins the Player Of The Season award, as long as they have played more than 19 games (I think its 19, might be more). If the player at the top of this list has only played 8 games say, then look at the next player down, and so on. Again good idea. It'll just add more realism and interest to the game.
  20. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Tello or J.Rodriguez? And why?
  21. Re: Would Iniesta drop in rating? Oh come on, why would he drop? Been in the top 3 players of the world for last 5 years and still playing at that level. The main man of a dominant Spanish side that have won the last 3 big international trophies. A player, even by Messi's own admission, should have won the Ballon de'or a couple of times before Lionel. He is only 29 FGS, not mid thirties!!! He has 3/4 years left in him at the very very top. IMO he is closer to a raise than a drop, but doubt he will be on same rating as CR7 even though he is just as influential as Ronny in a game. Anyway 99.999999999% safe and for that deal its a steal. Gundogan is very good, but a will surely never reach Iniesta's level, like not many ever will.
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