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  1. Re: ★★★★Premier League Predictions★★★★★ In red why you are a deluded UTD fan. Its nice to dream, but your living in fantasy world here. Agree with nani and Hernandez, but the rest are laughable at best, and Rooney, hahahaha.....the most over-rated player since Beckham, Rooney should be a 90/91
  2. Re: Alberto Gilardino and Sébastien Frey Just to clarify, I would like to know peoples opinions on these two's ratings after Itailian league has been done. Thank you.
  3. Hi folks. I have both in my side and both are first teamers. I know Fiorentina aren't having the best season, Gilly has only scored 8 in Serie A and I believe Frey is no longer #1. So I take it both are going to drop -1 minimum. Should I get rid of them now while I can get a half decent price for them, but I am in a very competitive GW and replacements are going to be hard if not impossible? Thanks in advance for replies and comments
  4. Hi all, I have Yaya Toure and been offered a Moussa Sissoko and Leonardo Bonucci swap. What do you think? I know all about Bonucci but not to much about Sissoko, what are his prospects? Thanks in Advance
  5. Re: vdv deal thanks for the quick response. copied & pasted those players and they are all taken, as said Really competitive, looking for 87-88 rated with good chance of 90/90+. Thanks for the ideas anyway.
  6. may have a deal sorted for me buying vdv. adam johnson + 16m. sounds a fair deal but then i only have niko kranjar as backup on left wing who i think will drop 1 next time. so my questions are: 1. A good deal for to get vdv 2. Johnsons Prospects 3. Kranjars Prospects 4. ideas on good young left wingers/midfielders By the way i am in a REALLY competitive game world, so try to think outside the box on young left sided players. Thank in advance
  7. Hi I have Yaya at the mo but in talks about swapping him for Toulalan. Is this advisable in your opinions? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi all, Please could someone give me advice on a good young left back. Was going to buy SCHMELZER but my mate beat me to it. I am in a very competitive game world so try not to be so obvious. thanks in advance.
  9. Re: Risers from different nations thanks for the feedback MaoaM. yeah good point, will do that next time.
  10. This is my 1st ratings prediction. Its a bit mismatched from over the world, but wanted a quick go before tackling a whole division. Please give comment where you think I am wrong. thank you G. Milanov 18 Litex am/cm 78-80/81 A. Tsvetkov 20 Litex dm 75-79/80 M. Tsvetanov 20 Litex wing/fwd 75-79/80 G. Dembélé 24 Levski cf 80-83/84 Yang Cheng 25 Shandong gk 74-80/81 T. Tchani 21 New York cm 72-79/80 M. Stephens 23 LA Galaxy mid 73-79 E. Alexander 22 Dallas mid 72-77/78 Tae-Hwan Kim 21 Seoul mid 74-78/79 Santos Junior 24 Jeju fwd 72-80/81 Yong Lee 23 Ulsan def 75-80/81 In-Han Kim 22 Gyeongnam mid 72-80/81 Bit-Garam Yoon 20 Gyeongnam cm 76-81/82 L Hejda 20 Sparta Praha cb/dm 76-79 T Delaney 19 FC København cm 75-80 K Zohore 16 FC København fwd 75-78/79 T Kalas 17 Sigma Olomouc cb 75-78/79 D TREBOTIC 20 Hajduk Split AM/Wing 77-80/81 B RADOSEVIC 21 Hajduk Split gk 69-77/79 A REZIC 22 Hajduk Split CM/DM 70-77/79 M Makuszewski 21 Jagiellonia RM/Wing 75-79/80 K MAKHNOVSKIY 21 Legia Warszawa gk 73-78/79 M KUCHARCZYK 19 Legia Warszawa Fwd 75-79/80 S AZULAY 21 Maccabi Haifa Fwd 77-81/82 P POLIACEK 22 MSK Zilina CM 74-80/81 T MAJTAN 23 MSK Zilina SFwd/Wing 77-82/83 Chul Hong 20 Seongnam def 75-79/80
  11. hi all, this is my 1st ever post ,please be kind:) Ive bought a few players to make money on, but are there any i should keep instead of selling? thanks for advice in advance DREYER, Matthieu Gk 21 83 KOLODZIEJCZAK, Thimothée LB-LMLB/LM 19 80 KEVIN, García LBLB 21 77 DOUGLAS, Barry LB-LMLB/LM 21 75 GUNINO, Adrián RBRB 21 83 AURIER, Serge RB-LBRB/LB 17 82 ABEN BARTRA, Marc CB-RBCB/RB 19 82 ABENZOAR, Loïc RB-RMRB/RM 21 75 CLARK, Ciaran CB-DMCB/DM 21 80 ARRIBAS, Alejandro CBCB 21 80 THEOPHILE-CATHERINE, Kévin DDef 21 83 STAMBOULI, Benjamin D-DMDef/DM 20 80 DOMÍNGUEZ, Lucas D-DMDef/DM 21 80 CAVANDA, Luis DDef 20 75 CEK, Özgür LM-LBLM/LB 19 78 BACINOVIC, Armin DM-CMDM/CM 21 81 DIAKITE, Samba DM-DDM/Def 21 78 PEREZ, Rubén DM-CMDM/CM 21 77 SCHMIEDEBACH, Manuel CM-RBCM/RB 22 85 GUILAVOGUI, Josuha CM-DMCM/DM 20 78 RIZZO, Giuseppe CMCM 19 78 HOGG, Jonathan CM-DMCM/DM 21 75 STRANDHAGEN, Kristian CMCM 21 70 LODEIRO, Nicolás AM-LMAM/LM 21 85 PROPPER, Davy AMAM 19 78 MARTINEZ, Igor AM-FAM/Fwd 21 78 SERERO, Thulani AMAM 20 75 FLECK, John W-FWing/Fwd 19 83 PHILLIPS, Matt WWing 19 78 MCQUOID, Josh W-FWing/Fwd 20 69 AUBAMEYANG, Pierre-Emerick F-WFwd/Wing 21 86 REIS, Jonathan FFwd 21 84 WALTER, Henrique FFwd 21 83 BLACKMAN, Nick F-AMFwd/AM 21 80 SON, Heung-Min F-WFwd/Wing 18 78 SAIVET, Henri F-WFwd/Wing 20 78 SORDELL, Marvin FFwd 19 73 BOWEN, Tristan FFwd 19 70 CASNOS, Luc CFCF 18 82 TAFER, Yannis CFCF 19 80 HETEMAJ, Perparim AM-WAM/Wing 23 83 DEVAUX, Antoine CM-RMCM/RM 25 84
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