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  1. Re: In-Game tactics changes Sorry, I get your point and you are right. It should be the way you have suggested. Was just giving you a work around the problem if you didnt know it.
  2. Re: Player Honours? If you go: Game World(Globe Icon)>Overview>History>Player Tables and then scroll through the seasons, you can see the golden boot winners and player of the season winners since that GW started. But yeah, It would be a good idea to see these achievements in the player profile.
  3. Re: El shaarawy Oh, my mistake..... Forward then RVP= Striker/Forward Suarez= Striker/Forward Rooney= Striker/Forward Messi= Striker/Forward SES= Striker/Forward. Glad to see in both posts so far you have debated and pinpointed exactly why SES deserves +1. Oh, my mistake again, no you havent!!
  4. How in the name of all that is holy can El Shaarawy raise +1???:eek: He got a +3 for a good half season and has managed to muster a grand total of 4 goals since, thats 4 goals in around 40 games!!! Plus his all round game is not all that either. Shocking SM, absolutely shocking:mad:
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Not a help with deals question, so apologies..... What the heck does that 'Share Club' mean on your GW>CLUB LIST page? Cheers EDIT: Just figured it out sorry, for those interested , it just advertises that club is available on your Home page wall to your friends!!! What a waste of time!!
  6. Re: sm ratings I agree, thought this myself for a while....... It seems easier to raise in this game then to drop, which in itself is not a good balance. If this trend continues, within 2 years, they'll be 200/300+ 91 and "over rated" players (pun intended). So many need dropping, just from the top of my head..... Young, Nani, Pique, Puyol, Nasri, Sanchez, Valencia, Nasri (no Im not anti UTD or Barca:D). I've said this before..... The ratings are so mis-matched all over the place right now, it would be a good idea just to start afresh to get a complete accuracy of todays footballers, not what they used to be and subsequently changed to suit. Like a SM 2.0
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... The response to the second post was 4 against the deal and 1 for (making a total of 9-1 against). So glad I went with my gut instinct now Ribery is at 96, Rooney down to 94 and Higiuan still to be reviwed. I love all the info/advice/help on here (not being sarcastic), but sometimes it just pays to follow your own advice even when 9:1 disagree. OK, Bragging over :D
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... +2:D But short term with Ribery would be next 2 years for me.
  9. Re: Are you going to renew your gold account? My Gold membership ran out also, along with plenty of friends of mine and there is no chance of us renewing either. Thats well over £100 just from us, but oh well, they have new money now!!
  10. Re: griezmann or shaqiri? Griezmann, mainly because he is a certain to start for Sociedad. Both pretty even in ability IMO, but for the above reason thats why i'd choose Griezmann.
  11. Re: Walker, Carvajal or De Sciglio You are right to sell Walker. A very average player indeed. De Sciglio and Carvajal have everything in their lockers to bypass him in terms of SM soon as they have done in RL.
  12. Re: Ribery Come on Iniesta is better than Ribery. Don't get me wrong, Ribery has been fantastic and surely deserves to raise now, but not to 97. 96 is perfect for him, being classed as the 4th joint best player in the world is correct, since (at this moment) he is better than all 95 rated players in same/similar positions.
  13. Re: Buffon or Cech? Buffon is and always has been better than Cech. Buffon had one bad game against Bayern last season, apart from that he was his usual excellent self. His 94 should be safe as houses, being the best keeper in the world over the last 10 years and still is....... Neuer pfft, he makes many mistakes!!!
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Which side are you (left or right)? Whats your depth if you have Ibra? Who are your other strikers, wingers and central defenders? The deal its self is pretty fair, i'd go for Ibra myself since he is the highest rated CF on SM.
  15. Re: At what point excatly does a new season start in Soccer Manager? To long winded to read all of it, I switched off a third of the way through:eek: From what I can gather, it sounds like a bug. So send a bug ticket to SM in your GW.
  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... RVP or Falcao? Normally I would keep my RVP, but im changing formation from a 3-5-2 to a 4-3-3 Wingers. I think a CF would do a lot better than a F(LRC). What do you think? Also future rating predictions for both would be very helpful. TIA:)
  17. Re: Home Advantage anyone? I too have noticed this. In the GW that I have been in the longest (3 and half years), I would guess, my home record as been better than my away record maybe 2 or 3 times. Thats in 9 seasons!! The match engine is not very good at all, needs to be completely redeveloping from scratch.
  18. Re: Riferimento: Help With Deal(s) Thread... You're probably right actually, I was a bit rash in saying he will retire end of this season..... but, as you say, his game time will not be great, hence more rating drops. Only 6 months ago he was 96 rated, now 94 and he could drop again in next few days.
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